Forgetful Maid

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She didn’t feel anything for her body was doing all the thinking now. Her brain had been swamped by arousal so intense her mind failed to cope.

Her eyes opened wide.

Roger looked up from concentrating upon her sex to see large vacant baby blue eyes filled wit lust. They burned with expectation. Her face grimaced into a mask of pain but he knew what it really signified. Sweat poured from her body, her nipples looked ready to explode.

He quickly moved up her body with licks and nips from his teeth not hesitating when his penis reached between her lips. He plunged in hard burying his cock deep inside. She reacted instantly. Throwing back her head she let out a yell from deep within her belly.

One violent thrust of her hips was all she managed before every muscle quaked in a racking judder. Her legs lifted high and wide to capture all of him then wrapped them around his waist pulling tight to keep it penetrating deep as possible.

She was completely dependent upon his thrusts for she couldn’t move. He pushed home one final thrust before spurting into her. Another orgasm spread from her clenched belly following heated nerves to curl her toes and hands clenched tight.

She wrapped her arms around his back needing to be completely engulfed by him. Whimpering a slight little sound she breathed out barely audible words. “Thank you, Master.”

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