Cum Obsession

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My name is Kate. I’m 20 years old, and I have a confession to make.

I love cum. I’m addicted to seeing it, feeling it, and tasting it. I love the way it slides down my throat and how I can smear it all over my tits. But I’ve always had one problem with cum so far; there’s never enough. I did 25 guys in a gang bang once. There was a lot of cum, but it wasn’t enough. I wanna have cum all over my body, and in every orifice. I want my stomach full of cum. I wanna shit out cum from my tight asshole. I wanna snort cum like cocaine, and do cum shots. I wanna have so much cum that I can cover every single pore on my body, and fill every hole to overflowing.

When the need became overwhelming, I called my friend Jennifer and told her what I wanted to do. She knows some people in the porn industry and she can get up to 100 guys but I told her I wanted more. She asked how many, and I said 1,000. So she set up a website; any man that wants to Cum On Kate just head to this address, and bring plenty of sperm.

Jenn and I start setting everything up. We buy a kiddie pool at Wal-Mart and get some food and water(I just needed the bottles). I get some Jack Daniels too. I also grab a big 40 oz beer stein and a funnel with a long clear plastic tube made for chugging beer, but it’s not gonna be beer I’m chugging. Jenn and I also go to the adult store and find some dildo’s and an enema kit. I also suggest duct tape, for an idea I have. The last thing we get is a scuba mask, the kind with one big piece, for something I saw online I wanna try.

When we get home Jenn checked the site and saw that 2,134 people signed up.

Holy shit.

I wanted a lot of cum, but Jesus Christ that’s a shit load.

“Do you just want me to get 1,000” Jenn asked.

“Hell no! Let’s just see how many show up on Friday.”

Friday morning we set up the inflatable kiddie pool for one room and I set up my huge bathroom for my main session. I wanted to start out slow, a few cumshots here and there, a little bit of drinking. I picked out these three huge black guys that Jenn recommended to start fucking me first. I emptied all the water bottles out, a big 30 pack. Jenn had a few of her girlfriends over to keep the guys hard and ready to spew. In the pool room we’d have guys just jacking off into the pool, after some good fucking with her friends. Then in the kitchen I have the bottles set up for guys to jizz in. As soon as they were full they could stick them in the fridge.

Jenn and I take one more look at everything and realize in a few hours time everything in this house will have sperm all over it. Before the guys arrived I drank the bottle of Jack Daniels. I got a friend of mine to charter some buses to bring the guys from a set meeting place to my house. The buses were showing some really fucked up bukkake movies over the TV sets in them.

Just wearing a short cheerleader skirt, pink fishnet stockings, and bra, with 6″ high heels, I stumble into the big living room once the first 500 guys arrive, the Jack kicking in fast.

“OK you horny perverts.” I slurred. “I’m Kate, and I’m obsessed with cum. Jizz, sperm, spunk, man-juice, whatever you fuckers wanna call it, I wanna be full of it. We split you into three groups. Everyone of you will not get to fuck me but you will have your cum in me, on me and all around me. I have some girlfriends to help me out, but no cumming in these girls, all your cum is mine. The more times you can cum the better. I see we have a shit load of you guys, so it’ll take some time. I’m not gonna sleep this weekend!!!” I yelled with a drunken laugh.

Jenn and I break the first 500 guys up and I take off all my clothes, but leave my sexy as fuck 6″ high heels on. I gotta wear them when I’m all sexed up. Jenn brings in a bunch of guys including the 3 black guys I wanted to start me off. They didn’t say a word as they pulled out their massive cocks. I grabbed them all and started downing them as deep as they could go in my mouth. I picked one guy and just let him fuck my throat like a pussy, taking him the best I could. Fuck I love a cock deep in my throat. I grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way inside, his heavy balls smashing against my chin as he cut off my air.

The other guys shoved their giant cocks up my pussy and into my tight asshole. For a few minutes I was lost in the gang bang. Just feeling all my holes filled and stretched open made me wanna cum right there. I couldn’t believe that the cock in my asshole was already almost all the way up there. I fucking love that too. I swear he was pushing through to my stomach. A few minutes of hard fucking and they finally came. The one in my mouth swelled up, almost making me puke, as I got a huge load down my throat. I told myself “Not yet” as I feel the others splashing my insides with big loads of cum.

They pull out and just walk away. I don’t need to talk to them, I just need to get their cum in me. What else are men good for but a good fuck and cum? I step out of the bathroom and walk to the kitchen to check on some of the others. I let some cum drool out past my lips onto the floor and then lick it up. I guess this did it for a few guys in the kitchen as I see them tense up and cum into the water bottles. I go to them and lick the last cum off their cocks and smile and thank them. I chill for a few minutes in there, just watching the guys fuck Jenn’s friends. They already filled 3 bottles in the fridge so far.

I walk out and go to the living room, squeezing through the crowd of sweaty, fucking bodies to where the pool is. Guys crowd all around it with girls kneeling in front of them, jerking them off. There’s a nice 1″ layer of cum already in the bottom. Some bukkake movie was on repeat in the room and the girl on screen was drinking a bunch of loads out of a tall wine glass. This made me horny again and I went back to the bathroom where 5 guys were waiting for me. Jenn was fucking one of them and giving a blow job to another one.

I grabbed the three guys and told them to take turns fucking my pussy. Their cocks weren’t as big as the 3 black guys but big enough to keep my holes stretched open. They traded me back and forth like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert. The first guy came inside me, his cum squirting and squirting out for what seemed like a full minute. Christ, that must have been a gallon of jizz.

Thinking about a gallon of jizz gave me a nasty idea for after this little fuck session. The other two guys kept going back and forth. One thrust in, pull out, then the other would thrust deep in me, and so on and so on. This went on for about 2 minutes until one came, pulled out fast, and the other fucked me until he added his creamy load to my cunt. It felt so fucking good to have 4 loads swirling around in my shaved pussy. Some came flooding out and I tightened up to keep their loads inside me.

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