First Time I Fucked Mark-Gay Male

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With my hands back up on his thighs, I could see his boxers, they were light red in colour and tight fitting to his torso. I could see his raging hard on and a little wet patch by the knob end showing through the boxers. I moved my face closer touching his man meat with my nose. I could hear Mark’s breathing deepen and looking down at me. I worked my nose up and down from his balls to the tip, rubbing and smelling his man scent, he put his right hand softly onto my head, rubbing his fingers through my hair. Mark muttered ‘this is nice’ and squeezed my head into his groin. I was in heaven with anticipation of what I was about, I should say hoping to do to him on the settee.

He asked to un-dress me. I stood up and as he un-buttoned my shirt, starting with the top button and working down, he looked into my eyes with anticipation behind a faint smile. While standing he undid my trousers letting them drop to the floor. The air was electric between us. We ever spoke a word. He slid my under-pants down to the floor. I kicked off my shoes. We stood facing each other, I now completely naked with a ‘hard on’, he still with this boxers on.

He raised his arms and put them over my shoulders in a embrace, I slid my hands down from his chest until I reached his boxers, I put my thumbs either side and kneeling down on one knee slid down the boxers exposing his hard member, it twitched as I looked on.

I could not help but to say “what a gorgeous site” – “what a lovely dick you have Mark” as I looked up at him. His smile broadened. I let my nose touch and then slide up his cock, sniffing his aroma , my nose passed over his knob end wiping up the pre-cum. I Started to lick him from the balls along the back of his cock to the tip. I noted his foreskin draw back as his cock grew some more. He put both his hands on to my head, pushing my face into his groin.

“Yesss – O yessss” he gargeled.

Suddenly his legs started to shake.

“On the settee” he whispered.

I stood up, he put his right arm around my neck I held his cock with my left as we walked to the settee just six feet away. He laid back on the settee with me on his right side. I leaned over and started to suck his right nipple, his arm reached down my back, his hand cupping my bum. I moved, and kneeling with my left leg on his thigh the other on the settee. I moved my mouth and licked his left nipple, as my left hand worked is dick up and down. As I was enjoying this, I felt his finger squeeze onto my anus. I moved a little to allow him more access. His finger moved inside me, he started to kiss the back of my neck.

“This is lovely” I said.

He moved his body down a little so his bum was over hanging the edge of the seat, then he opened his legs. I slipped my hand down onto his balls and fingered his anus.

“Get down in front of me” he said.

I slid off the settee, knelt down in front of him with my hands stroking his opened thighs. I can see his anus for the first time. It was nice and neat with no pucker, he’s not been screwed, – yet!. He suddenly lifted his legs into the air and lay his feet onto my shoulders. I could see all – even his seam that runs around the centre of the body between the legs was easily seen. I lowered my head and put my lips over his cock head.

“Yes – Ooo – yes” said mark.

I slid my hands down to his bum, my thumbs spreading his anus. I run my tongue down his dick, flicking from side to side down to his balls. I sucked one then the other ball. I slowly run my tongue down his seam to his anus. I noticed he had some kind of nice smelling cologne on. I realised he had come prepared for this, he wants me to do this, I do hope he will let me fuck him soon. I stiffened my tongue and pushed into his hole, he groaned and put his hands onto my head, pushing me into his arse.

I lifted my head up and reached out for the KY jelly. Mark kept one hand on my head while I lubed up my finger, then he lay back putting his hands behind his head that was looking down at me. As my finger entered his hole he griped my neck with both feet saying ‘Yes – Aaaa’. He was tight so I slowly pushed my finger in until I got to my knuckle, I held his cock which had released a lot of pre-cum, as I worked his foreskin up and over its tip, I started to rotate my finger in his arse to open him up in preparation.

I do what to fuck him, I promised Ann I would, but I’m not yet sure he will let me. I angled my finger so as to put pressure on his prostate gland. O Yes – I said to myself this worked, he suddenly levered his bum off the settee using his legs on my shoulders.

“God – Yes – ” he gasped.

I stopped working his dick, I did not what him to cum yet and spoil it for me. With my finger doing wonders to his arse I reached up and started to pinch his left nipple. Without warning he blurted out—–

“Put your dick in me. – but don’t cum inside me” Mark uttered.

“OK – I won’t cum inside if you don’t want” I whispered.

I released my finger, he took his feet off my shoulders and put them to the floor. And lay there with his arms by his side. I stood up between his legs and started to apply the jell to my now very hard cock. I worked the jell all the way down my shaft, putting plenty on because this was Mark’s first time. I was in heaven knowing I will be the first to break his virginity. I thought – ‘I must be careful with him, also I must not shoot my load in him’—–

As I stroked plenty of jell on my dick, I could see him watching me. I now realized he is the type that likes to be sexually submissive. I lowered my body down between his legs, with my hand on the settee back for support. I held my dick with my right hand and found his little pucker straight away. I then put both hands onto the settee back, laying my chest on top of his, and applied a little pressure to his arse hole. I waited a few seconds for him to relax.

Suddenly my cock popped in a few inches.

“Oooo – Aaah” he said.

He was nice and warm inside. I slowly pushed my cock until it was all the way in. I could feel my balls against his arse. I kept still, feeling his anus contract and dilate. I moved my hands, putting them around his neck and my face next to his. He started to nipple my left ear, he then tongued around my neck. I started to slide my dick in and out of him, slowly at first, then a little faster. Mark slid his hands down to my arse cheeks He had now relaxed his anus completely for me. So I speeded up the stroking.

“O – Mark, this is lovely – God I’m going to cum soon” I whispered in his ear.

“Yes – your filling me up” he whispered back.

I held his pony tail with my left hand, pulling his head in such away at to want to kiss him. At the same time I angled my trusting dick in such away giving maximum affect onto his prostrate gland. This did the trick.

“Oooo – Cum – Cum inside me – now” he stammered.

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