Family Holiday

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When we arrived home mum did not waste any time telling Chas what I had been up to, what a whore and a slut I had been, that I must have been fucked by at least three dozen men probably a lot more, that she had lost count, over the ten days. My aunty also mentioned about the men at the party telling me I ought to be fucked by a donkey or horse, that I would love it’s large cock. They all agreed that would be something to watch.

They then said that they thought I deserved punishing for being such a dirty slut. Chas agreed and stripped me naked there in front of them, bent me over the sofa and gave my ass a good strapping with his belt while commenting about all the bites and marks that were over my sluttish body. Then after gave me a good fucking in my ass and cunt, treating my body rough, ten days worth of shagging as he put it.

The three of them then agreed that as I was such a whore, I should be treated as one and be ready and to be used whenever Chas wanted, to let him strip and fuck me when and wherever we were and by whoever he wanted.

As they left for their homes mum said she and my aunty would like to see me used and gangfucked again. Chas said he would arrange something for them soon, then added, and what about the donkey or horse. I smiled and said umm, why not, I couldn’t wait. My mum and aunty laughed and said, see you soon then.

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