English Tteacher’s Oral Skills

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“ Sooo much! Give me more! “. I complied as she attempted to encircle my spasming cockhead between her huge breasts. Giant wads of cum splattered on the hollow of her moaning throat. She tilted her head back, while still holding my erupting cock and a massive jet went flying past her head, only to drop back on her countenance. Her orgasm was so loud, I thanked God her office was in a mostly unoccupied annex of the school.

“ FFUUUCKKK! SSOOOO GOOODDD! Keep pumping your thick cum, don’t ever sssttoooppp! Aaaahhh! “. Her whole body shook as an incredibly strong spasm overtook her senses. Pens and piles of paper were falling off the jittery wooden desk. She release my oversized rod, as if unable to command her limbs anymore, so I took hold of it and aimed my fountaining sperm at her massive jugs. Five of six long, thick ribbons of sperm coated her upper body, leaving her gasping for hair as she felt the forceful splatters. Finally, my overbloated dickhead stopped spewing its potent cream. I milked the still plentiful post-orgasmic syrup directly on her distended, upward facing, nipples. She looked down to admire my handiwork.

“ TIM! How can you cum so much! I’m completely covered with your stuff. It’s incredible, I never knew a boy your age could produce so much of that sweet cream, Huumm! “, she said as she scooped long finger-thick strands off her upswelling bosom. “ How am I going to clean up all this mess? “

“ I’ll help you. “ , I answered as I pulled my tongue out to lap at her coated fingers. I licked her index clean of my cream. I’ve always loved the taste of my own semen.

“ Wow, I’ve never seen a guy eat his own cum! “, she exclaimed. She joined me in licking her glistening milk glands, lifting her large tits and helping herself to a bellyful of my virile seed. I leaned forward and our tongues met as she was slurping up cum form her left nipple. We engaged in a deep tongue-twisting French-kiss as I pushed my still engorged head to her pussylips.

“ Wait, what are you doing? “, she tried to push me back but was unable to move my bulky frame the slightest. Her hands clasped at my hard pecs as her will melted away. “ Please, Tim, put a condom and fuck me like the stud that you are! “.

“ Sorry, Susan, but I don’t have any and anyway, they don’t fit. You’re gonna have to take me bare-back. “

“ But, I’m not on the pill. We can’t do that, Tim, please! “. She looked down to see my angry knob pressed against her labia.

“ I’ll pull out in time. So it’s a yes or a no? “, I asked impatiently.

She hesitated a moment and then begged me to shove it in as hard as I could. She took hold of my shaft at mid-point with both hands, just barely able to encircle the stone-hard huge pillar of manmeat as I pushed my giant head past her hungry cuntlips. She screamed as the wide- flaring knob dragged her labia inwards with each passing inch of my red- hot glans. When the rim finally managed to pierce through her overstretched lips, I paused to let her accomodate my huge girth and to let her juices lubricate my invading rod.

“ Oh, Tim, Oh, uummh! Fuck me with that huge cock! Give me MORE! “, she yelled. I urged her to continue to verbally worship my genitalia as I pushed a few more inches of my thick pussy-stretcher inside of her. “ It’s ssooo fucking HUGE! I’ve never been so full in my life! Your cock is the BIGGEST, THICKEST, most MASSIVE meat in the WORLD! OuaaaHHHHH, I’m cumming all over your HARD POUNDING ENORMOUS GIANT CCOOOCCCKKK!, UUUHH UUMMPPPHHHH! “. I conitnue to ramrod her overstuffed vagina until I hit her cervix. It felt warm and velvety to my glans and I couldn’t resist the urge of pressing further. She was obviously not hurt as her orgasms kept coming in successive waves, her filthy swearing and moans of pleasure intensifying by the minute. I watched in bliss and amazement as over a foot of my fifteen-inch long hard cock disappeared inside her tunnel of love. Even mum had never been able to take that much! To allow for the insertion of such a massive piece of meat, she had layed down on her back, spread-eagled on the desk as I held her thighs apart and pounded that hot pussy of hers.

“ Where do you want my cream? “, I asked her as I felt the first tinges of my impending explosion spread to my overheated shaft. It took a while for her to register my question as she kept cumming and cumming.

“ ALL OVER ME! DROWN ME IN YOUR CCCUUMMM! “, she managed to blurt out. I had to step back to completely pull out the twelve or more inches of my giant log from her clasping tunnel. As soon as the massive knob plopped out, I release my first voluminous wad with a loud grunt of satisfaction. It splashed against her shaved labia, some globs bouncing back on my exploding glans. A pool of semen had already formed at the meeting point between the desk and upturned buttcheeks by the time that first geyser-like eruption was over. That wad alone alone must have contained nearly an ounce of life-giving nectar! It was, nevertheless, followed by three more foot-long streamer that arched up in the air, sailed clear of my big-busted teacher’s huge rack and hit the wall directly over her head, a few globs landing on her blond hair. The next few shots were less powerful but still reached her huge firm knockers, adding more cream to her already thickly-coated bosom. I stepped forward to aim my spurting knob towards her head. Pressing my thighs againsts her, My tip reached over her chest, allowing me to better aim my salvos of jism. I drenched her face in layers of my gunk by the time my climax was over. After nearly a full minute of continuous ejaculations, I slumped down in the chair in exhaustion. We remained speechless and motionless for a few minutes, before Susan sat up and looked down at her cum-drenched body.

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