Four Meet In Hotel

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We all lay there for quite a while. Rick and Cindy fell asleep; I’m sure because of a combination of the flight and the sexual punishment they had just received. It was about 5.00pm when we all came around. The two girls went into the bathroom to freshen up. I asked Rick which room they had been put in. It all turned out that they were in the next room to us. What a coincidence! (Poetic licence…) I suggested that we got dressed up and that we went out on the town, firstly for a meal and then out to the West End to see a show. Rick agreed and we informed the girls when they came out. They agreed with the decision and with that, Rick and Cindy left to get ready.

We arranged to meet at 7.30 in the bar down stairs. I decided to take a shower and then have a shave. I wanted to look my best. Sue got ready in the bedroom. When I walked out of the bedroom Sue was seated at the dressing table. She had put her hair up and was wearing a brown and black lace basque. Attached to this by lace garter straps was a pair of shiny black rose-topped stockings. Around her neck was a black choker.

“No touching yet,” exclaimed Sue, “I’ve just put on my nail varnish.” With that she stood up and walked towards the wardrobe, her buttocks bouncing in the black lace panties she was wearing. Sue was blowing at her fingers to get them dry. The bone ribs of the basque pushed up her breasts. I followed her intent on getting my tuxedo. I pulled the black trousers over my legs. Sue asked me if I wasn’t going to wear shorts under them. I winked and said no…easier access! Sue took out a long black and grey skirt with matching top and neatly stepped into it. The skirt covered her long legs. She finished off the ensemble with a pair of black high-heeled shoes. What a magnificent sight. I pulled on my white dress shirt, black bow tie and put on my tuxedo jacket. Sue whistled in appreciation. We were ready for action. It was now 7.20. Time to go.

Rick and Cindy were already in the bar when we arrived. Rick was dressed like me, all in black with a white shirt. I could sense Sue looking him up and down. I turned my attention to Cindy. She was sat on a barstool. She was wearing a white mini dress, with white elbow length silk gloves. My eyes travelled down her body. Her elegant long legs were crossed, just hiding her panties from view. On her feet she was wearing white high-heeled shoes. Wow! We all had drinks, before leaving for a taxi. As we left, Sue went up to Rick and put her arm through his. Cindy got the idea, came up to me and put her arm in mine. Her perfume lingered seductively around me. We all walked out onto the street where we hailed a taxi.

The meal was first rate. We all drank and ate well. Feeling a little drunk we made our way to the West End where the theatres were. Here we met a big problem. Have you ever tried to get into a play without booking? We couldn’t get any tickets. We were out on the street with nowhere to go. Sue came up with the idea that made for one of the most memorable evenings for a long time. She suggested we be daring and take a trip down to Soho, the sex area of London. She had her arm around Rick and I noticed her give a quick rub of his ass. We all agreed it would be a good idea. We walked off arm in arm and set of the short distance to Soho.

Soho was all flashing lights, sex shops and cinemas. There was a great hustle and bustle around us. We passed a cinema boasting private rooms and I suggested that we hire one. It was a bit expensive, but between the four of us it did not work out that much. The room was like a mini cinema with couches instead of seats. We ordered drinks and sat back to watch the film. Sue sat next to Rick, I sat next to Cindy.

The film was a Scandinavian hard one. A Young woman with blond hair was on all fours. Her dress was up around her waist as a young man was thrusting deep into her. With one hand she was playing with her clit and with the other, she was grabbing the cock of another man standing in front of her. She was moving it towards her wet lips. In the darkness I could feel Cindy’s hand gently touch my cock over the trousers. I reached for her thigh and gently rubbed it, moving my hand slowly up her leg, under her dress and towards her panties. Cindy gently pulled down the zip of my tux and withdrew my by now stiff cock. Her silk covered hand started to move up and down. I let out an involuntary groan of pleasure. The sensation of the silken gloves made my cock stand to attention. A small globule of pre cum attached itself to Cindy’s hand as she reached the sensitive tip. My hand touched Cindy’s panties. I could feel they were already damp. I pushed the material further up into the slit. The material tightened against Cindy’s clit. I could feel the stiff little bud under my fingertips. I turned slightly to kiss Cindy’s neck. Glancing over her shoulder I could see Sue slouching, her head back and long skirt pushed high up over her thighs. Her thighs above the stocking tops glistened in the light of the projector. Rick was kneeling in front of her, his head under Sue’s dress, licking at a by now panty free cunt. Sue had her hands on his head, pushing his face further into her cunt. My animal instincts now took over. I pulled away from Cindy, who on doing so gave a grimace of disappointment.

However this was not for long. I turned her so that she was kneeling on the floor bent over the edge of the couch. I feasted my eyes on the white covered buttocks in front of me before sliding the dress up around her waist, and pulling down her damp white panties. Without any great effort I knelt behind her and thrust my cock into the waiting slit. Cindy let out a stifled cry as my member entered her. I slowly started a thrusting action. Cindy pushed back on my cock, trying to get as much of my length as possible. Looking across at Sue and Rick, I could see that Sue had her legs in the air now, her black lace panties flying like a flag over her left ankle. Rick was kneeling up, pushing his own cock into Sue’s cunt. Sue had a shallow smile on her face and was muttering to herself. Beads of perspiration were running down Rick’s forehead as he rammed harder and harder.

Turning back to Cindy, I leant over her back and wrapped my arms around her body, massaging her breasts through the thin material of the dress. Cindy was giving small whimpering noises as she approached orgasm. I knelt upright again, licked a finger and slowly inserted it into Cindy’s puckered ass. Cindy gave an involuntary jerk forward as my finger started to probe the hole. But after a few seconds she calmed as the muscle started to relax. She now had both holes filled. Rick had taken Sue’s panties and remembering our conversation on the Internet, he was rubbing them over Sue’s face. I knew that Sue liked to feel the smooth material caress her cheeks but she just loved to taste her own juices as she sucked the panty gusset. Rick finally inserted them into her open mouth as she exploded and shuddered. Sue had had an intense orgasm. Cindy had also sensed this and started to buck and shudder as she followed suit. That was too much for me and I pulsed and spurted deep into Cindy’s welcoming cunt. Rick was the last to cum. With a shout he put his head back and thrust his hips forward. The veins stood out in his neck as he pumped his load into my wife’s eager cunt.

After three or four final thrusts, I slipped out of Cindy’s cunt. I slowly eased my finger out of her ass, not wanting to cause too much discomfort. Rick did the same with Sue. Both girls stood with a smile on their faces quickly stepping back into their panties before the white liquid ran down their legs. None of us knew what had happened in the film! The management in their wisdom had left moist tissues and we managed to clean ourselves up as much as possible. Sue was ok, as she had been wearing black and grey anyway. Cindy’s dress looked a bit grubbier after my pawing but wasn’t too bad. When we were ready, we made our way out stepping back into the cool air of the street.

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