Four for Teacher

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“Oh you are one incredible black cock whore!! Goddamn girl, you got an ass on you that just won’t quit. I bet you could take me and one of my bruthas at the same time, couldn’t ya slut?” he asked, as he slid his middle finger past her anal ring and deep as it would go up her ass.

“OOOOOHHHHHH GAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDDD!!!!” she wailed as an intense orgasm swept over her entire body, due to the incredibly hard fucking she was receiving, plus the vivid images of multiple black cocks now racing through her mind. “YES, YES, YES….DEEPER, OH GOD DEEPER, PLEASE.”

“Goddamnit girl, I got my whole cock and half my hand inside you!! I definitely got to have some help next time. Jesus, you’re a slut for black cock!”

And now as she sat at her desk a few days later, with those same words ringing in her head, over and over. “Jesus, you’re a slut for black cock!” She realized they were true words, so true. She knew in her heart of hearts that if Odell wasn’t pressing her for more of their forbidden sexual acts, then she would be trying to make it happen herself. She thought of her husband and their wedding vows. Her parents, and the values they labored to instill in her. Her church, and all of the Biblical teachings she had received over the years. None of it mattered, not when she allowed herself to think of the heat and passion she experienced while succumbing totally to Odell’s vulgar demands.

She looked at the clock on her desk. 3:45 PM. Just fifteen minutes to go. She thought about what had happened right after sixth period today, just minutes ago. She went over it again in her mind.

As class had ended, and the students filed out of the room, she noticed Odell once again lagging behind. She watched him approach her desk, rubbing the length of his cock through his sweat pants. She had been unable to speak this time, unable to protest the least little bit. She had only sat watching his movements and listening to his words.

“Hey there, little Miss Black Cock Whore. You see what I got here for you? Look closer.”

It was then that he had reached and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face in close range to his bulging cock.

“You’re looking good, slut. Real good, and nasty. I see how you showing me them titties today, girl. I bet you want some hot spunk on them titties, don’t ya whore?”
She closed her eyes and gulped, trying hard not to remember having those very thoughts while sitting at her mirror that morning. It was no use. She started thinking about big, hot globs of sticky cum hitting her bare breasts, and she immediately felt the warm wetness forming at her pussy lips.

He continued, “Yeah, I think so. Allright, allright, you can have all the cum you need, cause me and my bruthas gonna gang-fuck you today. Ya hear me whore?”

Oh she had heard him for sure, as she felt an oddly exhilarating sensation race from her anus, up through her insides. Visions of several black cocks, and torrents of nasty hot cum suddenly filled her head. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the full-blown orgasm as it tore through her body.

She struggled again to understand what was going on. How could the thought of being ravaged and used by multiple black boys be so frightening on the one hand, and so unbelievably thrilling on the other? How could the certainty of pain associated with a hard black cock being forced up her tiny asshole, move her to the point of orgasm?

Once again, his words were breaking through all of the thoughts and visions clouding her mind.

“There ain’t no practice today, so my boys and me are gonna fill you up good. Everybody will be gone out the gym by four, so bring your big white ass down there at four. You hear me, slut?”

It was then that she felt his big hand pushing its way inside her bra and pinching her nipple roughly, as she heard him say just before leaving, “Four o’clock Mrs. Cobb, downstairs in the football locker rooms. Don’t be fuckin late, if ya know what’s good for ya!”

She looked at the clock again. Five till. It was time to go.

So now, Alicia Cobb was walking down the back stairs of the boys’ gymnasium that led to the varsity football locker rooms. She didn’t really know what to expect once she got there, and as she approached, her apprehension about the whole affair heightened. But so did the burning. This building fire within her, each time she allowed herself the pleasure of the visions. Visions of strong, well-endowed young black boys having their way with her. These visions were running unchecked through her mind, as she took the last few steps towards the door to the locker room.

“There the bitch is!!” she heard Odell say as she entered the room. “I told ya the slut would be here.”

“Goddamn right, bro,” came another voice. “Good God I been thinkin ’bout her ass ever since I saw this Mrs. Cobb bitch.”

Alicia recognized that voice. And then she saw him in the corner. It was Cedric Williams from her fourth period class. It was true. She had noticed the boy looking at her ass from the very first day of class. Now he was here, planning to participate in a gangbang of his history teacher. And he was naked, and he was playing with his 7-inch rock hard dick. They were all naked. Not a stitch of clothes among them. There were four of them. All black, and all of them stroking their cocks, looking her up and down.

“Get over here whore, and suck my dick,” Odell commanded. Laughter filled the room, and then he continued, “Come on slut, show these boys how much you like suckin black dick.”

Alicia felt herself start moving in his direction. She looked at the other two boys. One of them she noticed from school. He wasn’t her student, but she recognized his face. A football player she thought. He stood about 5’10”, and weighed probably 190 lbs. All muscle. She marveled at his chest and biceps. Her eyes moved down his body, and saw his coal black cock. It was about 8 inches long and was much thicker than the other two boys.

The fourth boy she was sure she had never seen before. Not really a boy at all. This was a man. He was stretched out on a bench, propped up on one arm. He was stroking the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. This guy made Odell and the others look small by comparison. She guessed his dick was a full foot long, and looked to be a good 2 or 3 inches in width. He saw her looking at his enormous cock and gave her an incredibly nasty look with some of the coldest, dark eyes she had ever seen. Alicia felt a sudden rush of fear and excitement at the same time.

She was on her knees now, in front of Odell, reaching for his cock. She slid the long, smooth, black penis into her mouth, and began sucking on its head. Although she loved having Odell’s dick in her mouth again, she was still a little apprehensive about the others being there, and not knowing what might happen next.

“Come on teacher, give my boys a lesson in cocksucking. Get your nasty red lips down around my dick,” he demanded, while pushing her head down further.

She felt the head of Odell’s cock hitting the back of her throat, so she relaxed her muscles there, allowing the head and part of the thick shaft to slide a couple of inches down her throat. That was an incredible turn on for her. She felt her nipples stiffening and her pussy lips tingling and growing moist, as he continued to talk to her.

“Oh fuck yeah! That’s it bitch, let me fuck your throat. GODDAMN!!!”

Then she felt another set of hands on her legs and ass. They were rubbing and kneading her flesh, and not so tenderly either. They were pulling her skirt up, and running up and down the inside of her thighs, tracing quickly and roughly over her pussy and ass. Then they were lowering the zipper on her skirt, and she felt it and her panties being forced down to her knees.

“Goddamn dog, this bitch has a black booty on her. MMMMMM SHHHIIIIIITTTTT!!”

Then there was another pair of hands rubbing her breast through her blouse. They paused at her nipples to squeeze them. Next they were tearing her buttons loose and ripping the blouse off her shoulders. Then came her bra, leaving her tits swinging freely as she continued sucking Odell’s cock. She was deep-throating him by now, and he was moaning to beat the band.

Odell lowered himself back onto one of the couches that were there in the locker room. She followed him, never letting his cock slip from her mouth. Her saliva was drooling profusely out of the corners of her mouth, running down the sides of his black cock and all over his balls. She gathered some of the saliva in her hands and used it as a lubricant as she started stroking him forcefully with both hands, while sucking wildly on the head.

He was going apeshit at this point, starting to buck up and down uncontrollably. “Oh fuck, woman!! You’re gonna suck the cum right up out my nuts!”

Just then, she felt one of the others move in behind her and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down the length of her slit. When she felt him push forward and enter her to the hilt, she immediately went back to deep throating Odell’s 10-inch cock. That was the final straw for him, and he drove up into her mouth as far as he could and started spurting currents of cum in her mouth and throat. There was so much of it she couldn’t keep up. At first the sperm started oozing from the corners of her mouth. Then when she just couldn’t swallow fast enough, she was forced to let the monster cock fall from her mouth and it continued spewing thick white cum onto her face and neck.

At that point she turned her cum-covered face to look over her shoulder to see which of the boys was fucking her so good. It was Cedric from fourth period. He had his back bowed and his eyes closed, while he gave her repeated deep thrusts, faster and faster. She saw the older guy behind Cedric, still on the bench stroking his mammoth black cock, watching her get drilled by the young student. The contrast between him and Cedric was more than she could take. She lowered her head and shoulders to the cold bare floor and let the orgasm spill over her body. She pushed up and back with her ass forcing Cedric’s cock into her as deep as it would possibly go.

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