First Time I Fucked Mark-Gay Male

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I Got Mark, At Last

It was a few weeks since my BI 3some with Ann and Mark. One evening I was at Ann’s place having dinner, at times she liked to do a dinner for the two of us. During dinner we had small talk about her family, the trouble she has with her mother and the problems with Kathy, her brother’s wife. Ann thinks she a bitch and a little jealous of Ann’s closeness with her brother. Ann has this feeling that Kathy fancies her. I pointed out that it might be more to do with her sexual urges, but Ann thinks not.

During the main meal Ann asked if I have had more thoughts about ‘seeing’ Mark. She went on to remind me of what I said after our last encounter with him, that I would love to fuck him. I confessed that I still had that desire, but I was afraid of hurting our relationship. Ann, quickly assured me that its OK provided that I come over to her straight after and give her full and frank details of what we did. OK I said- I will contact him for a session this week.

We continued with dinner. Ann told me about her phone call to Sue.

“You remember Sue and Tony” she said.

Ann went on to explain they were soon to travel to Tony’s family for the weekend and will be passing near one evening. They could call in for an hour for the purpose of ‘sizing each other up’. What are they like I asked. O, they are nice. He’s a teacher and she a nurse. They are about 30 years old.

“That’s OK by me – I’ll look forward to meeting them” I said to Ann.

Ann had to point out to me that she and her friend have made rules for that evening when they arrive. Her and Sue will discreetly ‘weigh up’ the situation and privately report back to me and Tony. Also if one says NO, then its NO to all of us. I understood and agreed for the two women to sort it out.

Ann spend the next 30 minutes telling me of her exploits with them before we met. There’s one exploit Ann told me of that was very horny. About the time when both Sue and Ann were kneeling down on the edge of the bed, with their arses in the air, and Tony going from one pussy to the other. Ann said he was fair at sharing the spunk because when he cum he pulled out and squirted it over both our backs.

This made me very horny indeed. His he bigger than me? I asked. About the same length but he’s a bit thicker. His he un-cut I asked. Ann laughed and went on to explain that he’s got part foreskin. My partner felt I should know that she was not sure that Tony was bi-sexual. If we have a foursome be careful with him, I would not what him put-off, were her comments.

I helped Ann with the dishes and gave my apologise, having to travel to see my family. Her last words were ‘don’t forget – Mark!!!’

Two days later I got back home at about 2-30pm. Listen to the phone messages. There was one from Mark, asking if I was doing anything one evening. I undid the suite case and put dirty clothes in the machine, made a brew, then relaxed in my favourite chair. As I held the mug of tea, I pondered the idea of fucking Mark on my two sitter settee.

I looked at the clock, it was 4pm. I picked up the phone and rung Mark’s number. The phone rung for a long time, I was about to hang up when I heard ‘Hello’. It was Marks voice, I recognised it.

“Hi Mark, its Joe, I’m returning your call” I said.

We talked for a while then I ‘popped the question’

“How do you fancy coming over – bring a video – if you like” I pointedly said.

He went on to say that he’s courting strong now, and it would be difficult. I thought he’s giving me the ‘cold shoulder’. He went on to explain that he and his girl are away on holiday for two weeks. We consulted our diaries and the only date was today prior to his holidays.

Mark asked “Do you have a shower unit”.

“Yes I do” I said.

He went on to explain that if he came around at 5-30. Then after he will need a good shower before meeting the girl friend at 7pm. Its OK by me I told him.

I tidied up a little and went for a shower. In the shower I had thoughts about being in the shower with Mark, washing his back, rubbing my body up against his, then slowly going down on him. I had a terrific ‘hard on’.

I resisted a ‘wank’, finished my shower, got dressed and then put the coffee on. It was now 5-15. I rang Ann and told her about Mark coming over soon. ‘I’ll be in bed when you come over to give me ‘the details’ – she said.

Then a knock at the door, I opened it and invited Mark in. He was snappily dressed due to him meeting his ‘girl’ after we have finished. Mark is tall and a little over weight, about 180 lbs. Dark hair with a pony tail.

“Hi, Mark, what’s with the pony tail.” I said.

“It makes a change – and she likes it” he said.

We sat on the settee and caught up with gossip. We spoke about our 3some with Ann, all the things we did to her.

“She looking forward to another session” I said. I noted he was getting aroused as we talked, shifting arse in his seat. His legs opened a little and leaning over towards me putting his left hand on my thigh.

“Shall we start then – its nearly 6pm.” He whispered.

We stood up to un-dress. I indicated that I would like to un-dress him. He stood with his arms by his side. I pulled is jumper over his head and it dropped to the floor.

Yes-I said “you have a nice body, smooth skin with a little hair just below the belly button”.

I knelt down onto one knee, lifting his feet up one at a time to remove the shoes and socks. He held my head for balance with his right hand. Shoes and socks removed he placed his hands back to his side. I slowly slid my hands from behind his knees up to his thighs. I looked at his groin, my face no more than 4 inches from his now big bulge that was showing through the Levies.

He had a wide leather belt on. He must have remembered how much I find leather belts a ‘turn-on’. We didn’t say a word or make a noise as I un-buckled that belt. I slid the belt end from the buckle allowing both ends to hang down. I slid my hands over his bulge and started to un-button the top of his pants, one button, another and then the last one.

I slowly slid the zipper down, it seemed to make a loud noise, the only noise in the room except for the fridge in the back kitchen and the ticking of the wall clock over the fire place. I raised my hands onto his waist and began to slide them down taking the pants down with them. Mark moved his body a little to assist me. As the Levies slid below the thighs they then fell to the floor making a little noise. Mark made a quiet exhale, but kept still.

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