Family Holiday

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We had two days left of our holiday and that evening a trip had been arranged for a medieval type meal and wine outing at a large house about ten miles from our resort. When we arrived there must have been at least two dozen or more people there as well as us with about three quarters of them men and the rest women, and also three or four waiters. We were all seated around three tables one at the top and two down the sides like at a banquet.

As the evening went on and the wine flowed everybody was getting more and more rowdy especially the men. Soon some of the men started shouting for the women to dance for them. There were no takers for this until my mum shouted, (she was sat on another table with her sister) “come on Kathy, give us a dance, get up and entertain us all.”

The chant was carried on by the rest, Kathy, Kathy, until I got up and moved in between the tables to a round of cheers including the women. Music played and I started to sway and gyrate to it, throwing my head back and running my hands over my body.

Some of the more rowdy men now started shouting, “come on Kathy, strip for us.” I heard my mum and aunty shout, “yes, strip Kath and show us what you got, do your thing.” Everybody was now shouting “strip, strip, strip. So as the music played I began to unzip my dress, then pulled it off my shoulders then down to my waist then letting it fall to the floor kicking it into the crowd. I was now in just my black bra and thong. Next I unclipped my bra strap and pulled it slowly down then off and threw it onto one of the tables. My tits bounced free. Finally, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my thong and slowly pulled them down and off and threw them to the cheering men. I was now naked except for my black four-inch high heels. All eyes were transfixed on my naked body especially my smooth shaven cunt and jiggling tits. I rubbed my hands over my tits and between my legs as I danced there nude.

The crowd was going mad, shouting and whistling, so I climbed onto one of the side tables and danced close in front of them. Soon their hands were pawing my legs and squeezing the cheeks of my ass as I made my way along the table treading in food and spilling wine over the tables.

As I danced up to then on to the top table where all the rowdiest people were, several pairs of hands grabbed my legs and I was pulled down laughing onto my back among the food and spilt wine. Hands were trying to grab me from all directions wanting to explore my willing body, rubbing, pinching, and probing all parts of my naked body. Fingers found their way into my hot wet cunt and my tight ass hole, and my tits and nipples were being mauled and pinched mercilessly. My body writhed as I reached a climax, and I moaned and shouted out loud I was cumming as I did violently.

In my state of ecstasy I faintly heard a women’s voice shout out to give the slut what she wants men, a good fucking, followed then by my mums voice shouting “come on men, who wants to fuck my daughter, she’s a good shag and the slut will do anything.” I could see my aunty laughing and beckoning the men up to the table.

One of the men climbed up onto the table and took off his shorts and climbed on top of me. I instinctively pulled my legs up and over his shoulders and felt a hard cock slide deep into my hairless cunt. I bucked and groaned as he drove his cock in and out until he soon climaxed and shot his cum over my stomach and tits.

Immediately, another cock found it’s way up and was pumping away hard. I saw my mum come up behind him and grab his hips then lift them up and down helping him to fuck me deep. “Come on, fuck my slut daughter” she shouted, as she pushed down hard on his hips ramming his cock further into my cunt, and continuing until he groaned he was Cumming and his cum flowed deep into my juicy cunt. He pulled out and my mum told him to shove it in my mouth for me to lick clean. I sucked and slurped until every trace of cum was cleaned off.

I was then rolled over and pulled up into the doggy position and cocks were now feed into my mouth and cunt. Another man climbed up and positioned himself under me. “Let’s triple fuck the whore,” he said. The one in my cunt withdrew and I was pushed down until I was impaled on the underneath cock, then the one on top in one thrust inserted his up my ass to the hilt. I cried out, but once they were all in rhythm I was enjoying the sensation of all my holes full of cock. Still not satisfied, two more cocks were placed in my hands to jerk off. When all of them cum, I was covered in their jism, it was running out of all my holes and over my arms and back.

All three holes were soon filled again and it started over again. The crowd was going wild. Shouting to hurry up with the slag, as there were plenty more in the queue. The women were calling me slut, whore, and slag, telling the men to bore out my cunt, and stretch my ass. Telling them to cum on my face and wank between my tits, cover me in cum. My mum and aunty among them joining in.

Wine was poured over my abused body and the men and women licked and sucked it off making sure they left bite marks and love bites all over my body, but mainly around my cunt, ass, and the top of my thighs. I was again rolled over onto my stomach lying on squashed food and spilt wine. The men with encouragement from the women now lined up to fuck my ass. One after another my ass hole was pummeled with cocks. All I could do was lie there grunting like an animal as these men yanked my head back by my hair, pinched and twisted my nipples and roughly mauled my tits as they plunged in and out of my now gapping ass hole, then have me suck them clean afterwards. “Ass fucking slut, you love this don’t you” one said as he was shagging me, I just mumbled, he jerked my head back, “tell us bitch” one women shouted as she slapped me across the face. “Yes,” I said, I love it, she slapped me again, “tell us what you are”. “I’m a dirty slut who loves to be ass fucked, loves to be naked in public. A slag that likes to be gangfucked, covered in cum, and punished in front of an audience. A real filthy cunt, you fucking bitch” I said. She slapped my face a several more times and twisted my nipples hard making me scream. “Hurt the fucking bitch,” she said. They were all happy to do so. Every body was cheering and laughing, enjoying the spectacle, the entertainment.

When they had all had a shag of my ass, I was left moaning still lying face down cum pouring from my tortured asshole. Suddenly I heard a crack and a sharp pain across the cheeks of my ass, I screamed, another sharp pain. A women had got hold of a belt and was whipping me hard with it. Again and again it rained down on my ass cheeks. “Scream bitch” she snarled. And I did as she thrashed my ass with this leather belt over and over again.

“Fucking turn her over,” she said to some other women, who roughly turned me on to my back and then held my arms and legs wide apart. The leather belt now came down again, this time across my tits. I screamed out loud again but my nipples became even larger. Some of the other women joined in, whipping me across my thighs and between my legs. I writhed and arched my body, and struggled against the hands holding me as the belts made contact with my vulnerable cunt, stinging my clit and splashing the cum that was oozing out of it. I was near to cumming again, and cried out as the belts made contact with my ravished body once again that I was cumming. ”Yes, yes, I’m cumming, whip my cunt and tits harder,”I cried out. “Look, she loves it, It’s made the dirty cunt cum” somebody shouted, to a round of laughter. “Well lets make her cum some more” another women replied. “Punish my whore of a daughter,” my mum said, as my naked limp body was being punished more, this time the stinging made me piss myself, it pouring from my sloppy hole and mixing with the cum. This caused more laughter, and they shouted out “look, the cunts pissed herself.” My body was now covered in red marks from this torture.

The whipping finely stopped and I was left lying there, my tits, ass, and my cunt stinging and red, but not for long. I felt hands pulling my legs up and apart and I groaned as I felt a wine bottle pushed wide end into my sloppy cunt, then the neck of another bottle up my ass. These women were now fucking me with these wine bottles. “Look at that slut, she’s taking all that bottle up her cunt, and loving it,” a man said. “Yes, and her ass, Christ, the slag won’t be any good to her husband or any other man for a while after this” another said. They laughed. “Only be any good for a donkey to fuck,” another said. “You never know we might see that yet, it would be a laugh to see her strapped legs apart under one. See it’s mammoth cock disappearing up her cunt. The tart could probably take its full length” somebody replied to another round of laughter. At that time with the way I was feeling, so highly sexily aroused and turned on by what I was having done to me and by what had been done to me, if they had taken me to one and told me to fuck it, I would of let them tie me naked under it and let it fuck me, and enjoyed it’s huge cock reaming out my cunt in front of all these people. Maybe I will try it if the occasion arises again. I thought how sex mad I must be to enjoying this. But I was.

Some men were smearing food and wine over me while the women were taking it in turns to use the bottles on me, while others were again taking it in turns to fuck my mouth or wank over my face. The waiters and owner of the restaurant had also been having their fair share of me and had at one time or another had their cocks in all of my holes. I had gone from being a guest at their restaurant, to being the entertainment, their slut fuck toy.

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