Eating Cum from Kimberly

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“Sorry for what, exactly?” She gave me a hard look. I could tell she was trying to remain calm and dispassionate.

“I’m sorry…we, I mean…Kimberly, I’m sorry about all the shit. I’m sorry about not working harder at our relationship. I’m sorry we got to where we are.” I saw a flicker in her eye, a tiny reaction that told me she was listening, processing, considering. “I love you, Kimberly. I always have and I know I always will.” I had no idea where that came from, it just came out. Kim, too, reacted with shock.

I saw a tear well up in her eye. “Why are you saying that? Why are you telling me that right now? Why now?”

“Because I do.” I told the truth. I reached out and enfolded her in my arms. Her body was stiff and resistant, but she didn’t pull away. I kissed her temple and she threw her arms around me. I looked down into her face and wiped the tears off of her cheek. Then I kissed her. I kissed her on her mouth that only minutes ago was covered in my friend’s cum. I kissed her deeply. She kissed me back. I felt love and passion coursing through my body. Then I remembered the smear of cum at the corner of her mouth. I ran my tongue there, licking her. I thought I tasted it and about passed out with desire. “Let’s go back to my place.”

We barely got the door closed before we were all over each other. I peeled her sweater over her head and her bare breasts greeted me. For a split second, I saw panic in her face when she realized she was braless. I didn’t say anything about it, and I guess she figured that in the sexual frenzy I didn’t notice. I nibbled on her neck and fumbled with her jeans. At the same time, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. As I worked my way down her neck to her breasts, I could still smell the faint remnants of Dan’s cum on her body. It was a heady experience. Her pants fell to the ground and I pulled her wet panties off. I could smell her sexual arousal, but it was different. I soon realized it was because she still had some of Dan’s cum inside of her. This only made me want more. I kissed her soft stomach. I massaged her full ass. Then I nuzzled between her thighs. I felt her body tense up. I knew she could smell Dan’s cum, too.

I stood up and in one smooth motion, I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom, laying her on my bed. I removed my boxers and she reached up to gently stroke my hard cock. I kissed her some more, and worked my way down her body. I felt her tense up one more time as I approached her soaking wet pussy. But the more I kissed and licked, the more she relaxed. Eventually, she spread her legs for me, inviting me to kiss her pussy lips. And I did. It was as if I was kissing her for the first time. I savored the feel of her labia on my mouth. I inhaled her scent. Then I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy and tasted my Kimberly. But it wasn’t all her. I was also tasting another man’s cum. And I was ecstatic. The more I ate her, the more she writhed. I couldn’t get enough and neither could she. I felt her legs tighten around my head as the first orgasm washed over her. My mouth was flooded with her cum…and the last of Dan’s. I kept eating—feasting—until she came again. This continued two more times until she begged me to stop and let her breath.

I slid up from between her legs and collapsed next to her. I softly fondled her breasts and kissed her nipples. I nuzzled her neck. I kissed her cheek. I caressed her stomach. Then, I said it. I don’t know why, but it just felt so right, so natural. “Kimberly, you tasted so good with him in you.”

She blanched.

“I saw you.”

She pulled the covers over her naked body. “Oh John….” “Kim, don’t. It’s alright. It’s more than alright. It’s how I knew I loved you so much.”

She turned to me, her eyes full of tears, confusion, and a touch of anger. “I did it because we, well, I thought we were through.”

“I know,” I said as I kissed her cheek. She pulled away.

“John, don’t.”

“But I want to. I love you.” I kissed her cheek again. This time she didn’t recoil. I softly kissed her mouth and she kissed back. I kissed her chin, her neck, her ear. I caressed her breast. Her nipple puckered in anticipation.

She moaned softly, then whispered, “John, why are you doing this?”

“Because I love you, Kimberly.”

“But I,” she paused, considering her words, then asked, “how much did you see?”

“All of it.”

“ALL of it?”

“From beginning to end.”

“Oh god. I can’t believe it. All of it, huh?”

I licked her ear lobe. “Yup.” I pulled the covers off of her body and marveled at the way her breasts swayed. She looked like a vision, a goddess. I kissed her cleavage then suckled her nipple. “When I saw you with him, it made me crazy. The jealousy almost got to me. I was going to either leave or burst in on you two. But then something happened: I realized I had a hard-on and that the whole scene turned me on so incredibly much. Just seeing you with him, seeing how much you excited him, seeing you enjoy yourself was simply amazing.”

I kissed her beautiful breast again and her hand snaked down to my rock hard cock. She played with my pre-cum that was making a considerable mess on both of us. Then she gently caressed my balls, causing me to moan loudly.

“You haven’t cum yet, John.”

“I came while I was watching you two.”

“You did? Really?”

“I told you it was so erotic.”

Then she sat up and gave me a look that said she understood. I don’t know how, but she did. She cupped my balls in her soft hand and gave me a gentle squeeze. She shimmied her breasts for me, causing them to jiggle in that sexy way. “So tell me,” she said with a wickedness that melted me, “what part did you like the most? Did you like when I showed him my tits?”


“Did you like when I sucked his cock?”

“God yes!”

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