Fun on the Beach

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Suddenly I heard a voice crying. “Oh fuck yes.”

I felt a splash of warm liquid hit my breasts making me instinctively tense my body. A second squirt hit my belly and I felt it run into my navel, pooling in the middle of my stomach and running down my sides. He quickly straddled one leg and aimed his cock at my pussy, a silvery jet arching across my stomach and over my mons.

He adjusted his aim and the next few spurts trickle across my labia, dribbling down over my lips and pooling under my buttocks.

He continued to pump his hand as the last few dribbles landed wetly on my thigh.

He then shuffled back and quickly tucked himself back into his shorts, bright red.

I turned to look at the other guy, he seemed to be a bit more in control but was biting his bottom lip, face screwed up in concentration.

He saw me looking and said.

“Will you turn over for me so I can do it on your ass?”

I hesitated a moment then turned on my front.

He positioned himself behind me gently pushing my legs further apart so that he could kneel between them. My stomach flipped as felt his hand on my left buttock spreading my cheek exposing me as he had done earlier when they were sneaking peeks while massaging sun lotion in.

I felt wonderfully exposed, the level of my arousal increasing once again.

His hand was hot on my cheek and I could feel him rocking slightly as he worked at his cock, suddenly he tensed, there was a moments pause then felt his spunk splash over my buttocks and between my cheeks.

He was leaning over me so close that I felt the end of his cock just tickle my buttocks and I couldn’t help but lift my hips a little so that it rested between them.

I could feel it jerking against me as his spunk spilled out, flowed down the cleft between my cheeks and over my pussy coating the already wet and sticky labia, dripping from between my legs to pool under me. He finally stepped away and I turned over dragging the towel around me as I did so mopping their mess from my body as he tucked himself away.

They both thanked me for an interesting afternoon and asked if they would see me on the beach again.

“You never know.” I said, kissed them both on the cheek.

Not bothering to dress I just wrapped the sarong around me, gathered up my things and made my way back to the hotel almost naked.

Back at the room Steve had left me a message saying that he would meet me in the bar. I took a long hot shower and changed before joining him.

He smiled as I walked in and ordered a drink.

“Well, tell me what happened” he said.

He listened intently as I described what had happened; when I got to the part where the penis had brushed against my buttocks he raised his eyebrow.

“Wow and I bet that you wanted to sit right back onto it didn’t you?”

I took another sip of my drink. “Of course I did in one way, but in another that would have been going too far for me.” I paused. “Well at the moment.”

Describing everything that had happened I could feel myself getting wet as I told him how I had walking back to the hotel in just my sarong.

His eyes lit up. “And were there any second glances?”

“Promise you won’t be angry.” I said.

“Why on earth would I be angry with you?” he said a little puzzled.

“Well when I got to the hotel steps the breeze kind of lifted the sarong from my legs.”

He laughed. “And why would I be angry with that?”

I took a deep breath. “Because I pretended I hadn’t noticed and kept walking along with it blown to one side knowing full well that everyone could see my pussy.”

He almost choked on his drink. “And to think last year you wouldn’t even go topless.”

“I know but I was so turned on I didn’t care.”

He reached out and slipped a hand along my leg until his fingers brushed my panties.

“Lets go back to the room and see just how turned on you are.”

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