Cum Hungry

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It was time for the big moment, as Kim lay on her face – her ass in the air, legs spread wide, and her hands holding her butt cheeks open. Sam and Gina had some fingers up Kim’s ass, holding her sphincter wider, to allow Billy easier entry. Billy was holding onto Kim’s waist, while Sam’s free hand held his big dick, which was dripping with saliva. As his cock-head tried to nudge its way into the tight asshole, the two girls continued spitting at it, while Kim began to groan and moan. Sam flicked her wrist, and tried to wriggle Billy’s cock through Kim’s backdoor. After several minutes, they managed to get Billy’s entire purple helmet inside of Kim, who was sweating profusely from all the work. Sam let go of Billy and left him to do the remainder of the work, and so he continued to thrust his big dick into Kim an inch at a time.

When Billy had his cock halfway up Kim’s ass, he asked her, “Should I try for more?”

She looked back at him, her face glistening with sweat and with an expression of pain and pleasure, “God, yes!”

Billy looked down at his bulging cock inside of that tiny ass, and pushed another inch into it, which made Kim shudder with pleasure. After several more inches, he realized that he could go no further. The base of his cock was just too thick for Kim to handle, and the fact that he managed to go so far had Billy amazed. He asked Sam, “What now?”

She smiled mischievously, and said, “What part of massive ass-fucking didn’t you understand?” Kim whimpered at those words.

So Billy started to pummel Kim with hard thrusts up her anal-highway – slowly at first, but soon he was pounding away with wild abandon. Kim’s asshole was tight, but he loved the way it twitched, clenching his cock tightly. Kim had orgasm after orgasm, and she couldn’t believe the sensations of such a big dick up her backdoor. After several sweaty minutes, Billy lost it and blew his entire wad inside of Kim, who contorted with pleasure at the strange feeling of hot cum shooting up her slutty ass.

Even though the fucking was over, Kim’s anus was still tightly clenching Billy’s pole, and he had to back up just as he went in, an inch at a time. Sam and Gina bent over between Kim’s ass-cheeks and hungrily gobbled up Billy’s oozing sperm with their dancing tongues, going up and down his shaft as well as over Kim’s sensitive asshole. Eventually Billy was out, had his tool cleaned from an inviting mouth, and sat back to watch an amazingly horny show. Although Kim could barely stay up, the two girls laid on the floor and made Kim kneel above their waiting mouths. Billy watched as white jism flowed out of Kim’s asshole, down into the open mouths of Sam and Gina! The two girls made gulping sounds, and Gina gagged a bit. To end off, Sam got up off the floor with a mouthful of Billy’s cum, gave him a wicked look, and then spit it into Kim’s mouth. Sam then started to kiss, tongue, and suck Kim’s mouth, and pretty soon there was no more sperm to be seen.

Billy and the girl’s last game for the night was truly the “Cluster-Fuck.” They ended up on his bed, and in a swirling mass of writhing limbs and pillowy flesh, he was allowed to penetrate any hole he wanted to for two minutes on one condition, he had to do it HARD. The heat and smell of sex had them all crazy, and Billy went wild during this nasty orgy. Going from Kim’s drenched cunt into Gina’s slippery asshole and then into Sam’s slutty mouth. The girls smuttily loved the way Billy’s cock smelled and tasted of all three girls, plus of his own cum juice, driving them mad with desire. Within thirty minutes – after fucking each girl’s three orifices two or three times, Billy pulled back and groaned in ecstasy, shooting his wad onto the bodies of his three sluts. A stream of gooey cum landed onto Gina’s tits, another onto Kim’s pretty face, and another onto Sam’s butt-cheeks, dribbling down into her cunt. The girls – panted from the exertion and hard fucking – rubbed Billy’s sticky cum all over each other’s bodies, over their tits, into their hot pussies.

Tire from all the sex, Billy and the girls all fell asleep together on his bed, sticky from each other’s juices and sweat, with the heavy smell of cum in the air.

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