English Tteacher’s Oral Skills

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“ Really? I’m surprised, you’re such a strapping young man! “, she commented as she clutched her hands together and leaned forward. Her large tits pressed against each other and balloned out even further. “ So, what’s the matter? “

“ Well “, I hesistated, “ It’s just that I’ve never had such a good- looking teacher like you before! “

“ Oooh, so I’m responsible for your lack of concentration. “, she purred. “ So what should I do to help you focus on your work more? “

“ Maybe if I saw what I’ve been fantasizing about, I would be able to be more attentive. “, I tried.

“ Ummh! And what would that be? “, she cooed.

“ I want to see what kind of panties you’re wearing! “, I blurted out.

“ Oh, Tim! You are so bold! You know that teachers can’t have sexual contacts with their pupils! “. She hesitated and carried on : “ But maybe, if you promise not to tell anyone, I could show you my panties. I wouldn’t want my most handsome student to fall behind because of me. “ I was speechless, as she stood up and slowly unfastened her lady’s suit skirt. She let it fall down to her ankles in one sway of her luscious hips. She was wearing a white lacework thong which appeared soaked with her cuntjuices. I started rubbing my extending shaft through my spandex shorts as she turned round to let me admire her two perfectly-shaped asscheeks.

“ Fancy what you see, Tim? “, she asked as she began unbuttoning her top blouse. She bit her upper lips as she looked down my waist to see my mammoth cock expand further. “ My God, I didn’t know thex came in such sizes! “, she exclaimed. “ Please let me see it, Tim, I NEED TO! You are so manly! “

“ I don’t know, as you said, no sexual contact between teachers and students. “, I teased as I pressed down the fabric surrounding my huge balls to emphasize their immense size. By now, she had removed her blouse and her barely concealed knockers swelled with each panting moan. “ Maybe, if you removed my shorts with your mouth, it would be acceptable. Remember, no touching! “ I opened my legs wide, letting her admire my well-defined quads and, more to the point, my fast-rising thick manmeat. The giant knob had now risen well past waistlevel and was stretching the fabric so much that I could feel my cum-swollen balls being squeezed by the underside of the garment. I turned the chair round to give her space and she fell to her knees, mesmerized by the growing log in my shorts.

“ Geeezzuusss! It’s HUGE! “. She leaned forward, drool forming at the corners of her mouth. She planted wet kisses along the covered length of my semi-hard rod as it stiffened further with the feel of her teeth gnawing at the spandex fabric. Her eyes looked up to me in admiration as her nose lightly brushed against the rim of my swollen cockhead. After licking along the length of one my sculpted inner thigh, she bit the hem of my shorts and tried to pull back. But the upward pressure exerted by my lengthening dong was proving too strong for her efforts to succeed.

“ Please, Tim, I can’t take off your shorts with my mouth! “ , she almost cried.

“ Maybe if you took off your bra and let me see those big tits of yours, I would be willing to let you use your hands. “. She jumped to her feet and reached for her bra strap, unsnapping it quickly and letting the satiny cups slowly uncover her bare brests. They were huge and firm and her nipples stood proudly erect. She smiled at me and let her massive tits sway for my enjoyment.

“ Very nice. “ , I hissed. “ Now, how about taking your thong off, Mrs Harrison? “.

“ Ooh, you’re so naughty. Please call me Susan. “ She stood closer and pulled the front of her lace thong aside. The musky smell of her cuntjuices filled my nose and I was riveted by the sight of her shaved pussy, moist from her obvious excitement and the previous rubbing session she had indulged in. She took hold of her thong on either side and slowly pulled down, while swaying her hips sexily. She was definitely putting on one hell of a show for me! By now, my tool had fully engorged and the a large wet spot had appeared on the distended spandex fabric where my giant knob was oozing globs of pre-cum.

“ I think you deserve a treat, Susan. “ I stood up, towering above her by over half a foot. She kneeled in front of me and reached for the waistband of my shorts. She had to first lift it up to get over the jerking, drooling glans.

“ Oh, my GOD “ , she exclaimed in awe as my lubricated monster head came into view. As she unrolled the spandex shorts with her trembling hands, inches of forearm-thick veiny shaft emerged. When the root was finally freed form its confines, my rod stood menacingly erect, its full fifteen and a bit inches as unyieding as seasoned oak. She looked up and down the massive length, her eyes widely open, aghast at seeing such an enormous human phallus. When she had finally managed to pull my shorts all the way down to my ankles, she looked up in wonder. My smooth, lemon-sized balls were dangling heavily, churning up excess cum for the upcoming eruptions I would require of them.

“ That’s the most amazingly, HUGE, THICK cock I’ve ever seen in my life! And you’re only eighteen! “, she lifted her hand up to her mouth, as if unable to believe that the sight before her eyes was real. “ How big is this thing anyway? “, she asked after a lengthy pause.

“ Last time I checked, it was fifteen and a quarter inches long and almost ten inches around “, I said proudly. “ How does that compare with your hubby? “, I asked with a smirk.

“ I thought he was hung, before I saw that HUMONGOUS cock of yours. But he’s barely half your length and width, and no way near as hard! “, she said as her hands rubbed the tense flesh of my solid shaft. “ Can you cum for me, Tim, please? I wanna see how much sperm you can shoot out of that fat schlong of yours! “.

“ Why don’t you jack me off and I’ll rub your pussy. “

“ Oh, yeah! I love it when you talk dirty, Tim. “, she purred as her hands started to frantically jerk my mammoth shaft. Her left hand was holding on to the hefty base of my rod, unable to completely encircle it, while her right hand was caressing my pointy, apple-sized knob, sending shivers down my spine. I reached behind her and lifted her buttocks with my large hands to sit her on the desk. I parted her inner thighs and aimed two fingers at her rubbery slit, gently massaging the smooth pink flesh. She groaned in response, and tightened her grip on my outsized rod. Its head was now resting at the level of her tits, and she repeatedly slapped her mounds with it, leaving thick trails of pre-cum on her large areaolas.

“ You’re ssoooo big! “, she cooed. I inserted my thick fingers up her dripping snatch, delighted to feel how large her inner passage was. I therefore proceeded to stick in two more fingers, inches deep and with little resistance. Great, she’ll probably be able to take my massive girth! I was rewarded with an outpouring of pussyjuices that coated my fingers and ran down the inside of my palm. “ Uuummmhh! That feels so good, baby! Cum for me, Tim, come on, I want to taste your cream! “. Knowing I would still be hard for round two or even three, I let the exquisite feeling of her soft massaging hands overwhelm me and grunted out loud as the first giant wad coursed its ways from my bloated gonads up the lengthy urethra and out of my wide open cumslit. The powerful jet splashed on the underside of one of her giant tits, the thick cum running down her smooth abdomen. The volume of three more spurts was added to the first as she continued to aim my cum-cannon at the undersides of her melons. The copious liquid was now pooling directly onto my frigging fingers as rivers of cum crisscrossed her flat belly.

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