First Time I Fucked Mark-Gay Male

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Hearing this send me over the top. I moved his head so our lips were close together and he started to French kiss me. Our tongues lashed together, he pulled my arse into him as I cum. My spunk squirted inside him, wave after wave of my white stuff went deep inside him. As my climax passed I slowed down and stopped. Laying still on top of his chest out of breath.

I slowly lifted myself up and could see my cock sliding from his anus, it came out with a ‘plop’. I went down on him and tongued his arse until my spunk started to ooze out of him. We looked at each other with a smile. I thought to myself ‘ we both enjoyed that’.

“What would you like me to do with you now” I asked.

“In the shower” he said.

I lead the way to the shower cubical holding his dick. The cubical was the type that will easily take two people. I turned the hot water on, we both got in and soaped each other up. We soaped our backs in turn, then Mark turned the water off saying ‘its my turn now’.

He ordered me to get down onto one knee facing his very hard dick. He explained that he wants to cum over my face. I thought to myself ‘I’ve never done that before- but there’s always a first time’. Down on one knee I held onto his thighs. He put his cock into my mouth. I worked my mouth up and down this hard dick. Mark started to moan.

“Yes – Ooooo – yes” he growled.

I increased the pace on his dick. I just could take him all the way. His knob end nearly gagged me at the back on my throat.

“Ooo – I’m starting to cum” he said.

He then put his left hand onto my head, and with his right hand he drew his cock out of my mouth, holding it 4 to 6 inches away from my face. He worked his dick quickly as I held his balls with my right hand. Then it happened.

At first a dribble of spunk came out of his pee-hole making a hanging string some 3 inches long. He worked his dick a few seconds more, then the first wad of cum shot out landing across my face from my right eye to my lower left cheek. Then the second string landed in my hair and on my nose. His legs stated to shake when the third wad went straight into my mouth.

“Yes – yes- yessss” he exclaimed.

He stopped pumping his cock, so I slid my mouth over it and felt it going soft.

“God – I needed that. That’s the best blow-job I’ve ever had” he said.

We got dried and dressed. Mark noticed the time, it was 6-45.

“I will have to go now. – I’ll love to do this again” he said.

“I look forward to the next time” I said.

Will you be OK going to see the girl friend now, O yes I will be OK after I re-charge my batteries. I let Mark out and phoned Ann up to say ‘it went well’

“Then come over now – I will be waiting for you in bed” she said.

I thought to myself ‘this is getting hard work – but enjoyable work’

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