Dad and Son Seduce Teacher

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Billy pulled her panties off and was shocked to see Allise’s nearly bare pussy. Unlike April’s whose was covered in a dark patch of hair. Allise’s was bare except for a tiny patch directly above her tight lipped pussy. Leaning forward he painted both sides of her tight pussy with his tongue and when he flicked across her fat, stiff clit she let out a nearly silent scream and started cumming.

Allise’s head fell against the back of the sofa and closing her eyes rolled her head back and forth as she started cumming down from her first non-self-inducted orgasm.

Billy slowly continued to lick her glistening cunt and at the same time began to remove his clothes. When he was completely naked he pulled his cum covered face from between her thighs and took a seat on the other side of Allise. He took her spare hand and wrapped it around his cock.

Allise’s eyes shot open and looked from one hand to the other. She was slowly stroking two nearly identical cocks. She looked at the mirror on the wall above the fireplace and she sucked in her breath as a gorgeous brunette who was stark naked, stroking two cocks stared back at her. She let out a long groan and leaned over towards Billy’s cock when Boyd pushed her head in that direction.

Allise began licking the long stiff fat cock from balls to the large mushroomed head. Running her tongue around the head, her mouth opened even wider and enveloped the entire head. Her head bobbed up and down, while her hand continued to pump the stiff shaft. She let out a loud scream around his cock when she felt Boyd’s cock enter her dripping cunt.

Boyd slid deeper and deeper into her hot pussy. He gripped her slim hips and began sliding in and out and he could not believe how tight her cunt was.

Allise sucked faster and harder on Billy’s cock. She could not believe Boyd was right. She had taken his cock into her tiny rarely used cunt and was loving every hot, stiff inch as it pumped in and out of her. She couldn’t believe she had two stiff cocks in her body at the same time. She was racing towards yet another orgasm and she never felt anything like it before. She let out a loud scream when she felt Boyd shoot his cum in her pussy and she started cumming again. She shook so violently Billy’s cock popped out of her mouth.

Billy was so close to cumming he stroked his cock and started cumming, He painted her gorgeous face with his cum and when she felt it, she went directly into yet another orgasm. She fell against Billy’s sweaty body and felt Boyd slip out her cunt. She felt his cum oozing out of her cunt and she never felt so relaxed or satisfied.

In the upstairs bedroom April was riding Jerry’s cock while Jerry was sucking on her large swaying tits. She let out a squeal when she felt Eddie grip her bubble butt and shove his cock up her ass.

The two young men fucked April in unison as she held on for dear life as she felt her impending orgasm. When she felt Jerry lose it and begin to fill her pussy with his hot cum and heard Allise scream out loud downstairs, she too lost it and started cumming around her son’s huge cock.

Eddie continued to slam his cock in and out of April’s asshole. The entire room was filled with the sound of wet sweaty skin slapping against April’s gorgeous ass. He reached around and palmed her swaying tits.

April whipped her head around and caught his mouth with her own and her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. She let out a grunt and when she felt cock expand and begin to shoot in her ass, it triggered another orgasm and she fell completely exhausted against Jerry.

Billy woke up and April was gripping his cock. She was sitting beside him, while he shot his cum all over her wrist and his belly. Billy let out a loud groan and sat up suddenly in his bed from a dead sleep, his hand was wrapped around his stiff cock as it shot hot creamy cum all over his chest and belly. He let out a groan and looked down at the pool of cum all over his body and smiled and thought; “OH FUCK, what a wild fantasy dream!”

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door and he threw the sheet over his throbbing cock; “Yes?”

It was his mother; “Billy can I come in?”

“Sure mom, come on in!”

She came on and sat beside him and smiled down at the tent on his bed. “Are you getting up today son? I see part of you is already up!”

He turned red and licked his parched lips; “Where is Dad?”

She looked at the tent in his bed and chuckled; “Your father went to school to meet with Ms. Sanders.”

Billy looked puzzled and he thought to himself; “Oh my god, I wonder if all of this was a dream or a prelude to reality, only one way to find out!” With a grin on his face from ear to ear he looked up at his mother and threw back the sheet!

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