Cum Obsession

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The two guys who were fucking Jenn were close to cumming and I put my perky tits out in front of them and just smiled my evil little smile. They pulled out of Jenn and wanked their cocks over me until they came all over my tits.

Jesus, do all these guys carry around a gallon of cum in those balls? My tits were totally covered and I massaged the creamy sperm in, playing with my pierced nipples for awhile. Jenn kissed me on the lips and smiled.

“Havin fun babe?” she asked me.

“Hun, I’m just getting started.” I laughed evilly.

I walked back into the kitchen and saw more fucking going on in there. The line of guys was long as hell and this is just about 1/4 of what was waiting for me. I couldn’t believe how many of them had actually shown up. Some of them had even brought girlfriends who were now on their knees sucking random cocks and getting gang banged.

I looked on the counter and noticed a row of 5 shot glasses on a platter. Each of them was filled to the brim, half with cum, and half with vodka. Jenn must have set them up for me. I walked over and downed each one of them, loving the burning feeling of the alcohol mixed with the delicious cum.

After I finished my cum shots I opened the fridge to see that there were now 5 bottles full of cum. They looked so tasty. Like creamy, delicious milk. I wanted the whole 30 pack full before I even started drinking them.

I noticed a gallon of milk in the back of the fridge and grabbed it, emptying it into the sink and washing it out. I walked up to one of Jenn’s girlfriends and handed it to her with a grin.

“This is your project: have all your guys fill this to the rim.”

She smiled as the guy she was with shoved his cock up her ass. “Sure thing.” she sighed. I stood and watched as the guy fucked the hell out of her. When he was about to cum he pulled out and she knelt in front of him, jerking his cock off until he spilled his jizz into the gallon milk jug.

I walked back out into the living room and saw 4 guys all cum in the pool at once, smiling at me.

“Havin fun boys?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah.” one guy said. The others were too busy watching the girls squeeze every last drop of cum from their cocks into the pool.

I walked up to the pool and dipped a finger in, licking some of the cum of when it came out. I fucking love that taste. Bitter but creamy, with a natural sweet taste.

Jenn grabs my arm, tugging me into the bathroom to show me what she has waiting. 30 guys all stood around in a big circle, jerking off and crammed into the smaller room. I pushed my way to the middle, falling on my knees in front of them. I look up with innocent eyes and open my mouth.

I grab two cocks with my hands as my mouth engulfs another. I gave that one a sloppy blowjob until he came, really quickly. Hey, no problem, the faster the better.

Another 5 guys all squirted me at once, 2 on my hair and 3 on my back, I could feel the warm jizz slide down my back, over my little tattoo and into my ass crack. The two cocks in my hands came one after another, getting jizz on my hands and some on my cheek. 4 guys walk in front of me and aim for my ripe tits. Not even touching me they squirt their loads all over me.

Over and over again I was splashed with sperm, random numbers of guys pushing to the center of the circle and emptying their balls somewhere on my body. 3 guys pushed me back some and aimed for my stomach. Two hit their mark and one aimed, pretty well, for my pierced belly button. The long diamond chain in my belly was glazed, cum dripping off of it. I bet the jeweller never made it for cum.

The rest of the guys took turns cumming all over me. My face, my legs, my tits, and 5 guys begged me to take my heels off to cum on my feet. I slid them off and they came all over my sexy toes as I wiggled them, cum dripping down my feet. I put the heels back on and felt the gooey cum slide around between my toes. I rested for a moment and Jenn brought in more guys.

One after another they shot their loads onto my body. It must have been 50 guys this time. I just laid down on my back and let them do their thing. When they were done my whole front side was soaking wet with jizz. I asked Jenn to send in another group for nothing but facial shots.

She came back into the bathroom ahead of the group of guys, and walked straight toward me. I didn’t notice her cheeks bulging out slightly until she was right next to me. She leaned over me and forcefully spat a huge mouthful of cum right between my eyes. I busted out laughing as she pushed her hand down onto the mess and smeared it all over my face, starting the facial shots off with my head already completely glazed.

I don’t know how much time passed, but the guys layered my face in nothing but sticky creamy slimy cum. My hair was swimming it it on the bathroom floor.

Jenn climbed off a guy she was fucking and disappeared for a moment. She came back with the beer stein, filled to the brim with cum, and the funnel. I propped my sticky head up and she shoved the tube in my mouth, pushing it until I felt it hit the back of my throat. She stood over me and smiled, dumping the beer stein full of cum upside down over the funnel. I watched the white torrent of cream surge down the clear tube and felt it hit the back of my throat I swallowed and swallowed as the thick mix flowed straight into my belly, some of it overflowing my mouth and pouring down my chin.

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