Frustrated Milky Breasts

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This is my friend’s experience, while she was breast feeding, and is told in her own words to me…

I love the way my breasts look. They are large and full looking with big sticky-out nipples. What’s more they are full of milk – too much milk!

I gave birth to a baby about six months ago and, since then, my body has become virtually everything I ever wished for. I’ve worked hard on getting my tummy flat, and have succeeded fairly well, and then there are my tits. I think they are simply amazing.

I produce a lot of milk naturally and this makes my breasts tingle with pleasure. I feel sexy all of the time, so no post natal depression for me. I delight in having to express some of my excess milk during the day, squeezing and pulling on my nipples or sometimes using a small pump to do the job. As the milk flows so do my pussy juices.

From all of this you might be thinking that life is great for me. After all I have a wonderful baby, tits to die for and I’m constantly aroused sexually. Well all of these are fantastic, but then there is the downside – my husband.

He now calls me ‘mummy’ and thinks my tits are only for the baby. He’s also not too keen on sex at the moment. Sure we have a once a week coupling, but it’s routine and is over very quickly leaving me feeling let down and frustrated.

The truth is that my husband doesn’t like my tits, especially when they leak milk. Whereas I want him to ravish them, suck them and lick up any milk, he wants to run a mile.

“They are for baby,” he says.

I know that other men like the look of my body. I’ve taken to wearing plunging necklines and thin tops. This is only while my husband is at work though. He’d go nuts if he knew, after all I’m a mother now and not a sexual object – well that’s his opinion.

When I get the chance I’m leaning over to show off my cleavage and watch as guys look at the shape of my extended nipples. Sometimes they are surrounded by a damp patch. When I get home, and the baby is asleep, I’m off upstairs to masturbate plunging my fingers into my wet honey pot and pulling on my nipples until the milk flows over my tits and chest. I have some amazing orgasms in contrast to the husband’s boring efforts on a Saturday night

Well that’s how things were. I’m pleased to say that the situation has now actually improved. This is what happened about ten days ago.

I was struggling with getting some shopping out of my car while, at the same time, trying to hold onto my baby. My neighbour’s son, Tim, came over and asked if he could help. I’d never really noticed him much before as he’s a quiet young man and keeps himself to himself. He’s about twenty or twenty-one, tall and quite good looking whereas I am 34.

Anyway, he helped me take the shopping into my kitchen and I asked him if he’d like a cold drink as it was a hot, sunny day.

“Please,” he said.

The baby was asleep so we sat outside in the sunshine. I was wearing a thin summer dress, which was low cut, and as I handed Tim his drink his eyes were on my breasts. I was almost embarrassed, what with him being so young and also our neighbour’s son, but at the same time I felt myself becoming very aroused.

He didn’t say much but kept on glancing at my chest whenever he thought I wouldn’t notice. I knew that my milk was leaking slightly and that this was making my nipples almost visible through the thin cotton material of my dress. I liked the feeling that this gave me and also the thought of him looking at me.

I made some excuse to go indoors so that I could see how I looked in the mirror. This turned me on even more. I know this sounds irresponsible but I had to take everything a step further. I undid the top of my dress so that I could take off my bra . My unhindered tits swung free and I almost orgasmed as I touched my leaking nipples.

I wished Tim could see me so I did the next best thing.

I left my bra off and did up my dress leaving the top two buttons unfastened. My tits were free to move and the nipples were barely hidden. My knees shaking slightly I made my way back outside. Needless to say Tim’s eyes were almost popping out of his head. I had to cross my legs and squeeze my thighs together to keep myself under control. God, I wanted to show him my tits and also the rest of me.

After a few minutes Tim stammered that he had to go. I went with him into the house and through to the front door. As I opened the door my damp breasts brushed against his bare arm.

He turned and said, “If I can help with the shopping again. Or anything, I’d …..” He got lost for words.

“That would be good. What about on Friday, say two o’clock?”

“Yes, yes I can do that,” he answered and off he went.

I shut the door and my hands were actually shaking, like some teenager on a first date. “Fuck, what have I done,” I asked myself.

My mouth was dry, but my thighs were moist. As I made my way upstairs I pulled off my dress. I got a large towel and laid it on the bed before taking off my knickers. I didn’t know where to begin, my tits and pussy were craving attention.

One hand went directly to my pussy and the lips parted easily as I felt the slippery inside of my pinkness. My other hand was pulling on my nipples and I could feel the milk begin to flow and squirt over my tummy as I finger fucked my drenched cunt.

I changed hands and rubbed my pussy juices onto my nipples and tits and milk onto my hard, exposed clitoris. I cried out, my whole body trembling, as I plundered my body with my fingers and hands. I orgasmed so powerfully that it almost took my breath away and then I came again. There was no let up, I was completely out of control.

I was groaning and panting as I gradually slowed and I lay still breathing heavy, my heart pounding in my ears. My body was covered with my milk and my thighs with my pussy juices. I tried to lay still but my hands had minds of their own and they massaged my damp body to another orgasm.

Eventually I got to my feet and went for a shower.

As soon as I had dressed in clean clothes the baby started to cry and then, a short while later, my husband arrived home.

“Did you have a good day, mummy?” he asked.

I felt I could have hit him, but I didn’t of course.

“Yes thanks”, I smiled through gritted teeth.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Friday and to seeing that look of desire again on Tim’s face.

Friday arrived, as it always does, and I took my baby to my mother’s house. She loves to look after him. I also did the shopping early, leaving my bags in the car so Tim could bring them indoors for me. I felt like a spider setting a trap.

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