First Used Panties

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Shockingly, my grandfather was digging through my mother’s clothes bag. He went about it carefully, taking out layer after layer of clothes and placing them on top of each other in the same order. Finally he got to what he wanted as I saw his face light up.

He took out the clothes which my mother had just taken off this morning and placed into her traveling laundry bag. He slowly unzipped the bag and took her clothes out. First out was her t-shirt followed by her bra. Next was her pair of jeans and last out of the bag was a rolled up pair of mom’s pink panties.

My heart started beating faster and faster as I sensed that I was watching something out of the ordinary and which I should not be watching. Ah Kong placed all the clothes carefully to one side of the floor and picked up my mother’s panties. He walked over to the guestroom bed and lay down.

He pulled off his slacks together with his underwear at once and threw them both on the floor. His hard cock sprang out at once. I was startled; this was the first cock I had seen in my entire life. Ah Kong slowly unrolled my mom’s panties and stared at the crotch area for a while before bringing it up to his nose.

My own cock was jumping in my pants. My curiosity was soon to be satisfied. Ah Kong started rubbing his cock up and down with his left hand while taking deep breaths of my mother’s panties. I couldn’t resist it any longer as my own cock was straining at my pants. I pulled down my own pants and underwear and released my own manhood.

Taking an example from Ah Kong, I started rubbing my cock up and down, following his rhythm. It felt good, unknown sensations running through me for the first time in my life. It was very kinky watching my grandfather sniffing the panties of his own daughter. I had always thought Ah Kong to be a kindly nice old man, always doting on me. It was rather a shock to see this side of him.

I could feel weird feelings coursing through my cock as I watched the scene before me unfold. Ah Kong started taking small licks at mother’s panty crotch. I couldn’t watch anymore as I felt a strong urge to shoot something out of my cock. I quickly ran back to the bathroom upstairs.

Just in time, I ran in. Sperm starting shooting out of my cock into the toilet bowl. I had never had such a strong sense of pleasure before. Finally, I collapsed on the toilet floor after my wave of pleasure had subsided. I quickly cleaned up my cum, and flushed the toilet bowl. Intentionally walking loudly, I went downstairs.

I could tell Ah Kong had finished as well because I saw the door to the guestroom properly closed. Before I could wonder where grandfather was, he came out of the kitchen and asked me whether I wanted any breakfast. He was still panting slightly and his face was flushed. My family returned not too long after we had started breakfast of noodles with egg.

The day passed very fast for me, as my head was still in a whirl over what had happened. Even at night, when all of us went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday, my mind was still not concentrating. Before I blew out the candles on my birthday cake, Ah Po asked me, “So what is your birthday wish?” I silently wished for the chance to finally see a woman naked as I blew out the candles in one big breath.

We reached home rather late as we sat at dinner talking about everything under the sun. Everyone was very tired and fell asleep upon reaching back to my grandparent’s house, except for me. I could not sleep as I kept recalling the scene I had seen this morning. How could my kindly old grandfather be doing such a thing?! Sniffing the panties from his own daughter’s pussy?

I couldn’t fall asleep so I went to get a drink of water. As I passed the stair way, I noticed my grandmother just walk into the master bedroom upstairs. Wondering why she was still up so late, I crept upstairs. The light was still turned on under the door. There was also a beam of light coming out from a hole in the wall, shooting out into the dark hallway.

Once again, I put my eye to the hole. My grandparents were both naked and cuddling on the bed. Ah Kong was kissing Ah Po and fondling her saggy breasts. A sense of deja vu came over me, as my shorts hit the floor for the second time today.

Ah Kong stopped fondling Ah Po’s breasts and pushed her gently onto her back. Climbing on top of her, he carefully inserted his cock into her cunt. Amazingly Ah Po’s pubic hair was still fairly black with only minor streaks of grey. It looked hot to me. As it was an old house and the hole in the wall was pretty big, I had a very good view of all the action going on inside.

Grandma was moaning in time to Ah Kong’s thrusts and I was jerking my cock like hell outside. This was the best birthday present I had in a long time. They only fucked in the missionary position back in their days, as I found out next time. There was no such thing as oral sex, anal sex and sex was only done in the missionary position. Ah Kong didn’t last very long before he started spurting inside Ah Po’s cunt. Ah Po also seemingly had a mini orgasm at the same time as her moans became slightly higher pitched and she arched her back as Ah Kong pumped his sperm into her cunt.

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