Demanding Older Lady Boss

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“Now it’s your turn James” she said pulling away and turning to face me. She pushed me back into the armchair and straddled my cock, lowering herself slowly down onto the full length of my pole. When I was fully embedded within her she paused to catch her breath and then began to ride me allowing me the pleasure of being able to stroke her stockinged thighs and garters as she played with her full bouncing tits. Then she turned away from me and continued to ride me squatting down hard on my cock and gasping as I grabbed her asscheeks and pulled her down onto me harder.

“I want you to come in my mouth and on my face” she told me as she rode me.

“Oh miss Smith, yes I’d love to.” As if I had a choice in the matter. She stood from me and my wet dick slapped back against my stomach. Pulling me to my feet from where I lay in the chair she knelt before me again and cupping my balls with one hand and grabbing my shaft with the other she began to suck on me again. I knew she must be able to taste my silvery pre-cum and her own juices as she sucked me and it only seemed to spur her on. God this lady could suck.

“Oh, Miss Smith, I’m close to coming” I gasped as I felt my spunk beginning to build. Her hand was a blur as it pumped my shaft for all I was worth and unable to hold out any longer my spunk shot in thick streams into her waiting open mouth and onto her extended tongue which lapped at the tip of my spurting cock.

Her face and mouth were dripping and covered in my creamy goo and she laughed as she lapped it up and smeared it further across her face. My shaking legs and spent balls made me sink back into the chair as she sucked me dry and licked my shaft clean.

“I told you the extra overtime would be worth your while didn’t I James” she smiled.

“Oh Miss Smith, I’ve never felt anything like it or met anyone as hot and sexy as you.”

“You’ll get promotion if you keep saying things like that” she teased, “In the meantime I think I’ll have you as my “personal” assistant.”

I couldn’t wait to see my new job description.

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