Cum Obsession

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I took a deep breath and injected more cum up my nose, closing it off with nose plugs. I laid naked on the floor, cum all over me, sliding and writhing around the slick, gooey floor. For one glorious moment it felt like my entire body was completely filled up with sticky cum. My anal cavity, my vaginal cavity, my bladder, my ears, my nose, my eyes and my mouth. All filled to the rim with jizz.

After a minute or so I had to rip the nose plugs out to breathe. I couldn’t hear well but I felt more cum raining down all over me. For over an hour I controlled my breathing through my nose and just let all the cum drip all over me. I lost count of what group we were on at the moment. With cum in my eyes and in my ears it was hard to tell what was going on. I was lost in my cum world and didn’t want out. But my body after more than an hour protested and I needed to go badly.

I pulled myself up and tried to feel around, the cum in my goggles sloshing up repeatedly and splashing new layers on my face. I could feel more people cum on me as I tried to crawl around, slipping and sliding on the slick floor. The pressure was getting to be to much, I felt like I had to piss, puke, cum and shit all at the same time. I started heaving, the belly full of cum lurching up, some of it squirting out my nose. Jenn grabbed my slippery arm and lead me out of the bathroom and into the living room. I feel around for the inflatable pool and finally find it as I’m about to burst. I reach for the straps on my gag and try frantically to pull it off but I start to panic. I reach again and pull the gag off as the cum starts to pour out through my nose.

The gag finally flies off and splashes into the pool of jizz, which is now over a foot deep. All the jizz I swallowed and tried to keep down goes gushing out my nose and mouth, my throat screaming. As it’s pouring out I moan, my pussy and ass clenching around the plugs still trapped inside my cum-filled holes, my muscles tightening up as I orgasm. I can feel tears seeping into the cum filling my goggles, but love it. I pull the mask off gently, scraping my eyes, and tip it over my mouth, letting the cum pour out before swallowing it down. I blink a few times and see the mouth gag floating in the foot deep pool of jizz.

My lower half strains under the pressure of hours of confinement. I pull the duct tape off of the dildo from my pussy and it slides out of me as I let all the cum in there gush out into the pool. I pull the peehole probe out and do something I’ve always wanted to do; piss sperm. It feels like I’m cumming out of my peehole as the thick fluid pushes out. I rest for a moment and then pull the tape off my asshole. Ripping the huge plug out, I turn around so my ass is over the pool, and I shit out all the cum that was loaded into my butt. The gooey slop pours out of my gaping asshole in big gushes and splashes wetly into the pool of cum. It keeps flooding out for what seems like hours.

The last of it was finally dripping out when a knock on the door grabs my attention. I open the door standing naked and cum soaked from head to toe. Through my jizz-filled eyes I can see a guy standing there perplexed.

“I…Um……UPS, ma’am. I have….. ” he looked stunned

“Ohh yeah, my new bondage gear. Hey, wanna cum?” I asked

I just kneeled in front of him and whipped it out, jacking him off right in front of my sticky, slimy face. As he started to cum I grabbed his cock and sucked the jizz from his balls, gulping it down. He smiled and walked away, stunned.

I laughed and placed the package in the kitchen. I grabbed 5 bottles from the fridge, which were all full now, and headed to the pool of sperm. It was at least 2 feet deep and full now. I looked in the driveway where the last bus was pulling up, and called all the guys in for my finale. I had Jenn strap on my nose pullers, the ones I see all the time on those sick-as-fuck Japanese bukkake sites.

Keeping my hot 6″ heels on I step into the cum pool, noticing how nice and warm it is. I Sink to my knees and let the bottles float around in the pool. Jenn hooked the nose stretcher in my nostrils, pulling my nostrils up and open more. She also gets a mouth dam and inserts it, cranking it open to keep my mouth from closing. A speculum goes up my pussy and one up my ass, keeping them both open for business. The last of the guys come in to see me knelt in the pool of cum.

They surround me, jacking off as cum flies in from every direction. They cum in my open mouth, up my nose, in my hair. I turn over and get on my hands and knees so my open pussy and ass faces them, and they jizz in there too. The cum slides all over my gaping pussy and asshole, sliding inside me until both holes overflow. As they’re cumming in me I push my face and tits down into the pool of cum, my head disappearing under the surface. I open my mouth and suck in mouthfuls of warm cum, swallowing it down. After a minute I lift my head back up, and watch as the cum runs off my face and hair in rivers.

For an hour they do this and finally the last guy pushes the head of his cock up to my nostril, firing several hard blasts of cum up my nose . I lay back in the pool for a moment and feel myself completely submerged in the pool of cum as the house finally clears out. Jenn removes the speculum’s and mouth opener, letting the cum pour out of my holes. I tell her to keep the nostril pullers in because they turn me on. Before she leaves me for the night she drops 2 toys in the pool. One is a 15″ extra wide dildo, and the other is a 14″ length of large anal beads. I look at her with tired, horny, cum-filled eyes.

“Thank you honey.”

“Cum big for me tonight.” Says with a smile, leaving me to play in my pool of sperm.

Condoms full of cum are draped over the side of the pool from guys who came inside some of the other girls. I picked one up and turned it up over my open mouth, letting the sticky globs of sperm plop out onto my tongue. I grab a handful of them and dump the loads onto my tongue one by one until my mouth is completely full. I tilt my head back and gargle the cum, blowing little bubbles before swallowing the whole nasty mixture down.

I chug 3 bottles full of cum, grab the anal beads and under the surface of jizz, and push them in, one by one going in deeper into my already abused rectum. I keep pushing with everything I have and manage, after twisting my body around, to get all 14″ inside me. I grab the 15″ dildo and shove that into my pussy. It feels like a giant arm going into my vagina. For almost an hour I ram the dildo in my pussy harder and harder, the pool of cum splashing around my soaking body. I grab the last two bottles of creamy cum and chug them both at once, my stomach once again filled with cum. I shove the dildo deeper as I drink down the sticky white jizz, trying to get the full `15″ long shaft into my tiny hole. I go faster and faster, feeling my legs thrash around in the pool, the cum splashing over the sides and getting on everything in the living room.

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