Dick to Dick

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We broke off and I started to take my shirt off. He through his already unbuttoned shirt off and looked at me like he was ready for a night of hot sex. As I started to undo my pants I said to him, “I hope you like what I am wearing under here.” I undid my pants and let them drop to the floor, completely revealing the lavender string bikini thong, and the bulging cock underneath it.

His jaw nearly hit the ground. “You are so hot, sweetie.” He said to me again, also undoing his pants. He let his hit the floor only to reveal a pair of light blue bikini string underwear, with his bulge nearly popping trough the material. I was in heaven. We were both in heaven. After looking at one another for a few moments in aw, we came together grasping each other in huge bear hug, kissing passionately and grinding our dicks into one another as if we were on the dance floor again. There were load moans of passion as our tongues pushed back on one another, and our cocks pressed hard against one another through our pretty panties.

“Take that cock out for me,” he demanded. I did as I was told as I pulled my panties to the side and my cock sprung free. He immediately grabbed it and started stroking it. I think every bit of blood running through my body had gone directly to my dick at this point. “I have to see yours.” I told him. He whipped his out the same as I had and grabbed my dick and put it on top of his 9″ mammoth cock. He spit on our lovely cocks and began stroking them together, never looking away from them.

We both moaned loudly as our cocks rubbed together as still were standing in the entrance to his place. “I love your cock, baby,” I moaned. “I love your cock too.” He looked so sexy when I heard him tell me he loved my cock. We both stuck our tongues out and began licking each other’s tongues. We continued the cock rubbing and tongue battle for several minutes. He stopped licking me and looked at me like the sex freak he was and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom so I can cum all over you,” he said. “Mmmmm, sounds good, baby,” I said as I got one final lick on is well shaved face.

He got behind me and pushed me in the direction of his bed room. Once we entered, he shoved me face down on to his bed and jumped on me and began rubbing his dick in between my ass cheeks. It felt so damn good. After a few thrusts, he turned over and said, “I’m going to straddle you and we are going to rub our dicks together till we explode.” I nodded in agreement to his sexual request as I gazed at him with my mouth open.

He reached over me to the night stand where he grabbed some lube and put a lot of it in his hands. He rubbed his hands together and began massaging both of our dicks.

With our panties still on we began to stroke our cocks together. I could see that was completely shaved as I was. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I was in a beautiful man’s bedroom, rubbing our large, completely shaven cocks together, while we were both wearing sexy panties.

“I love your cock, Marcus. I wanna cum all over it. I wanna feel you cum on mine too sweetie,” he kept saying, as I watched his 9″ shaved cock rub against my 7″ shaved rod. They looked so beautiful rubbing against each other. I was ready to explode.

“Oh my god Brad, I’m gonna cum, baby!” I was moaning so load I’m sure somebody had to hear it.

“Oh my god Marcus, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” The first shot of Brad’s was incredible. I watched it shoot from his large cock up my chest and onto my face, right on my chin and on my lips. I immediately licked it up as the second shot wasted no time, as it landed on my chest and stomach. There was so much cum. The third, fourth and fifth shots landed directly on my throbbing cock as he continued to rub his dick on mine. He was moaning in such delight that it drove me wild.

Immediately after his fifth shot, I moaned hard and shot my first shot straight up in the air as it landed on my stomach, chest and face. The next five shots, I angled right at the underside of his still hard rod. I completely covered is dick with my cum. After I finished cumming I grabbed his cock in my hand and shoved it in my mouth. I sucked his gorgeous rod until I gulped all of my cum off his cock and sucked the rest of his cum out of his dick. Our sweet cum tasted so good together. I think I caught him off guard when I did this because he moaned like a girl when I did it. He sounded so sexy.

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