Dad and Son Seduce Teacher

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All of the characters are fictional and all are at least 18 years of age! This is a dated story that took place in the early 60’s!


Boyd came in through the door and yelled out; “April I’m home!” He turned the corner and looking up the stairs June is spread-eagled on the stairs, her full skirt on her dress was draped up over her tits and they swayed from side to side as Eddie has her shapely legs, clad in sheer stockings, draped over his shoulders. Eddie is slurping away at June’s thick hair covered pussy.

Eddie pulled his face from between June’s thighs and smiles at Boyd; “Well good afternoon Mr. Paring, I was just getting her warmed up for you. Mrs. Paring told me you just finished meeting with Billy’s senior high counselor Miss Sanders and I know what a ball buster she can be!”

“Why thank you Eddie, but it was a very productive meeting today. I finally got that cunt’s panties all up in a bunch. Billy and I got her so flustered she was sort of backed into a corner and I have a surprise for the Paring clan tonight. I’m a little tuckered out, so if you don’t mind, would you please finish up with April, I have some work to do in my office!”

“My pleasure Mr. Paring, do you mind if Lumpy assists me?”

“No, no problem Eddie, anything June wants!”

April smiled up at Jerry who was on the stairs above April. He had his pants down around his ankles and was stroking his big cock. “My god Jerry, if I closed my eyes and no one was speaking, I’d say your cock is nearly an exact match for Billy’s fathers!”

“Oh fuck Mrs. Paring I don’t want to hear that, just suck it will you!”

“My pleasure Jerry, you know what you have over Billy’s father? He shoots his cum down my throat and then rolls over and goes to bed. With you, Eddie and even Billy, you three are ready to go again minutes after you cum!”

Before he could reply he had her head resting on one of the stairs below Jerry, her mouth was wide open and when Jerry bent his knees, his stiff cock slid right into her mouth and down her throat. She closed her lips tight around his cock and let him fuck her mouth from above while Eddie was munching away at her fur pie.

Eddie loved eating April, her hair covered pussy trapped all of her juices and he loved licking it clean, he thought she had the best tasting cunt out of all of his buddy’s mothers.

April was humping Eddie’s mouth and she was getting close to cumming. Pulling her mouth off of Jerry’s cock she smiled up at him; “You know Billy out of all your friends, Eddie eats me the best.” She wrapped her legs around Eddie’s head and dug her fingers in his curly blonde hair and letting out a long moan started painting his face with her cum. She looked up at Jerry and smiled; “Sorry Jerry, maybe I can take care of that later, with Billy’s father home I have to hurry and get dinner on the table. Thank you Eddie, your tongue should be put in the pussy eaters hall of fame, now let me up so I can get dinner on the table. If you’re still hungry after eating me you can stay for dinner. I’d love for the two of you to fuck me good and hard, but this time in a bed, not the stairs!”‘

April smoothed out her dress and straightened her hosiery and bounced down the stairs and headed onto the kitchen.

Jerry and Eddie were horny as hell and headed into the Paring home office to talk to Boyd. Jerry spoke up first; “Hey Mr. Paring I heard you say you met with Ms. Sanders, how did it go?”

Boyd looked up from the two young men and sitting back in his large desk chair, placed his hands behind his head and with a wide smile began; “Oh my god Sandy she was amazing!” He closed his eyes and the meeting came to life before his eyes.

The nineteen year old senior Billy came into Ms. Sanders’ classroom followed by his father Boyd Paring and they both took a seat before the woman who hid her sexuality. Boyd saw through her facade. She always wore bulky jackets over loose fitted blouses. Her full skirts were always knee high or longer and her shapely legs were always hidden in thick black stockings or tights.

Boyd remembered when Billy had Ms. Sanders in elementary school, but upgraded to high school and as luck would have it; Billy had her for homeroom and geometry. He looked at her and smiled; “So Ms. Sanders what seems to be the problem with Billy? Wasn’t it bad enough you flunked him in elementary school and he’ll be the only nineteen year old man to graduate this year?”

Ms. Sanders grimaced; “Billy seems to be distracted by the young ladies and I even caught him staring at my chest and my derriere when he thought I wasn’t looking, it’s becoming a distraction for me and some of the female students, plus his grades are suffering too!”

Boyd sat back in his chair, tenting his fingers and bringing them to his lips, he ran his fingertips back and forth across his lips and began; “Well Allise, can I call you Allise?”

She licked her lips and sat back in her chair too; “I cannot see why not, please!”

“Well Allise, call me Boyd too! You must know a nineteen year old boy had raging hormones and seeing a pretty girl who catches his eye should be the norm in high school. As for you Allise, well I can see why Billy watches you, you are stunning and I’m surprised he’s kept his urge in check. I know if I was in your class, I’d probably do more than just look!”

“Mr. Paring, I believe that is very inappropriate!”

“Allise I told you to call me Boyd and I don’t see a problem having Billy looking at you, would you rather he touched you instead? I’m sitting across the desk from you and I can’t keep my eyes off of you. I’m having even a harder time sitting here and not attacking you!”

“Ah well Boyd, you shouldn’t be saying that in front of Billy.”

Boyd was grinning from ear to ear; “Well Allise I think the best way for him to stop staring at you would be to take the temptation away, if you know what I mean!”

She looked puzzled and shook her head; “No Boyd, I don’t know what you are saying, please elaborate!”

“What I mean is if you let him see what he so desperately is straining his eyes to see, I think he’ll get his fill and thinks would go back to normal, what do you think?”

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