Eating Cum from Kimberly

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She climbed on me, and inserted my cock into her dripping pussy, asking, “Did you like when I…FUCKED him?”

“Oh, Kimberly! All of it!” I barely fucked her five strokes before I sent a shot of cum coursing into her. Wave after wave it came, tearing through my cock and jetting into her body. She cried out. I moaned. I pumped my sperm into her. She mashed her breasts on my face. I suckled and thrust my cock one last time as deep into her as I could manage. Then she collapsed on me. I held her closely and told her I loved her.

“Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure you love me? Because what happened tonight cannot un-happen.”

“I know. And, yes, I love you with all my heart.”

She kissed me slow and long. After some time, she asked, “and did you like eating Dan’s cum from my pussy?”

“More than you can ever know, Kimberly.”

The wicked glint came back to her eye. She caressed her body lazily, running the tips of her fingers over her nipples, down her soft stomach and down to tease her swollen pussy. “I know it’s not his, but my cunt is filled up again. Would you like to have seconds?”

I didn’t hesitate. She giggled as I spread her legs and began eating my cum out of her. As I slurped, she came again. It was a long, slow orgasm that forced my cum into my mouth. As I lingered there, kissing her puffy lips and savoring our mingled flavor, I knew with absolute certainty that I would spend the rest of my life with her. And after 20 years, we’re still going strong. We have a wonderful marriage, a beautiful daughter, and an amazing sex life that still includes Kimberly’s affairs. I couldn’t be happier.

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