Cum Obsession

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“You look so fucking hot you cum dumpster!” Jenn said.

“You fucking know it, whore.” I slurred through the mouthful of cum.

The cum on my eyes kept me from seeing her laugh but I could hear it. I opened my eyes and let some of the jizz slide in. I didn’t mind, and I’ve had cum in my eyes plenty of times. It always gets me hot. I asked her to fill up the stein again and I grabbed the funnel. She ran to fill it up as I pushed the plastic tube into my ass. When she came back I told her to pour the mug full of cum into my ass. She tipped it up over the funnel and I watched it flow down the tube, disappearing into my bowels. I removed the funnel from the other end of the tube and tossed it aside. I put the other end into my mouth and started sucking on it, using it like a giant straw to suck the mug full of cum out of my own butt. The thick white cream appeared again, traveling slowly up the big tube until it reached my mouth. I sucked harder and harder, swallowing mouthfuls of the thick cum, vacuuming my ass clean. Once there was no more I removed the tube and told Jenn to send more guys in. I wanted them to all cum in my mouth.

A shitload of guys lined up for me. Cumshot after cumshot sprayed down my throat, some chunky, some silky and some like water. My belly slowly filled up with cum. I could feel it sloshing around. More and more slid down my throat as I licked my lips. Fuck that tastes good, I can never get enough of this stuff.

After this batch of guys was done I took a rest, feeling the cum all over me and in me. I massaged it into my skin like lotion, all over my sexy legs and stomach. I went to Jenn with an idea.

“Wanna get a pizza? They cam cum all over it, and I can have the pizza guy cum on me too.”

“Sure” Jenn said and started to call.

About 20 minutes after the pizza guy showed up and I went to the door, naked and full of cum, my face a bukkake lovers dream.

“Hey, your total is………….” and he stopped in dead silence.

“Wanna cum on me?” I asked.

He stood dumbfounded and walked in. Jenn gave him the money and led him into the kitchen.

“Don’t forget to have the guys cum all over it.” I yelled after her.

I got on my knees and unzipped the pizza guys jeans and started sucking his cock. He was so not ready to try and last, as he came in my mouth almost instantly.

I gargled some of it and swallowed dramatically.

“Thanks!” I said, tipping him and pushing him out the door.

Jenn walked in a minute later with the pizza, a layer of jizz swirling on top of it with the cheese and sauce. I grabbed a couple slices and went to the kitchen while Jenn gave the rest of the pizza to her girlfriends. I grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and went to the living room to watch the bukkake porno on the TV. As I sat down on the floor I started eating my cum-covered pizza. It tasted so fucking good. I opened the bottle of cum and took a long swig, loving the feeling of the cold cum flooding my mouth. I love this stuff cold. I savored the rest of my cum pizza and downed my 1st of many bottles of cum as I played with myself and watched the rest of the video.

After I finished I walked around the house, watching all the fucking and tracking cum from room to room on my heels.

Jenn called me back to the bathroom and showed me she had more guys waiting. I sat down and let them cum all over me. more and more layers of cum on my already soaked body. After a few minutes it got a little quiet.

The 1st 500 guys were done and the next load was coming.

So to speak.

I got my enema kit ready that I bought earlier. I’d already cleaned myself out completely, and fasted for the last few days, but this one wasn’t going to be with water. I had the biggest bag possible for my cum enema. I left if open and the next group of guys walked into the house. Jenn started fucking a few guys. I took 2 giant black guys that just begged to fuck me and had them fill both of my holes. The fucked me as Jenn prepared the enema. One came in my pussy and the other up my gaping asshole, fucking me until Jenn had the enema bag full and got it ready.

She pushed the nozzle into my ass until it was seated. Then she lifted the bag above her head and squeezed. I could feel the cum just pushing into my rectum. She kept squeezing and filling my asshole, expanding out my already abused orifice. She filled the bag AGAIN and pushed MORE cum into my ass. I’m sure it was getting into my colon now, but I didn’t tell her to stop. After 4 bags full of cum I finally said that was enough, and told her to get me a butt plug. She grabbed the biggest one she could find and pushed it deep into my ass, keeping the jizz from escaping my aching bowels.

I grabbed a strip of duct tape and I taped my buttplugged asshole shut.

“You’re fucking nasty you whore.” Jenn said.

“Just get the turkey baster ready bitch.” I shot back at her.

Bringing an extra large turkey baster into the room Jenn handed it to every guy she fucked. I sat down and laid back on the floor with my legs spread eagle. I could really feel the cum in my ass just want to shit out. I was gonna hold it as long as I could. I wanted to feel cum squeezed into every hole I had.

After 15 minutes or so she came over and pushed the head of the baster into my pussy and squeezed, pushing all of it in. I cupped my hand over my pussy hole and told her to get the catheter ready next. She grabbed it and pushed the probe into my pisshole. I’ve had her fuck my pisshole a few times, it’s very uncomfortable but sexy as fuck. But she was gonna do something different this time.

With the probe in my pisshole she attached a small bag of cum and started to squeeze. She was pushing about a pint of cum into my pisshole, into my bladder, which already felt full. I told her to leave the probe in my pisshole after she finished pushing the cum in. She went back to the baster and got 5 baster fulls of cum into my pussy, which was expanding to accommodate what felt like the gallon of cum inside. I grabbed an extra wide, short dildo and shoved it in my full pussy. I could feel the cum in my pussy try to push into my stomach. It felt like I was pregnant with a cum baby. I duct taped my pussy closed, running the tape around my waist like a chastity belt to keep it from moving. As I got up the guys were still cumming on me, glazing my shoulders with sperm.

I walked to the kitchen where I opened the fridge and saw the milk gallon jug filled with cum. I took it and grabbed a wide dildo gag from my room, and walked into the bathroom again. I handed Jenn a meat syringe and told her I needed it filled. I sat down on the jizz covered floor and started drinking the cum from the heavy milk jug. It tasted delicious as it flowed into my mouth and down my throat.

After a few minutes the syringe was filled and Jenn handed it to me. I injected one full syringe full into my left ear and handed it back to her. The second one went in my other. I couldn’t hear anything now, but it didn’t matter. I was lost in my cum dream. I grabbed the scuba goggles and handed them over to Jenn. At this point she knew everything was to be filled with cum. I chugged more of the milk jug jizz as she filled the goggles up. I could feel my stomach getting fuller and fuller. I could feel some of the cum I’d chugged earlier working it’s way through my intestines. Good luck, my ass is full of cum too, it’s going nowhere.

I chugged all of the cum in the jug just in time to see my goggles filled up to the rim. I took it in my hands and set it down beside me. I took two more syringe fulls of cum up my nose, sneezing and laughing some as the cum plopped into the back of my throat. Jenn knew what I wanted so she grabbed another water bottle full of jizz. I downed it and felt the sticky cream fill my stomach, throat and now fill my mouth. I strapped my dildo gag into my mouth and placed my cum full goggles over my eyes. Most people would shut their eyes when cum came in contact with them. Not me. I opened them wide and felt the stinging in my eye sockets as the cum covered them. It felt so goddamned good.

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