Every Man Needs a Maid

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“I don’t have a condom,” I pointed out.

“I don’t care. I’m sure we are both clean – I’ve never had sex, and I gather you haven’t for quite a while.”

She was so eager, I didn’t dare ask about birth control.

Amy had turned so that her back was toward me, leaning against the wall of the shower, propping her weight up with one hand. That action thrust her perfect round peach of an ass back against my hardness. My shaft slid effortlessly along her anal cleavage as Amy wriggled. The tip of my cock bumped against her rosebud.

“No, not there, sweetie,” Amy sighed, reaching around to redirect my thrusts. “I AM curious about anal sex, but I think I need to get deflowered first.”

She raised one foot up onto the bench seat, and levered her body up, over and down onto my shaft, sinking me deep inside her tight depths in a single motion. Her tightness drove me crazy. Her wetness flowed down out her slit, coating my balls. Amy was a virgin, I took that at her word, but clearly there was no hymen. Freed of that moment of pain, her body shook with electrical currents of excitement, transmitted to me through my fleshy stick.

“Ohhhh…I never knew that a real man would throb like this inside my cunt,” she gasped, reaching behind me, grasping my butt and pulling me even closer, thrusting back harder. Quickly we found a rhythm, her muscles releasing me just enough to allow movement, but clamping tightly to hold me within her womb for a moment at the end of each stroke.

I reached around and cupped her tits, tugging her nipples. Amy gasped in surprise, but then moaned.

“Another thing I never realized would add so much to sex with someone else.”

We were like one body then, her back against my belly. My cock trapped deep inside her cunt, her head against my chest.

“Won’t last long…” I thought out loud.

“Honey, you’re the perfect length,” Amy giggled, twisting her hips to rotate her pussy walls around my shaft. “I want you to flood me with your seed. Now.”

She reached even further behind us, somehow managing to sneak a finger between my glutes, locating my prostate. I hardly needed the stimulation, but was even more impressed by Amy’s instincts than I had expected – that was my wife’s favourite trick.

Amy’s body shivered and then shook, her climax simultaneous with my depositing great gobs of goo in her womb. Her labia clamped tightly around my root in that ageless procreative instinct. Her muscles milked every bit of seed from my balls.

We were silent, the steam closing us off from the world, the water falling around us like a curtain. Amy shook like a leaf as I sensed the quiet tears flowing down her cheeks once the last lingering waves left her body.

I stepped back just enough for my spent member to plop out of her gash. Gently, I turned Amy around and lowered her to the seat. I bent over and kissed her cheeks, licking the salty streams off her skin. Her fingers idly toyed with my deflating organ as the water started to turn chilly.

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