Every Man Needs a Maid

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“I’m not just a maid, I’m a maiden,” she said as she stroked me to hardness I had never experienced even as a teenager.


“A virgin. I’m a virgin. I have never fucked a man before.”

All the while she was stroking my cock. Seeing I was frozen, she took the tape measure, placed one end at my root and ran it up to the tip.

“Eight and a half – is that big?” she asked. My weight rested on her palm. One of her fingers lazily stroked my balls.

“How can you be a virgin?”

“I was an army brat – not the rebel against my Dad and fuck every guy on the base sort. My Dad was a senior non-com. Everybody was afraid of him. Even the kids in my classes. Then I followed him into the military. Went ROTC, ended up in command positions, so anti-fraternizing regs got in the way.”

“Your hand feels like it knows what it is doing.”

“Since I took early retirement last year, I’ve slowly worked my way through a few guys. I figured out hand jobs by trial and error. Poor guys that got the errors. I recently started trying to give head. That’s how I got this job – Tasha’s uncle runs the company. I blew him.” Amy giggled. “I guess I must have done that okay for a beginner.”

“Clearly you’ve mastered the handiwork part,” I agreed, feeling my slit gaping open and my balls tightening to my groin.”

“But I still haven’t been fucked,” Amy repeated.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and drew her lips to mine. The kiss was filled with passion, tongues twirling together.

When we finally broke for air, I said, “I’m ready to solve that problem if you are.”

“Honey, you have no idea how ready I am,” Amy breathed. “Time to check out that shower.”

She stripped as she skipped from the bedroom to the shower, her clothes a trail of bread crumbs. I quickly followed.

The stall was just big enough for two people. As I stepped in, I did what every red blooded male would do – I reached for her tits. Amy however swatted my hands away.

“What are you doing?”

” You have such great puffy nipples, and they stand so proud on your chest, I need to suck them.”

“I’m glad that you like them. I always think my chest is too small. But first, I need your cock.”

As Amy spoke, she had resumed stroking my length. The shower had a built in bench, which was right behind her so she sat there. The tip of my cock was just below her chin. Bobbing her head down, Amy teased the slit with her tongue.

“I can taste you – are you ready to cum already?”

“No that’s just precum, lubricant for sex, a sign of how excited I am.”

“I love the taste. May I please have more sir?

Amy did not need to wait for my reply. She grasped my cock firmly at the base, and ducked down so that her tongue could explore my nut sack. She rolled each ball in her cheeks. Then she ran her flattened tongue up the underside of my shaft. Slowly, she licked all around the ridge at the base of my helmet, just like a little girl packing an ice cream cone. Only then did she raise up enough to plunge her mouth down over the tip. This time there was no playful hesitation. Amy deep throated me, her nose nestling in my pubes. She batted my cock from side to side in her mouth using her tongue.

“Where did you learn that?” I had to ask.

“I’ve watched a lot of porn,” Amy gasped for air. “A virgin needs to do something to get herself off. And I guess that my army training means they served like training videos – you know, watch one, do one…”

Mentally completing the saying, I wondered who she would like to teach one to, but first, I reasoned with what little sense I had left, I better make sure she did not remain a virgin for long. There I was, about to have my first woman in what seemed like forever, and I was thinking about two tongues on my cock. The image made jizz spurt into the air.

“Oh, better not waste any more of that,” Amy laughed, just before she lowered her mouth again to swallow my fatness, her fist pumping my shaft. I felt another burst of seed exploding into the back of her throat, but her fingers tightened around the root, acting like a fleshy cock ring.

“You taste terrific,” Amy said, grinning up at me, her tongue licking the sheen of sperm off her lower lip. “I could suck you for hours, but I don’t want you dry – I want you to fuck me now.” She stood as she spoke.

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