Eating Cum from Kimberly

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When I think about it, I know my desire to see my wife with another man can be traced back to my first sexual relationship. Back in high school when everyone was fumbling about with “who-likes-who” and “I-know-she’ll-never-like-me,” I was lucky enough to meet Kimberly. We both were shy. We both were quiet. And somehow, we both found the other attractive and had enough wherewithal to admit it. In my case, I was lucky. First of all, even though I wasn’t an ogre, I certainly wasn’t the most handsome guy in school. But Kimberly saw something in me that she liked. Secondly, I thought Kim was one of the cutest girls I had ever seen. Here eyes sparkled when we talked. Her smile—shiny with lip gloss—could melt my heart. She wasn’t fat by any means, but she wasn’t rail thin like most of the “beautiful” girls. She had curves. Nice ones. She also had gorgeous breasts: large, full, wonderfully shaped, and when she walked, they jiggled so beautifully. On her 5′ 3″ frame, they looked phenomenal. I wondered what god I had pleased to have her come into my life.

Our relationship developed quickly. Fumbling kisses soon gave way to fumbling gropes. Eventually, when no one was looking, she began giving me quick flashes of her lacy bras—and the tops of her creamy breasts. The day I saw them in all their glory is still among the best in my life. We were in my bedroom and my parents were out for the afternoon. Kimberly and I were kissing, deeply and passionately. I inched my hands up her arm, across her back, then right to her breasts. She moaned and pulled away from me. She had a look in her eye that, to this day, the memory of which gives me an instant hard on. She Just stared at me with her lust filled eyes, then pulled her sweater over her head. Her bra jiggled with the motion as her breasts jostled. She then reached behind her and unhooked it. She slid the straps off of her shoulder and tossed her bra at me with a wicked giggle. There sat Kimberly, topless for the first time in our relationship. I almost came right then. She cupped her breasts and offered them up to me. I dove in and suckled and thought that if I died right then, my life would have been worth it. Our sexual relationship progressed pretty quickly from that point. But nothing was ever as exciting as playing with Kimberly’s breasts.

Unfortunately, as fledgling high school romances go, our began to hit hard times. We didn’t have the maturity or experience to know how to develop a good, lasting relationship—or to recognize the problems. We grew apart. By the time we graduated, the only connection we had was sex, and that wasn’t feeling good, either. Kimberly still turned me on—I was a horny young man after all—but our sexual encounters began dwindling.

Then one night, the bomb dropped. A friend of ours, Dan, was having a party at his place. It was one of those keg and a shot type affairs: nothing fancy, just drinking and blowing off steam. On the way to the party, Kim and I bickered. Once we were at the party, the more we drank, the more we fought. Eventually, she disappeared into the party and I didn’t go looking for her. The night wore on and I hadn’t seen her for some time. I figured I’d go look for her to tell her I was taking off. I didn’t want her to have the last bit of ammunition (“you should have at least TOLD me you were leaving!”) to sway the fight in her direction. I asked around, but nobody had seen her for a while. I went upstairs figuring she was just hiding out with her girlfriend, Renee, bitching about what an ass I was. As I walked down the hall, I saw a light coming from a partially open door. I walked right up to it and looked in, innocently enough.

What happened next will forever be etched in my sexual memory. I saw Kimberly smiling her cutest, sexiest smile. I saw her eyes flashing that smoldering look. And I saw her unbuttoning her shirt to expose her lacy bra to my best friend Dan. She shimmied a bit, causing her breasts to move obscenely and I heard Dan moan in wonder. She reached behind her, and unhooked her bra, like she had done for me so many times. Then she tossed it at him, like she did for me that first time. She offered her perfect breasts up to Dan who didn’t hesitate one second. He dove in, mauling her. He groped, he squeezed, he sucked, he bit. And like a fool, I just stood there in the shadows of the hall way, watching. I was so engrossed in the scene unfolding in the bed room that I hadn’t noticed my hard-on. A part of me screamed “get out of there you fool!” but a larger part of me wanted to stay and watch my best friend enjoy my girlfriend.

The sex escalated quickly. Soon, Kimberly shimmied out of her jeans and panties, posing naked for Dan. He shook his head and said with honest disbelief, “I can’t fucking believe John doesn’t want you anymore.”

Kimberly giggled and shook here breasts and ass. “Do YOU want me Dan?”

“Oh, fuck,” was all he said as he shed his clothes, too.

They were naked and soon fucking. I have to admit that when I saw Dan’s cock enter Kimberly, I got a bit sick. Jealousy, however, is a strong aphrodisiac as I would find out later in life. My cock hurt, it was so hard. I couldn’t resist. I had to stroke myself. I slipped my hand into my pants, not wanting to fully expose myself in the event someone came upstairs. My underwear was soaked with pre-cum. My cock was harder than it had ever been. I touched myself and thought I would blow right there. Then Kimberly began to moan. Dan began to moan. They fucked. They kissed. He squeezed her breasts. I rubbed my cock. Soon, his bed was squeaking with the motion. Her hair was matted to her sweaty forehead. I watched as his ass moved up and down, thrusting his cock into Kimberly’s wet pussy. I had never seen two people fucking in person before. The fact that it was Dan and Kimberly only made it so much more intense. Her moans became squeals. He kept grunting.

She was close, I could tell. I knew her signs. She clawed at his ass the way she used to claw at mine. Then she said, “I want it! Give it to me! Cum in my pussy and all over my tits!”

This was too much for Dan who cried out, “oh fuck yes!” I saw his ass constrict and I knew he was cumming in my girlfriend. He then yanked his cock out of her and scrambled up to her chest where he proceeded to finish emptying his balls on Kimberly’s soft, luscious breasts. As Dan was cumming, I came, too. My hand, cock, balls, and underwear were soaked with sticky cum. I had never orgasmed so intensely.

Dan rolled off of Kimberly and panted, trying to catch his breath. She rubbed his cum all over her breasts and nipples with one hand while fingering her sloppy pussy with the other. “I’d better get dressed,” she said, “but first….” She then did something that really surprised me. She took her finger that had been playing with her soaked pussy and licked it, sucking off all of Dan’s cum. She never liked me to cum in her mouth, claiming she didn’t like the taste. But there she was, savoring Dan’s cum. I was pissed, jealous, and much to my dismay, hard again.

As she slurped it up, she looked over toward the door. I think she was surprised that it was ajar. I don’t think she saw me because she didn’t stop cleaning her fingers, but she did say again, “I really should get dressed and you should get back to the party, lover.” And with that she gave him a wicked smile and went to kiss him. He backed away, not wanting to come in contact with her cum smeared mouth. She punched him on the shoulder and half playfully, half perturbed said, “it’s good enough for me, it should be good enough for you.” At that moment, I realized something that would stay with me for the rest of my life: I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to feel Dan’s cum on her lips, in her mouth, on her tongue. I wanted to taste Kimberly, all sloppy and messy. I pulled my hand from out of my pants, reluctantly because I was hard again and wanted desperately to cum once more. I ducked down the hall and fled down the stairs. Most of the people had already left or were passed out.

I grabbed a beer and downed it in just three gulps. A moment later, Kimberly walked down the stairs. Her breasts swayed and bounced more than usual and she looked stunning. She walked past me, with barely a look. I reached out for her arm but she gave me a wilting stare. “I thought you would be gone by now,” she said flatly.

“Kimberly, I…” I didn’t know what to say or how to start.

“You what, John?”

I looked into her brown eyes, and almost lost myself. I looked at her mouth and saw a tiny smear of Dan’s cum. My cock twitched.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered.

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