Cum Burger

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What really shocked her thought was when Cindy picked up the bun that had been sitting on the dash and reapplied it to the now cum battered burger. There was cum dripping from the sides, which Jacqui eagerly licked off, along with the drops still on her hand. Shaniqua still tended to my waning hardon, as she looked to see Jacqui take a big bite of her Cum Burger.

It was so erotic seeing cum seep from the sides of the burger. There was cum dripping into her lap, which she ignored. There was cum on her chin, which she would have swiped off, but Mary reached forward and wiped it off for her. She continued to make happy faces and sounds as the burger slowly disappeared. In the dim lights, I could see where cum and ketchup had run together to form a pink goo.

I was at once disgusted and yet not. Right then, if Cindy had told me to, our hostess Shaniqua would find herself in the middle of the best cum she would ever experience. However, it was not to be, not tonight anyway

After we sat and watched Jacqui eat her Cum Burger, we exchanged schedules with Shaniqua; it seems that the last two working at this particular late night restaurant were just like her, bored and looking for excitement.

We came back the following Thursday and treated our new friend and her coworker to the best nights tip they have ever received. Shaniqua especially liked her own concoction which she called the “Cream Sickle.” Next time. I hear most of the old biddies still awake at 1:00 am will be there. I know I will…don’t know if my clothes will make it though.

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