Cum Obsession

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Harder and harder I pump the slimy cock into my tight fuck hole. I wanna cum so bad I can taste it, even through the thick coating of jizz on my tongue. Two more deep thrusts and the dildo squeezes in painfully all the way, and I feel my own cum finally rise up and release. I yank the dildo out and watch my cum juices gush all over the couch in the living room, my ass arching up and pushing my pussy skyward. I moaned and scream more than I ever have, thrashing around, cumming again and again and again as the cum in the pool repeated washes over my face and body. I feel my bladder lose control and I started pissing all over, some coming out with such force that I hit the ceiling. My head disappears below the sloshing pool and I gulp mouthfuls of cum as my hips buck wildly above the surface.

I finally settle down, coming back up for air when I realize the 14 inches of anal beads are still embedded into my asshole. I squat and turn to watch myself shit out this massive anal dildo. I see it snake out, each bead stretches my asshole wider and wider. After all 8 large beads finally plunk out I cum again, screaming before finally passing out in the pool.

I woke up 12 hours later, still marinating in my 2 foot deep pool of cum. I saw Jenn looming over me, naked, with a smile on her face.

“Well, what do you wanna do now?” she asked.

I stare up at her with a gleam in my eyes.

“Take a bath, of course!” I said, sinking under the surface up the cum again. Jenn climbed into the pool with me and our bodies slid together in the gooey pool of cum.

And for the next few days all I did was take my cum baths, fill up every orifice with cum and watch it ooze out, and drink the rest of the cum that was filled in the water bottles. I loved it so much, I may have to make this a yearly party.

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