Dick to Dick

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Summer is finally here in the mid-west. I love the heat and it has certainly been hot this summer. 90 degrees or higher everyday for the last month and a half. I sweat profusely all day, every day. I sweat all day in my house because of my lack of air conditioning, but that’s ok because seeing my deliciously golden brown tanned body running with sweat just makes me yearn for hot sex.

I’m a good looking guy, 24 years old, 6’1″ 200 pounds and nicely shaped 7″ cut and completely shaved cock. I live near a lake in my city which I enjoy running around three times a week. I needed to lose some weight this summer so running in the heat has taken care of that. During the day the lake is full of joggers and rollerbladers and bicyclists. When I first started running around the lake I noticed all of the scantily clad women in their tight shorts with some sassy saying on the butt with their bikini tops on, but as the summer continued, I started to notice some of the men and more importantly, their bulges.

I started to become intrigued with the thought of feeling another man’s cock. Feeling it in my hand, in my mouth, feeling it touching my cock. Oh god, the thought of one of those tanned muscular men touching his cock to mine makes me want to cum all over. Feeling his large dick rubbing on top of mine as we stood bare ass naked and deeply kissing each other drove me wild. I would think about this scenario every night before I would go to sleep and masturbate to the thought of it and cum so damn hard. I had to know what it felt like. I was going to go crazy.

I finally got the courage to find some man to fulfill my desire and put my mind at ease. It was Saturday night and I was determined to go to a gay bar and find a big dicked beauty to rub cocks with. First I had to find a good outfit. I chose a bright lime green shirt, one you would see some hot shot from Miami wearing to the clubs, and a pair of off white khakis. Underneath those khakis would be a fantastic surprise for my new found lover. I’d be wearing a pair of lavender, string bikini thong that would hardly cover my beautiful cock. I love the way women’s underwear feels. It’s so snug and I love the way the satin feels on my skin. I put the panties on my already hard dick. I snapped them into place and looked down to see the head and some the shaft of my cock sticking out the side. Looking at myself made me so horny. Any gay man would love to see that.

Although it was tempting to start jacking off right then and there, I reminded myself that tonight would be the night that I would feel my first hard cock and finished dressing, called a cab and headed out to the local gay bar.

I had finally got to my destination at 11:00 and was so horny that I had to find my new lover and I had to find him fast. I looked around and saw some terrifically tanned bodies of well cut men. It was wall to wall. My dick was so hard that when I tried to squeeze past the guys by the bar that my swelling cock almost burst in my pants. A couple of guys could feel my bulge and turned and smiled and looked down towards my pulsating cock. I smiled back and continued walking towards the dance floor where I saw beautiful men grinding on each other. I had to join in.

I went right up to the first guy that caught my attention. He was a little taller than me, about 6’3″ and was wearing a white button up shirt that wasn’t buttoned at all showing his sculpted body. He was wearing a tan pair of khakis and had a shaggy hair doo not to mention he had a golden brown tan and piercing blue eyes.

I came to him from his left side and wasted not time grinding my crotch into his hip. He immediately noticed me and smiled and turned towards me and started grinding with me. I thought I was going to lose it right there. Here I was with a beautiful man grinding his crotch into mine, which I could feel his bulge through his pants, and staring into those beautiful eyes. We danced like that for a good twenty minutes, rubbing each others bodies in the process, before we finally decided to take a break and grab a drink.

“What would you like to drink, sweetie,” the golden boy said to me in his masculine voice. I liked it. I wanted to tell him his cum, but it seemed too early. “Just a water, baby,” I said.

“The name’s Brad,” he said as he handed me my water,

“Marcus,” I replied.

“Well, Marcus, seems to me that you were pretty damn excited out on the dance floor,” glancing down at my very obvious bulge.

“I wasn’t the only,” I said as I grabbed him by the hip and pulled him into me. Our cocks were rubbing up against each other through our pants as they were out on the dance floor. He licked his lips and came in for a kiss and stuck his wonderful tongue into my mouth. We kissed like that for what seemed like a minute, grabbing each other’s bodies in the process and grinding our beautiful cocks together.

I broke off the kiss as I was about to cum. We both gasped as we our mouths separated and stared into each other’s eyes. He smiled brightly at me and said, “Let’s get the hell outta here so I can take advantage of you.” I nodded without hesitation and he grabbed my hand as we headed out of the bar. He hailed a cab immediately and we both jumped in.

He told the cab drier where to go which I assumed was his place. I recognized the street and knew we didn’t have far to go. While in the dark backseat of the cab we both teased each other rubbing the other one’s dick through our pants. We would occasionally smile at one another as we continued to rub. Within five minutes we were outside of his downtown apartment.

We rushed in and we hopped into the elevator. Once inside and after the doors closed we started kissing again. We didn’t lock our lips, but rather we would kiss hard and gasp and moan as we would come together. In between some the kisses he would say, “Oh my god, you are so hot,” with me replying, “So are you baby.”

The ride in the elevator was fun but I needed to see this beautiful man’s rock hard dick that I had been rubbing up against all night. The door opened and he grabbed my hand and we bolted for his apartment. We got to the door and he unlocked violently like he was on mission, which he was. We got no further than the entrance and he slammed the door shut. He immediately through the keys down on what seemed like a newly remodeled apartment, which was beautiful, and started to kiss me again, deep and passionately. We also removed our shoes in the process

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