Family Holiday

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When for the time being they had finished abusing my now ravished, dirty, cum covered body, I was dragged off the table onto the floor by my hair and outside into the courtyard. The floor was rough on my ass and tits as I was dragged, and the women kicked me on my ass or tits as I was pulled along, saying get a move on slag as they did so, one ground the sole of her shoe into my messy cunt, pushing me along, I groaned as she did so.

Outside I was left lying on my back in the dirt. “I think the slut needs to be washed off men,” the women laughed. “Piss all over the dirty cum covered bitch”. They all got their cocks out and pissed. The warm salty liquid pouring over me, splashing onto my tits, running down my stomach, and down between my open legs. They aimed for my face and I opened my mouth drinking and tasting it, filling my mouth and running down my cheeks into the dirt and soaking my hair. Piss on her face and in her mouth, the women shouted. It was hard to believe that my mum and aunty were standing there watching all these men pissing over this naked, cum covered 40 year old slut, lying on the ground in the dirt, a slag who was her daughter and cheering them on, telling them to piss over me, and laughing with all the rest of them. She now knew me for the slag I was.

When they had all emptied their bladders over me I was left lying in a large pool of mud. I could feel the remnants of their piss trickling down my stomach. The women pushed me with their feet grinding me into the mess and wiping the mud off their soles on my tits. I was then dragged again through the mud across the courtyard and tied up spread-eagled between two roof supports my legs spread wide and on tip toe, where I was left outside for what was left of the night. Men and women just walked over when they wanted to abuse my hanging body more, use me how they wanted. Some enjoyed whipping me; some used objects on my gaping holes, others either fucked me or pissed over me again. All night the restaurant echoed to my cries of pain and ecstasy, the sound of men groaning as they cum, and the contact of leather on my naked flesh. Even the coach driver who had to stay the night had his fill of me, fucking all my holes. I told him that was his tip for this trip. He laughed, and said, “best tip I’ve ever had,” as he finished off spanking my ass hard for five minuets or more.

In the morning I was cut down and taken back into the courtyard where they hosed me down to clean the stinking mess off me. The restaurant owner had told my mum I was the best entertainment they had ever had, and to bring me back again, mum said they would on their next holiday. I found my thong but not my bra and dress, (I never found the bra but my mum had my dress in a bag for safe keeping, but had not given it to me, she thought I should arrive back dressed as I was like a cheap slut she said).

As I was walking from the bus to our room in just my tiny thong, (just as well it was early) we only saw a few workmen who shouted some course comments and whistled at us. Even after the fucking I had received over the last nine hours, mum dragged me over to the workmen ripped off my thong and asked them if they wanted to fuck her slut daughter who had been gangbanged all night. Of course they did, eying up my naked ravaged body, so for the next half an hour or so I was on my back in the dirt again with cocks in me. After, mum said I had to walk to our room as I was, minus the thong. Fortunately again, we only saw the deskman who just grinned, (he came up to our room later and shagged me).

That day I spent resting to regain some energy. In the evening mum said she had never seen a women have so many things done to her body and she hadn’t realized what a tart I was, my aunty agreed. I told them I had done this a few times before with Chas present and I love it. I also said, but what did they think about how the others had treated me after they had had a few drinks, how they could do the things they did to my naked body, themselves included. Mum had to agree that had surprised her as well that people could treat a woman like that, and more so that she could, but they had enjoyed seeing their first gangbang and more so as it was me.

Mum then told me she had seen quite a lot of people taking photographs and video of it all, so there would be lots of holiday pictures and videos that people would love to see being shown when they got home. Just think she said, hundreds of people could be watching what was done to you last night. I said there were lots around from some of my other times. Mum said it was funny that, because when she was on a short break in the capital, she had noticed a video in a sex shop window and the picture on the cover had a women being fucked and she had thought it had looked just like me then but had thought no more about it. I said, I had been fucked legless by a large group of men on a long weekend there a while back, a video had been taken, and I had heard him say he could make some money in the sex shops with it, but had thought no more of it, so it may well of been me. We all agreed that I would have a good story to tell Chas when we got home, and if I ever done it again they would love to be there, perhaps even thrash my ass herself. I assured them it probably would and they could. We all laughed.

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