Four for Teacher

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Alicia Cobb sat there looking down at her hands, watching them tremble. Vaguely aware of her surroundings, she sat at her desk in Room #218, were she taught American History to the juniors and seniors at Craigmont High School. Her mind was racing, trying to regain control of the present, but she couldn’t drive his words from her head.

“Four o’clock Mrs. Cobb, downstairs in the football locker rooms. Don’t be fuckin late, if ya know what’s good for ya.”

She could still smell him, and see the outline of his cock through his sweat pants, as he drew the fabric back tight with his right hand. His left had clutched a handful of her long blonde hair and forced her head closer to his bulging cock. When he had released her, his hand traced down to her partially exposed breast and worked its way inside her bra to tweak the nipple roughly. She had looked up at him one more time, to see him smiling a vulgar smile. She hated him for that, but hated herself more as she felt the wetness form at the lips of her pussy.

She thought back to that morning, sitting in front of her mirror. Watching, as her right hand undid the top two buttons of her blouse to reveal more of her milky white cleavage. She struggled with what she was doing. Thinking of her marriage, her parents, her upbringing….she couldn’t understand these powerful, lustful thoughts she continued to have about a student. Why were they so strong? And why couldn’t she drive him from her thoughts. She watched as her hands spread the fabric of her blouse even more to reveal the edge of the beautiful black lace bra, just beneath. She knew exactly what she was doing, and knew that it was wrong to present herself to him this way, but she could not stop. As her fingertips traced the inside of her ample breasts, her mind drifted to the week before, when the whole encounter began.

It had been after school, and she went looking for Coach Campbell, or Bret, as she knew him. He was the boys’ varsity basketball coach, but he taught some history classes during the day. They had shared teaching and homework ideas in the past, and she wanted to discuss a new approach with him. So, there she was walking into the boys’ gymnasium, thinking she would find him there at basketball practice. Instead, she found an empty gym, and decided that they must have had a short practice that day.

Thinking that he might be back in the coach’s office, she walked through the door and down the hall leading to his office and the locker rooms. As she approached, she noticed his door was closed and thinking that she had missed him, started to turn around and leave. Just then, she heard something from inside the locker room and started that way assuming that it must be Bret.

As she entered the room, she was calling out, “Coach Campbell?” But she was stopped dead in her tracks when she came upon Odell Sawyer, one of her students, and a star forward on the varsity team. He was at his locker, fully naked, except for the boxer shorts that he was frantically trying to pull up to cover himself. He had heard the female voice just a moment ago calling out for the coach, but had not realized it was his American History teacher, Mrs. Cobb. When he saw who it was, he was almost as shocked as she, and his scramble to cover up slowed just a bit.

She was apologizing profusely, and starting to back up. But something was slowing her retreat from the room. It was the beauty of his dark body. As her eyes slowly walked down over his wide shoulders, to his massive chest, and then to his trim stomach, her backward steps slowed. They came to a complete stop as her gaze reached the incredibly long and thick black cock hanging between his legs. She was absolutely frozen in her tracks, and could not tear her eyes away from his maleness. She had no idea a cock could be so big. And, it didn’t even appear to be fully erect. It hung there, almost halfway to the boy’s knees. She had often fantasized about the young black athletes, noticing how muscular they seemed to be, and wondering if the things she heard of the years about black cocks being bigger were really true. And now, she was seeing for herself.

Odell quickly noticed that his teacher was affected by seeing him naked. He could see that she was transfixed on his dick. He had always thought she was a beautiful white woman. Even though she dressed pretty conservatively, he could tell that there was a gorgeous body underneath the high collars and knee-length skirts. He had often wondered if she was “gettin a good fuckin at home. Probably got some shrivel dick, wimpy bastard of a husband,” he had concluded.

Now he thought, “Naw, she ain’t gettin no fuckin. Look at her lookin at this cock!” He began to take in her beauty. She was absolutely gorgeous standing there, and he could feel his cock begin to respond. She had removed her light sweater earlier, so now her beautiful blonde hair spilled down across her bare shoulders. He could see a small of some type of pendant suspended from a chain around her neck, resting just above the slightest hint of cleavage. The simple white pullover, and dark blue skirt could not conceal the curves of her feminine form.

He decided to try something. With her just standing there staring at him, he slowly reached down and grabbed his cock and started stroking it, slowly. When he did this, she finally tore her eyes away for a moment. Just long enough to look up at his face, and see him smiling knowingly and suggestively back at her. Then she lowered her eyes back to his cock that was growing even larger, as he continued to stroke it lewdly. Then he lowered his head and drooled a large amount of saliva into his waiting hand below, and spread it slowly over the head and shaft, making it shine in the dim light of the locker room.

Alicia felt the cool metal of the lockers against her back, leaning against them as her knees grew weak, while watching him stroke his massive black cock to an alarming 10 inches. Suddenly, she felt one of her hands caressing a breast, while the other began to gather the fabric of her skirt, raising the hem higher and higher, until finally her panties were in full view. Then her fingers were rubbing her mound through her panties, as she felt the fabric become drenched with the juices flowing profusely from her vagina.

“Oh God, what am I doing?” she asked herself, looking up again to his face and becoming slightly aware of her surroundings. “I have to stop this. This is wrong. What if somebody comes in?” as she looked around, and back down the hallway to see if anyone were there. Then her eyes were back on his black dick, and she was mumbling, “I don’t care. Look at his fucking cock. I don’t believe the size of it. My God I want to cum so badly,” as she pushed the panty fabric to one side and plunged three fingers deep inside her pussy.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!” she moaned, as she came violently.

Her knees had buckled to the point where she was half way to the floor now. As the orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes to see Odell closing the distance between them, his big cock still in his hand. She continued on down to her knees, sensing what was coming next. Then he was directly in front of her, clutching at her hair with his free hand, as his head suddenly flew back.

“SUCK MY FUCKIN BLACK CUM, YOU GODDAMN WHORE TEACHER!!” he demanded while increasing the vice-like grip he had on her hair. As the semen started to spew, his verbal assault continued.


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