Four for Teacher

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Alicia Cobb couldn’t believe what she was hearing, or doing. This young boy, her student, was talking to her like she was some kind of street-walking whore. And instead of making her mad like it should, it just inflamed her desires even more. She had only sucked her husband’s little dick but a few times during their 6 year marriage, but there she was on her knees in the varsity locker room, sucking Odell’s 10-inch dick with all she could muster. Sucking and swallowing his salty cum, pumping that gorgeous black cock with both hands. She was absolutely amazed at how much jism was flowing down her throat. Just the first few spurts would have filled half a cup, she was sure. And with each vulgarity he muttered, she became even more determined to draw every last drop of sperm from him.


Finally, she felt the onslaught of cum subside, and soon his cock was softening just a bit, still inside of her mouth. Her mind was reeling from the events of the past few minutes, but there was one thing she was sure of……she wanted this young black stud to get hard again and fuck her good. But just then, he backed away and reached for his boxers.

“That was some fuckin good head, Mrs. Cobb. I never knew you was a black cock whore, but you sure is now,” he blurted out, while laughing down at her.

She was furious now, the way he talked and laughed at her. But she still wanted to feel his meat inside of her. She would have done anything he told her to do right then, if only he’d fuck her good. But he had other plans.

“I gotta go now, slut,” as he continued getting dressed, still laughing. “But I’ll tap that pussy for ya later, bitch. I know you done got some of this black cock and gonna be back for more!!! Maybe I’ll get me some of that big white ass too. Maybe I’ll share you with the bruthas”

“Bye now, Mrs.Black Cobb Slut” he amused himself, grabbing his bag and leaving.

And that is how it had begun. Sitting and recalling it all while at her mirror that morning, she once again became aroused. Even though she knew that it was all wrong, and that she could get in terrible trouble, she just couldn’t help herself. And even if she could find the power within herself to resist his promise of a good fucking, he wasn’t going to allow her the chance, as she soon learned.

Three days after the locker room encounter…….

Alicia had done her best to avoid Odell Sawyer at every turn, in the days since, and tried to tell herself that it was just one of those once in a lifetime occurrences when you lose all control. But there he was, during the last period everyday, sitting in the same chair at the back of the class. And each time she allowed herself to look in his direction, he had the same “I know what you want” look on his face. About half the time he would be caressing himself when she looked his at him. And each day as the class ended, he was always the last one to leave, walking by slowly, while rubbing his cock and saying terribly lewd things, just loud enough for only her to hear.

And then on the third day, he was extra slow in leaving. He took some papers to her desk and pretended to be asking her a question as the last of the other students cleared the room. Alicia Cobb thought she knew what was about to happen, and so she tried to stop it before it ever got started.

“Now Odell, don’t think that we are going to do anything like what happened the other day. You’re a good young man, but……”

“You don’t fuckin get it, do ya Mrs. Cobb?” he asked, while backing towards the door, maintaining eye contact the entire time. “You think you got some say in this shit, don’t ya whore?” Reaching back he closed the door behind him, and locked it.

“Now you listen here,” she started to protest. “You are not…..”

“I am not what, bitch? I am not gonna fuck your brains out?” he demanded. “Well, that’s where you’re just wrong, my fine white teacher whore. Cause your gonna come over here and get on your hands and knees and bare that plump white ass for me.”

She could feel herself growing wet again as he talked so roughly. Why did his talk have such an affect on her, she wondered. She fought the urges, and tried her best to protest once more.

“That’s enough!! This has gone far enough, Odell!!”

“Ohhh…OK, so that’s enough, huh? Well let’s just go down to Mr. Lambert’s office and see what he has to say,” he told her. “Let’s ask him if one blowjob between a teacher and student is enough? Whataya think his answer to that gonna be? I don’t think he would be to happy about his history teacher gettin down on her knees and suckin a student’s cock, do you? No, I don’t think so. So shut the fuck up, and get over here with that juicy pussy of yours. It’s already wet, ain’t it whore?”

Alicia was suddenly frozen with fear, and a realization of what was really going on. This young man knew exactly who had the most to lose in this situation. Plus, he knew just how much she wanted to be fucked with his cock. She realized finally, that he knew that he could have his way with her, regardless. If she resisted, he would go to the principal. But he knew that in the end, she wouldn’t resist. He knew she wanted his cock. She was helpless, and she hated herself for that. But oddly, it made the building need between her legs grow even stronger.

She started moving toward him. “OK, OK Odell. Just take it easy, hon. We’ll do it your way. There’s no need to bring Mr. Lambert into this.” She was in front of him now and he grabbed her arm and led her to the back of the class, out of view from the door window.

“Fuckin right we’ll do it my way,” he laughed. “And my way is for you to get on your hands and knees like I told you to before, bitch.” Alicia complied slowly, and tried desperately not to let him know how turned on she was becoming under his demands.
She was in position now, looking back over her shoulder at him, awaiting his next move.

“Hike that fuckin skirt up over your big ass, slut. Get those fuckin panties outta my way too,” he demanded as he shoved the fabric roughly to the side, and up over one of her bulbous ass cheeks. She continued to watch him over her shoulder as he reached to feel her sopping pussy.

“Goddamn! I knew you were fuckin creamin for my cock. I’m gonna slide my dick all the way up inside your pussy, you slutty whore.” He had stood up to quickly remove his pants, and now stood behind her with his ten-inch cock standing out in front of him. Her eyes followed the thing down as he positioned himself behind, between her legs. She spread them further to allow easier access, and moaned deeply as he eased about 4 inches inside of her. He watched more and more of his black cock grow moist with her juices, as he entered her further with each stroke.

“OOOHHH FUCK YEAH!!” she moaned as he neared gaining full access. And then with one very forceful thrust, he was inside of her to the hilt. She was pushing her ass back to meet his every thrust forward.


When he heard that, he crawled to his feet while keeping his dick in her, and was soon straddling her from above. He pushed her head and shoulders down to the floor, and began to pound her pussy with an incredible speed and force. Alicia was absolutely out of control.


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