Four in a Bed

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Jason and I were best pals since high school, and we did pretty much everything together: school, summer jobs, partying, sports, etc… But there was a big difference: Jason was a “ladies man”. When we went to a party or a night club looking for girls he was always the “lucky” one. As soon as we got there, he was surrounded by all kind of girls wanting to talk to him, dance with him, etc… while nobody paid any attention to me. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t look so bad, I’m a nice guy, but apparently, I just don’t have what it takes to pick-up girls.
By the time we left the party, in our way home, he was always eager to share with me tales about the girls he kissed during the party, blowjobs he received in the car’s back seat, tits he touched and kissed, and the long list of phone numbers he collected. He said he will never be exclusive with any woman. I felt so jealous! Don’t take me wrong, he wasn’t a bad guy at all! He was always trying to help me, to set me up with some girl and asking them to go on double dates with us, just to be nice to me.
But that usually didn’t work. Most girls were just interested in him, so by the time we started in college, I was still a 20 year old virgin.
Eventually, he started to get serious with Sally, a very pretty girl we met in college. She has a lovely face, long beautiful blonde hair and precious blue eyes. She doesn’t have a great body though, if you ask me. Her tits are too small and she has almost no ass. But he stopped seeing other girls and they became very close. Jason was totally in love with her, and he kept telling me about everything going on between them: the great sex they had, their plans for the future, etc…They were engaged. She sure made him change!
Sally was very jealous with Jason, and wanted to monopolize his time. She was mad at any girl who tried to talk or get close to him. She was even mad at me for being so close to Jason. I think she hated me. The feeling was reciprocal, but Jason didn’t care. He’s a great guy and he just wanted to keep his girlfriend and his best pal at any cost.
In the mean time, the three of us still went out together, and Jason kept trying to set me up with girls, with no success, just as before.
One night Jason and Sally planned to go to a new night club they opened about 150 miles away from town. He called me and asked me to go with them. I hesitated. He told me he already set me up with one of Sally’s girlfriends who was a knockout, and it was going to be fun! I had a bad feeling about it, so I didn’t make any promises, but I ended up going.
We all met at Sally’s house. When I arrived Jason was very happy to see me and Sally gave me the cold shoulder, as usual. On the other hand, Sally’s mom, Magda, was very nice to me. She introduced herself and started to make conversation with me. She was a 42 year old divorcee, with the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. Just like Sally, she has a very pretty face, beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes. But we have to stop there. Her bodies are totally different. She was gifted with a beautiful pair of natural, big, pear shaped breasts, a very firm ass and long legs. I couldn’t help staring at her bosom during our conversation. Jason noticed that and started joking with me.

While we waited, Jason and Sally were trying to contact Sally’s girlfriend by phone, and Magda and I kept talking in the living room. She offered me a drink and in less than half an hour I learned about her job, her hobbies, her divorce (because her ex-husband didn’t fuck her enough!), her current love life, etc…She was so outgoing! We just met and I was getting along so well with her!
The girl I was supposed to go with never showed up, so I told Jason he and Sally should go ahead. He refused and literally pulled my by the arm to join them. Even Magda decided to join us. Sally was so mad!
It was a long trip to the night club because it was raining pretty heavily. Jason was driving, Sally was next to him, and Magda and I were in the back sit. We kept talking all the time. Her perfume, the alcohol in my blood and her stunning body made me dizzy. I was falling for her. At that time I knew I wanted to lose my virginity to her.
We arrived at the night club at about 10 o’clock. The place was so full! Jason and Sally went dancing right away, I was trying to make conversation with some girls I met and Magda was immediately surrounded by a bunch of older men, who started hitting on her and asking her to dance. Do I have to say how jealous I felt? The rest of the night was pretty slow for me. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. At about 1 am Magda joined me at the bar and we started talking again. She reminded me the place was full of girls my age. I told her I rather be there talking to her. She laughed.
By 3 am Sally and Jason showed up and we decided to call it a night. In our way back home the storm was getting really heavy, all of us have had a few drinks and the road condition was pretty unsafe. Common sense prevailed, so we decided to spend the night in the first motel we found. There was only one room available, so we took it. There was a king-size bed and a small couch. It was impossible to decide who was going to sleep with whom. The bed was huge and the couch was just big enough to barely fit one person, and we were two gals and to boys, so we decided to sleep all together in the bed. What a hell!
It’s very difficult to explain what happened next, and the way the events happened. I’ll just say that everything was pretty fast. Magda and sally went to the bathroom to get comfortable, and Jason and I undressed, keeping only our underwear. Sally came out of the bathroom wearing only her panties, bra and her blouse. Magda just her undies. Wow!
They came to bed and Jason and Sally started to make out. Magda noticed my erection, and without even saying a word, she kissed me. There we were, four in the same bed. Jason on the top of Sally, and Magda on the top of me. When Jason realized what was going on, he started encouraging me. His best pal was about to score for the first time!
Pretty soon Magda went down between my legs. She pulled down my shorts and started to engulf my 7″ cock in her mouth. If it wasn’t for the five tequila shots I drank at the bar, I would have shot my load in her mouth right away.

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