Crossdresser Caught in Act

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“Suck it slut until you cum. I want you to taste your ass all over my cock. You got that my little ass-to-mouth slut!!” She said to me as I jerked my cock off wildly.

I felt my cock begin to twitch. She noticed to and removed both dildos from my mouth and ass. She began rubbing my balls and fingering my ass as I started to twitch. My body tensed up as several streams of hot sticky white cum erupted from my cock and splattered all over my face in huge puddles.

“Open you mouth slut and eat that cum,” she demanded. I gladly obliged and open my mouth wide and tasted the remaining salty drops of jizz as it dripped from the head of my cock.

All in all the experience was amazing and so much fun. My excitement grew even more as she said to me as she kissed my cum covered lips, “That was fun. Next time we might have to take a few steps farther. Would you like to be little girlie slut?”

I smiled and nodded. I cannot wait until next time to see what she has in store for me.

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