Daughter’s First Time

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She cleared her throat as she moved slowly to push her lips against his collarbone. Closing his eyes as she kissed him, he let go of her hands so she could remove his boxers. Her thumbs hooked into the material and she pushed them down, moving lower to get them past his thighs so they’d fall away…and she slowly righted herself, kissing up his chest slowly. “…You know I love you … right?”

“Never had a doubt in my mind.” His hands wrapped around her waist and slowly slid up, hooking the shirt and sliding it off of her.

She lifted her arms a bit so the shirt would come off easier, the fabric pealing away to reveal the supple mounds of flesh, each tipped with a small pink nipple, both hardened, but tight from excitement. She let her hands fall to just before her stomach and her hands were curled a little, not into full fists however. “G-good.”

Smiling at her, he removed his own shirt before stepping forward to embrace her again. The feel of heat against her chest made her groan out, it felt absolutely glorious. Her hands slipped around his middle and she curled her fingers against the small of her back.

“…Are w … we going to make love?” She whispered as her lips touched at his neck softly. She prayed his answer would be yes…with how her body shook.

“Only if you want to, sweetie.”

She let her lips nibble at his skin over his throat and she grinned faintly against it. “Hmmm … I do daddy … I want to make love to you so much.”

Those words held so much power in them. Despite what he thought was possible, he felt his manhood swell even further, growing to a staggering 10″ long. Kissing her neck, he moved down, running his tongue over her firm nipples before continuing south to slide off her pants. A soft whimper left her throat as he descended down her body; her fingertips found purchase in his hair again as she watched him. Beneath those pants she wore nothing, she usually didn’t wear panties to bed, so it was seen immediately that she kept herself shaved, probably a personal preference, though there was a soft damp spot in the crotch of those pajama bottoms she wore. Now both of them stood there nude and holding each other. Father and daughter in a warm forbidden embrace. Flesh against flesh, hands roaming over exposed skin. She shuddered; the sensation was strong and overpowering. She slowly moved back, a single step brought her to sit down and she tugged his hand with her as she went, pulling him more toward her as she did. Stepping forward with her, he remained standing as she sat down on the bed. His manhood mere inches from her face as he looked down at her. It ached so badly as it desired to erupt. Beads of pre-cum having formed already. Her green eyes came to what was before her face and she nibbled on her lower lip, seeing that moisture on the tip she cleared her throat. She’d never actually seen one before, and this was bigger than she’d ever imagined. Her right hand lifted to the base of his erect member and she touched lightly, her soft fingertips sliding around it as she leaned forward and slowly brought her tongue to that moisture there, curious for the taste of it.

At her touch, he shuddered and moaned. Reaching out, he played with her hair while she tasted him. A little salty, but sweet. She let her eyes flutter closed at his touch as her tongue slowly swirled around the swollen head. She hadn’t done this before, hadn’t a clue about what she was doing, not really, it was all experimental for now, though the way he sounded, it made her love this experience. Earlier she told him that she had never been with a man. Jonathan loved the fact that his daughter’s first sexual encounter was with him. In his mind it had always been destined to be. Everything else in her life he had helped her with. Why not this?

“Do you need or want guidance, sweetie?”

Her green gaze flicked up to his own as she pulled back, though her hand stayed where it was. “Yes, please?” She murmured, though as she did her lips brushed the sensitive skin she hadn’t been fully far enough away from yet.

“I’m not sure what to do next.”

He was getting very excited as the events played out. “Okay, you were on the right path. Lick the shaft all over, alternating between your tongue and putting it in your mouth. Only take what you can handle.”

She looked down, then nodding as she dipped her head and moved a bit so that her cheek was touching the underside and she slipped her mouth along it, holding him with her hand to steady him. Her tongue darted out along his flesh before she pulled back and parted her lips. Soft warm lips slipped around the head and slowly pulled him in. So very careful not to touch him with her teeth, she let her warm mouth embrace him as her eyes closed. She tried to do as he instructed.

“Mmm, yes … just like that sweetie!” The feel of her mouth on him was amazing and he shivered with ecstasy.

“Ok, now wrap your hand around me near your mouth and use it to guide me in and out of your mouth, making a vacuum.”

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