Forgetful Maid

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“One more thing, what happens when you disobey me?” He asked.

“Oh! I shan’t disobey you sir. I promise to do what ever you want of me, honest, sir.” She cooed looking startled at the idea.

“But if you do something wrong what then?” He teased.

She put a finger to her lips and wrinkled her brow as though it were a difficult question. “Hmmm. You will punish me, sir.” She said quietly.

“Yes that’s right, so be a good girl and always do as I tell you.” He smiled.

Her face lit up and it looked as though she was about to skip on the spot with pleasure. “Oh yes sir, I will. Thank you, sir.”

“Now go and change your panties those ones look uncomfortable cutting into you.” He ordered.

“Yes sir. Oh!” She stuck a finger in her mouth and looked at the panties.

For a moment he thought she might rebel now that he had ordered her to do something

“I’m such a silly dumb blond I can’t decide. Sorry sir. Which ones should I wear Master.” She asked politely, with a worried frown.

She looked up at him with such eagerness to hear his opinion he couldn’t help laughing.

Roger needed to take a deep breath to calm him self realising how far the plan had been stretched. He had only intended to embarrass her. The idea had been concocted while angry, to have her arrive here dressed in some silly costume, then awaken her.

Instead this important business woman was in his home dressed as a sexy French maid behaving like a dumb blonde. A woman who was used to daily making important decisions was eagerly awaiting his decision on what panties to wear.

Regaining his composure he announced. “Those little ones there look good.” He laughed. He sat back in the sofa more relaxed seeing not only had the plan worked he had stretched it beyond all expectations.


On the way to her room she tried to remember what these little panties were called but then maybe there wasn’t a special name for them after all. They felt nice and smooth cupping her sex so snugly. They were the ones her master had picked for her so they became the most favourite little pair of panties ever.

She ran down the stairs keen to get back to serve her master. She slipped the high heels back on and entered with a big smile upon her face.

She needn’t have lifted the dress it was too short to conceal the little piece of lace but she did anyway. Seeking her master’s approval she beamed at him when he told her how wonderful she looked.

“We will have dinner in a moment but first there is something I’ve wanted to teach you. Remember I am your master and you must obey me.” He watched her head bob in acknowledgement. “Get on your knees right there. Unzip my trousers and pull my cock out.” He said, plainly as though ordering lunch.

Kneeling between his knees she wondered if this was the right thing to do. ‘I’m such a dumb blonde! I’ve played with his penis before and besides he is my master so I must do as I’m told. I’m such a silly little thing it’s a good job I have him to tell me what to do.’

He watched fascinated as she carefully pulled his shirt clear then her hand emerged gripping his cock. “I want you to lick it then suck it into your mouth. I want you to give me the best blow job ever.” He commanded.

With a gleam in his eye he watched every move absolutely enthralled at the care she took stroking and caressing his hardness. When she sucked his cock into her mouth he nearly blew. As it travelled through those ruby red lips it seemed they had been especially shaped just for his cock.

Having been so long waiting for this moment he soon came. He only just managed to keep his eyes open not wanting to miss anything. He pumped strings of sperm into her mouth feeling every drop pass its head in uncontrollable spasms.

He wanted to grab her head to bury his cock down her throat but refrained knowing how inexperienced she was. He gained that knowledge last night. He would take it easy and teach her.

Seeing she was looking to spit out a mouthful of his cum he told her. “Show me, open your mouth. You can swallow it now.” He instructed. “I shall have to teach you to do it properly.” He grinned.

“I’m sorry master. Are you going to punish me?” She asked looking up at him with large innocent blue eyes.

He sighed deeply bringing his breathing back to normal. “You did well. That was wonderful. You need to learn to take it down your throat though. It will take time but you can do it.” He promised.

“I’m eager to learn sir.” She said and meant it.

When she stood he noticed her panties, or rather the bit of silk only just covering her pussy. It was soaking wet. He smiled and teased her. “Have you wet yourself?”

“Oh! No sir. I’m excited.” She faltered not sure if she should have revealed such a personal thing. Would her master chastise her for being rude?

“Let me take a look. I might be able to teach you something else.” He smiled and it turned into a broad grin seeing her perplexed look. Lie back on the floor and spread your legs. Wider, just do as you’re told.” He pulled the silk away from her lips and ran a finger between them.

She shivered and ever so slightly raised her hips. He noticed but was sure she wasn’t even aware of the movement. He reached onto the sofa and grabbed a couple of cushions to push under her hips. Her freshly waxed pubis was so smooth his fingers glided there barely touching the sensitive skin.

As he stroked her thighs he thought about how successful this hastily concocted plan had become. A wealthy woman who ran her own company was happily settling in as his personal servant.

It was far more than that!

The instructions he gave her this afternoon ended up turning her into a dumb blonde unable to think for herself. This led to accepting him as master, ready to obey without thought. This was obvious for the important business woman was lying back on the carpet in a very un-lady like pose clearly enjoying his touch by the look of her soaking wet pussy.

He wanted to jump up and shout in pure joy.

She lifted her hips and made a keening sound clearly needing more. Roger pulled is attention back to the here and now concentrating on the job in hand.

He moved his fingers between her lips to a hardened bud to find a special rhythm that suited her. Before she could cum the movement stopped leaving her wriggling in frustration. With a wet finger he pressed the little puckered brown-hole teasing it with gentle movements. As soon as it relaxed a finger flowed in up to the palm

Again she was on the verge of an orgasm but he held the fingers still and bit her thigh. It didn’t bring her back much but prevented it. He blew upon an over sensitive sex and started very slowly building up to her rhythm again. She tried to hasten the build-up but he held her hips to the floor.

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