Frustrated Milky Breasts

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It was still hot, temperature-wise, so I wore just shorts and a thin top. I didn’t wear a bra or knickers. As I looked at myself my nipples could clearly be seen and the shorts clung to my bottom and pubic mound. I felt so sexy. I hadn’t expressed any milk from by breasts so they felt tender and wanton.

I almost jumped when the doorbell rang. I was so nervous.

I opened the door and there was Tim. He looked so lovely, and also very young, in his shorts and t-shirt.

“Come in, come in. Drink?”

“Yes please.”

I led him into the living room where it was cool and he sat on the settee. I went for the drinks.

I returned and bent low, as I handed him his glass, so that he would be able to see down my top. I saw that he was trembling a little as he held his drink. I sat next to him and he asked how my baby was doing. I told him that he was at my mother’s house this afternoon.

I don’t think either of us knew what to say. Somehow we got on to the subject of feeding the baby and I said that I still breastfed him.

I then blurted out, “Can’t you tell by the size of my tits.”

I felt I could have died with shame, at what I had said, but Tim just commented, “They look very nice.”

My face flushed , “Oh do you think so?”

“Yes, they are amazing.”

“Would you like to look at them properly?”

Once more I couldn’t believe what I’d said. It was as if someone else was directing my words. “What on earth made me say that ,” I asked myself

Tim looked at me and nodded, “Please.”

With quivering hands I undid the buttons on my top and my breasts pushed themselves out on display. I let the garment fall off my shoulders.

Tim looked at me with a wonderful lustful gaze.

“Can you see that this nipple is leaking milk?” I asked.

He nodded again.

My heart was thumping like mad but this was what I wanted. I wanted to be looked at and desired sexually. I reached down and undid my shorts and shuffled them over my hips and onto the floor. Now I was naked. Tim was looking at my body and I loved it. I felt like a woman again.

“You can touch me.”

He reached out one hand, to the leaking nipple, and touched the flow of milk. He then licked this from his fingers.

“Nice?” I asked.


“Why don’t you have a suck to get a proper taste.”

I supported my breast with one hand as his mouth moved towards my nipple. He first licked the milk and I let out a whimper of pleasure. He moved back quickly, worried that he’d done something wrong.

“Don’t stop, suck my nipple.”

And then he did.

As he sucked gently it was as if my dreams had come true. I felt the milk flow into his mouth and I orgasmed. I couldn’t help myself, it was as if the floodgates of my desires had finally been released.

He continued sucking and drinking my milk. I was breathing deeply and heavily. I took his free hand and placed it on my pussy. With my hand over his I guided his fingers inside my wetness and he started to finger fuck me. I was in heaven as waves of pleasure flowed through my body.

I left his hand to do what it wanted and reached out to touch his shorts. His cock was hard and I rubbed it with my hand. He let out a cry and as I undid his zip he ejaculated violently, his cream shooting everywhere. I also let out a strange animal-like noise as I orgasmed again, my hands sticky with his sperm.

He pulled away from me saying, “Sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ve made such a mess.”

“Don’t be silly, it doesn’t matter.”

I kissed him on the lips quickly and went to fetch a large towel and a damp flannel. When I returned I pulled his shorts off completely and wiped away his thick cream. I dried him with the towel and as I did so his penis began to rise again.

“The wonder of a young man,” I told myself.

I held his rod, which by now was pulsating in my hand and was as solid as an iron bar.

“Come on fuck me,” I ordered him.

I spread the towel on the floor and lay on my back, holding my tits. They were both leaking milk now and droplets flowed onto my chest. I spread my legs wide as he moved on top of me. I steered him into my wet cunt.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

He thrust into me, his hardness and size taking me by surprise. I felt my vaginal muscles tighten around his thickness and then relax as he pushed fully into me. His mouth was on my tits sucking hard on my nipples, taking each in turn as if trying to stem the flow of milk. His cock was pounding into my softness. I wanted him to consume me, to eat me and to fill me with his spunk. I wanted it to last forever, this feeling, this moment of satisfaction and completion.

I wrapped my legs around his waist wanting him deeper and harder. I could feel milk now flowing from my breasts as he screamed out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

His penis jerked inside my cunt and then I felt that special moment as he ejaculated and spurted his life force into my deepness. At the same time my stomach vibrated with the beginnings of my own orgasm as my juices flooded free mixing with the hot sperm. My tits were quivering and flowing with milk

My body was screaming with pleasure as sweat, milk, vaginal juices and tears were flooding from me.

Tim moved away from me. I thought about how few words we had exchanged and yet, for a while at least, we were as one.

“I’d better go,” he said awkwardly.

I smiled as he dressed, admiring his body and his youthfulness.

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