Fun on the Beach

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While one guy knelt behind her the other positioned himself at her side, as she was now on her hands and knees he was able to reach out and cup her breasts squeezing them in turn gently manipulating the hard nipples between forefinger and thumb causing Jules to take a sharp gasp of breath.

He gave them one last squeeze then ran his hand down her body between her legs,

her body stiffened and she let out a little moan as he touched her clit making her gasp and jerk each time he rubbed a finger over it.

Sensing she was nearly close to orgasm the guy fingering her pussy increased the speed of his thrusts pushing his fingers so deep his hand made a wet slapping sound with each stroke.

The sound of his fingers in her sopping pussy was suddenly drowned out by Jules gasps as she collapsed forward onto her forearms, clamping her thighs tight around the hand still stroking her pussy as her orgasm hit making her tremble and shake. Juices flooded from her pussy and over the hand trapped between her legs.

Suddenly aware of where they were the two guys looked around to make sure no one had been alerted by her cries.

There was no need to worry as the beach was all but deserted, a few people had walked past but not close enough so that they would have noticed.

Besides it was that time of day when most people had headed back to their hotel to get ready for the evening meal so we were now pretty much alone.

Jules looked really out of breath and flushed when she turned over to thank them.

She looked fantastic laying there, a slight sheen of sweat glistening on her breasts, thighs damp with her juices, she had her legs closed ,just a little of her slit was visible.

Both guys were gazing at the spot between her legs while trying to hide the erections peeking over the tops of their shorts.

Jules smiled and said.

“You guys look a little uncomfortable there. I won’t let you do anything else but you can take care of yourselves while you look at me if you want to.”

They both glanced in my direction both unsure and embarrassed.

“I have to take this sun lounger back so I will meet you back at the hotel.”

I said to Jules. “Have fun.” And with that I left them to it.


As Steve left I said.

“How about it, do you want to cum on me?”

Both of them said “Yes.” And after looking around to see there was no one about they pulled their shorts down letting their hard cocks spring free, little silvery trails dripping from the ends indicating how turned on they had been playing with me.

“Is this what you would like to see?” I said, spreading my legs and enjoying the attention. I watched them stroking their cocks as they looked down on me.

I massaged my breasts taking a nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezing it gently, sending ripples of pleasure through my body adding to the tingling in my loins. I pulled my bikini all the way down my thighs then stroked a finger between my legs spreading my lips and totally exposing myself.

Both of them were staring at my pussy as they worked a hand up and down their hard cocks, I got them to move so that they were kneeling either side of me.

“I want you to watch me get off while I look at you.” I said.

“And then I want to watch you cum on me.”

They both gasped as I slid two fingers into my hot, wet pussy the smooth walls of my vagina contracted, squeezing them as I pushed my fingers as deep as I could, imagining it was one of them filling me up.

I gently moved my fingers in and out as I watched the guys work on their cocks; one was pulling the foreskin back and forth over the purple angry looking head, pre cum coated his fingers and dribbled down the shaft. The other guy was pinching just below the head of his cock with thumb and forefinger and rubbing the shaft with the fingers of his other hand.

Both of them seemed to be just a few strokes away, everything seemed to be centred on my pussy.

I wanted to watch but most of all though I wanted to cum before they did.

I arched my back and raised my hips opening myself up further to their gaze as I grazed my fingers over my clit pushing me over the edge, my body stiffened as waves of pleasure consume me I pressed my hand to my pussy and just held it there as my juices flooded from between my legs once more, leaving me panting for breath, exhausted and spent.

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