A Father Feeds His Son

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My name is Jason. I was about 16 when my relationship with my father had started to deteriorate. My mother had died a few years prior so it was just the two of us. I was 19 when my relationship started to come back together. I hadn’t really been noticing till just recently but I had been getting fat. Dad didn’t really pay attention to me when I ate. He just let me eat whatever I wanted, when I wanted. So everyday I’d down a dozen Oreos, eat some chips, drink lots of soda and dad never gave it a second thought.

One afternoon, I was looking in the mirror at my fat belly. I poked it and it jiggled a bit. I decided to put some pants on but to my surprise, they wouldn’t fit. I managed to button them but the button popped right off. Seeing this, I knew I had to talk to dad about my problem. I put on some bigger pants and a shirt and headed downstairs. Dad was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich. As I entered the kitchen, he gave me a friendly smile.

“Dad, I need to talk to you about something.” I said.

“What’s on your mind, son?” he asked. I was hesitant for a moment.

“Do you think I’m…fat?” I asked. Dad was taken back by the question but then smiled.

“Well, you are a little overweight.” Dad answered, “Why? Does it hurt you?”

“Actually, no.” I said, “It feels…good!”


“Yeah! I mean, it makes me feel really happy when I see my belly in the mirror.”

That was the first time I had opened up to my dad about anything in ages. He put down the sandwich and walked over. As he approached me, he gave me a look like he was asking permission for something. I didn’t know what he wanted but I gave him a nod. Dad grabbed my shirt and slowly pulled it off. My belly flopped out and hung out over my pants. He gazed at my belly for a few minutes until I made a throat clearing noise to snap him out of it.

“Sorry about that.” Dad said as he blushed. I smiled.

“Dad…what would you think about me gaining weight?” I asked. Dad turned and grabbed the sandwich.

“Well, let’s get started!” Dad said, “I’ll run out to the store and get some food. Just snack on what we’ve got here until I get back.”

Dad grabbed his keys and headed out the door. As much as I couldn’t wait to start stuffing my face, I couldn’t help shake dad’s reaction to me wanting to get fatter. I gobbled up the sandwich, grabbed a bag of chips and soda and went to watch television. I grabbed chip after chip and stuffed myself.

After about an hour, dad returned with tons of food. He traveled back into the kitchen and started to unpack everything. I eyed the contents. Dad had bought five gallons of chocolate milk, ten gallons of vanilla ice cream, several bottles of chocolate syrup, two dozen doughnuts and a huge sheet cake.

“Is all this for me?” I asked excitedly.

“It sure is!” Dad replied.

It was amazing! I didn’t know what to start with first! I grabbed the ice cream and started spooning it out and shoving it into my mouth. One gallon, two gallon, three! After a half hour, the ice cream was gone. Then, I started stuffing myself with the doughnuts. As I gorged myself, dad leaned against the couch and watched with a loving look in his eye. I drank the chocolate milk along with eating the doughnuts and in another half hour, they were gone as well. I stopped. My belly was aching so much.

“Ugh…I’m sooo full.” I groaned.

“Jason, you’ll never gain any weight if you stop when you’re full.” Dad said.

Dad grabbed a chair from the dining room and pulled it into the kitchen. He then led me by the hand and sat me down. My butt had gotten so large that it was drooping off the edges a little. Dad grabbed the chocolate syrup and poured all the bottles into a large jug.

“What’re you going to do?” I asked.

“I’m going to stuff you, silly!” Dad said playfully.

He put the jug up to my mouth and tried to help my nurse the syrup. My belly felt like it was about to explode and I wasn’t even near done with my stuffing. I gulped more and more syrup down until the last of it finally slid down my throat. Dad put the jug away and immediately grabbed the sheet cake and a fork. I shook my head in protest but he just grabbed a slice and forced it into my mouth. Dad was stuffing me more and more. It was unlike him. He seemed to be having so much fun fattening his own son up.

My belly hurt so much! I started to cry a little as I finished half of the cake. As I sobbed, dad just kept on going.

“Don’t worry son.” He said comfortingly, “It’ll be alright.”

I was hoping he was right. I felt like I was going to pop like a balloon! 3 slices left, 2 slices, one slice and I was finished. My belly looked like an over inflated balloon. Dad wiped away my tears and tried to get me to smile. I smiled back but then groaned again with the notice of my belly pain coming back.

“Ooooh! It hurts soo much!” I groaned.

“Here, let me rub your belly and see if that helps” Dad said.

Dad took his hands and started massaging my swollen belly. And it did feel good! Really good! I didn’t know how to explain it but I was feeling…horny! I could feel my penis growing inside my pants, making them even more uncomfortable than they already were. The pleasure I was getting from dad’s belly rub was amazing! And then it slipped out, a tiny little moan of pleasure.

Dad looked up and I blushed bright red. He decided it was nothing and went back to massaging my belly. A let out another moan and this time dad didn’t ignore it.

“Does that make you feel good?” Dad asked. I nodded.

So much was racing through my head. I was so horny and it was of dad stuffing me that I was like this. As much as I knew I shouldn’t be thinking these things, I just wanted him so much. To hug me, kiss me…fuck me! That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore!

Dad had stood up to eye level with me. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. As if just waiting for this moment, dad kissed back with full force. For minutes we passionately kissed. I opened my eyes and stepped back. I can’t believe what I had just done. I kissed my father…and liked it!

“Dad, I…I’m sorry!” I apologized.

“Don’t be sorry, son.” Dad replied, “That was really nice.”

“This just doesn’t seem right.” I said.

“But doesn’t it feel good?”

“Yes! It feels amazing but…”

“Then don’t fight it. Jason, when you said you wanted to gain weight, it was like a dream come true for me. I’ve always fantasized about feeding you, that’s why I always let you eat what you want. I’ve been secretly been stuffing you for years.”

“Dad…I want you to do something.”

“What is it?”

“I…I want you to fuck me!”

“You mean…have sex?”

“Whatever you want to do with me! Kiss me, suck me, whatever!”

Dad stripped off his clothes and then took my pants off for me. He lovingly took my hand and led me upstairs as I waddled behind him. Dad led me into his bedroom and laid me on his bed. Dad mounted me and started kissing me passionately again. He grabbed my plump body, just making my cock throb more. Dad navigated south and inserted my dick into his mouth. I moaned as he slid up and down on my fat cock.

“Ooooohhhh, that feels soooo good!” I moaned.

I shot a load into his mouth. Dad got up and smiled.

“Ok, son. I’ve stuffed you, kissed you and sucked you. Now, you’ve got to do something for me.” Dad said.

“Anything!” I replied.

Dad rolled my huge body over. My belly has grown so much that my chubby arms could barely reach the bed. Dad massaged my enormous butt and then I felt something odd. His cock popped into my ass. At first it hurt but as he pushed deeper, it started to feel wonderful. As dad pumped more and more into my huge ass, I moaned at the pleasure.

“Oooohhh! Fuck me harder, daddy!” I moaned.

“Oooh yeah! You’re such a blimp!” Dad moaned back.

“Yes! Yes! I’m a big, fat blimp!” I yelled.

He pumped more and more. Harder and harder and then…he shot off his load into my ass. Dad popped out and laid next to me.

“So, how was that?” Dad asked.

“Amazing…” I panted.

“What do you want to do now?” he asked.

“Feed me more!”

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