Four for Teacher

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When she did that, Cedric threw his head back, while pulling his cock out and stroking it until he started spewing his sperm all over her ass and bare back. The hot cum hitting her smooth skin just served to inflame her desires. She wanted more and wanted it right now.

By now Odell had recovered, and was lying on his back, still on the couch. Alicia crawled up on him and straddled his now stiff cock. Slowly, she lowered herself onto the 10 inch black pole, and began seductively rolling her hips. Then she lowered her upper body down on top of Odell, and kissed him deeply as she continued her undulations.

Next, she broke their kiss and turned her head to the side, resting it on his muscular shoulder. She looked back and found the football player standing there stroking himself, while watching her methodically fuck Odell’s huge black cock. She made eye contact with him, and at the same time reached back with both hands to spread the cheeks of her virgin ass wide apart.

Maintaining deep eye contact with him, she demanded, “Fuck me in my ass. Fuck my ass hard and slow while Odell fucks my pussy.”

“GODDAMN DAWG!!” Odell exclaimed, “you heard the slut, give it to her good. She wants it up the ass, brother!!!”

“Oh fuck yeah!” the football player moaned, as he moved in behind her, while straddling Odell’s legs. Soon he was placing the head of his cock right at the opening to her tiny butthole, and moving forward slowly with his hips.

Alicia had immediately made eye contact with the older guy with the gargantuan black cock. He was still in the same position. He was still watching her with those cold eyes. He was still stroking his monster dick. She watched him, watching her, breaking their gaze for only a second, closing her eyes as she felt the head of the football player’s dick push past the opening of her asshole. There was some brief pain, but as instructed, he was taking it slow.

Inch by inch, she felt the length of his cock slide up inside. Both he and Odell were taking it slow, allowing her time to adjust, and soon the three of them had found a slow and steady rhythm. The brief pain for her was now gone, and as each inch of his cock advanced up her anal tunnel, she grew more and more excited.

She and the older guy never stopped looking at each other, and she began to taunt him with looks and movements. She was moving her hips as sexily as she possibly could, and telling him with her eyes that he couldn’t possibly fuck her this good. He answered her by rising to his feet and turning to the side. This way she could see the entire length of his cock, which he never stopped stroking. He also gave her a look that told her to hurry up with those boys, so that she could get a real fucking, from a real man.

Alicia began to buck and grind against her two black studs and it wasn’t long before they were both emptying their nuts onto her beautiful white tits. As glob after hot glob hit her breasts, she rubbed the sticky goo into her skin with one hand, while rubbing her clit to orgasm with the other.

Before she could even finish cuming, the older guy was in front of her, grabbing her chin and raising it to the head of his awesome cock. Now just inches from the thing, Alicia started to wonder if she had asked for than she could handle. Up close, the thing was downright frightening. However, he wasn’t concerned with any of that. His eyes told her that he was going to take whatever he wanted, whether she enjoyed it or not.

Still having not said a single word, he squeezed the sides of her jaw tighter, forcing her mouth open and onto the head of his dick. He then reached and grabbed a handful of blonde hair with each hand and began to pull, thus forcing more and more of his tool into her mouth. She could only allow him to do as he pleased, looking up at his face to see the pleasure he was receiving.

But his cock was so big around that when the head reached her throat, it would not go any further. At least that’s what she thought. Because next, he released her hair with his right hand and looped his powerful forearm and bicep around the back of her head, and slowly forced at least 3 or 4 inches of the massive black dick down her throat. She was gagging and spitting uncontrollably around the sides of his cock. Drool was flowing and spilling onto her breasts and legs, and down to the locker room floor, as he slid in and out of her throat repeatedly. Tears were flowing from her eyes, but she found this experience of being so thoroughly manhandled an incredible turn on, and she could feel the juices flowing wildly from her pussy.

Suddenly, he withdrew from her mouth, and was pulling her up on her feet. She felt his coarse hand on her wet pussy lips, pushing and probing. She found it painful at first, but then he was inside, thrusting and exploring wildly with his thick fingers. The pain was soon gone. She leaned into his muscular body, wrapped her arms around his neck, and enjoyed the frantic nature of his probing.

Next, she was being lifted up into his arms, and her legs guided around his hips. The ease with which he held her there was amazing to her, and thrilling. Once again, this feeling of being helpless and totally dominated was strangely erotic. She could now feel the head of his massive cock pressing up against her thoroughly drenched pussy lips. There was a little resistance at first, but then she felt the head pierce her opening and slide about three or four inches up inside. Already her pussy was being stretched further than ever before, and he was just getting started.

Alicia now felt this rock hard, silent, dark stranger begin to lift her up and down on his dick, forcing deeper penetration on each down stroke. And with each inch, her lust grew stronger. Soon she was grinding down hard, trying her best to force more and more of his 12 inch monster black cock inside.

There they stood, in the middle of the locker room. This willing, thirty-something, white, blonde-haired, knockout of a teacher, and her dominating, muscular, coal black suitor. He, holding her effortlessly, suspended in air. And she, thrashing and undulating her hips wildly in order to force even more of his forearm-like cock inside of her. She opened her eyes and remembered suddenly that they weren’t alone. The three students were all watching them, and stroking their cocks once again.

Her wild gyrations were starting to have an affect on her silent partner, as she heard him start to moan, and he began to thrust savagely upward to meet her movements. They were fucking wildly in the their upright position, both of them driving and thrusting with as much force as the could muster, into the other.

Suddenly, he placed her back on the floor. Silently, he guided her down onto her knees. She knew what he wanted immediately, and she was more than ready. Alicia turned away from him, and laid her upper torso across the sofa cushions, displaying her curvaceous backside to him. Immediately he was there, raising his log-like cock to her exposed pussy. And then he was inside of her again, thrusting forward with incredible force, making her cum again within seconds. And then again, about two minutes later as his thrusts reached maximum depth and speed.

When she was almost to the end of the orgasm cycle, he plunged his thick, unlubricated thumb up her asshole. This started an entirely new orgasm for her, as she bit down on the sofa cushion.

“UUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!” Her hands reached up and gripped the back of the sofa. She buried her head and muffled the guttural groans escaping her lips.

His cock withdrew suddenly from her pussy. Then his thumb from her anus. Then she felt the head of his cock at her back door!!!


He had about half of his huge black cock up her asshole now, and it was getting good for her. He continued to press more and more into the tiny opening. As he looked down at the contrast of his black cock against her smooth white skin and the pinkness of her anus, he felt the inevitable orgasm start to build inside. He was taking in her incredible beauty and passion, when she suddenly reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks wide, immediately allowing another inch of black cock to disappear inside of her beautiful ass. That was more than he could take, and started to drive into her with all of the force he could find, tossing all restraint out the window.

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