Crossdresser Caught in Act

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“I wish you had let me know sooner,” she said to me as she walked over to the closet and reached in and appeared to be looking for something.

“Um I didn’t know you would um be interested in anything like this?” I stuttered.

She continued to dig through the closet until she peeked her head out with a devilish smile across her face. She reappeared with something hidden behind her back. She licked her lips and asked me seductively, “Are you ready for another go around; maybe with me and my special little toy this time?” As she said this, she revealed to me what she was hiding behind her back: an 8″ pink rubber strap-on. She smiled again and asked, “You want to play a little more, my little girlie slut?”

She strapped on the dildo harness and beckoned me over to her. I had no choice and could do nothing but slide off the bed and slowly walk over to her. My legs were still weak from my recent orgasm and I stumbled a few times with my feet still in the slutty high heels. I stood before her fully dressed in my slut outfit with cock rock again because of my girlfriend’s new dominate force and her lovely fake cock.

“Get on your knees slut and suck my big cock and don’t you dare stop until I tell you to!” She told me

So turned on, I dropped to my knees and grabbed her protruding cock in my hand and began to stroke it softly pretending it was a real cock. I licked one side of the cock then the other with long tongue strokes. I lifted the shaft up and licked the fake ball sac that was positioned between her legs then slowly worked my way up the shaft with my tongue until I reached the tip. I teased it gently with my tongue before wrapping my eager lips around it and pushing it into my mouth. Sucking the head, I began to accept more and more of the cock into my mouth until it was completely full of the fake cock. I pull back and let my lips slide off the shaft before quickly reinserting it into my mouth. Repeating this action over and over again, I steadily began increasing speed, length, and force as I worked the cock in and out of my hungry mouth while my head bobbed back and forth on the hard cock.

“Mmm you’re a good little cocksucker. You must have been practicing a lot while I am gone,” she groaned as she grabbed the back of my head and slowly began thrusting her pelvis, thus pushing he false cock into my mouth. “You like that slut, me fucking your mouth?” I gave a muffled “Yes!” With that she began fucking my face harder and faster.

After fucking my face she pulled the dick out and gently slapped my cheeks and tongue with it. She told me, “Get up slut! Turn around and bend over the bed so I can see what you have got under that skirt.” I obeyed her command and strutted over to the bed and slowly bent over the side. I could feel my already short skirt rise up to reveal my panty clad ass. The thin string of my thong barely covered my asshole. She walked up behind me and spanked my ass.

“Mmm do you like that slut,” she said as she squatted down between my legs and rubbed my ass cheeks and asshole. She pulled the thong string out from in between my round ass cheeks and ran her tongue slowly and sensually from the back of my panty clad balls all the way up my ass crack to the top. I moaned with pleasure as her wet tongue slid over my eager asshole. She gripped her hands firmly to each of my butt cheeks and darted her tongue back into my crack. Swirling her tongue swiftly across my asshole, she made me push my ass back into her face in order to meet her mouth and force her tongue into my hole. She obliged and poked the tip of her red tongues into my anticipating, pink asshole. As she spanked my ass and tongued my butt hole, I moaned loudly in ecstasy. After tongue fucking my asshole for what seemed like an hour, she stood up behind me and spanked my ass hard with her big fake cock. She asked, “You ready for this? Do you want it?”

“Oh yes. Give it to me. Stick that bog cock in my ass!” I answered eagerly to her.

She ran the dick up and down my crack, teasing my horny ass with each pass. I felt a slight push as she pressed the fake penis to my butt hole. So ready and horny, I pushed my ass back forcefully to meet her cock. I felt the head of the dildo enter my ass. It felt so good. She slowly rammed it in and pulled it back out, but then only to slowly shove it back in.

“Do you like that slut?” She asked me as she continued thrusting the cock in and out of my now widening asshole.

“Oh yeah baby,” I answered. “Fuck me with that big cock. Pound my slutty ass like a little girl.”

I could tell she was really getting into it as she spanked my ass, thrust the cock deep in and out, pulled my hair, and said hot, dirty things to me like “Do you like that cock in your ass? Are you my little girlie whore? Do you like my hard cock up your ass?”

I was enjoying every moment of this sexual explosion. I answered her questions in between moans and groans saying, “Yes I love that cock deep in my slutty ass! I am your girlie whore! Keep fucking me baby, don’t stop fucking me!”

After a few minutes of pounding my ass from behind she wanted to switch positions. She laid on her back and told me get on her cock and bounce like whore. I eagerly obliged and spread my legs across her body as she lay on the floor. I squatted down on her cock. I felt it slide deeper and deeper into me as I squatted further down. Once it was all the way in I began to rise up and felt her cock pulling out of my butt so I quickly slammed back down onto the cock, letting it fill me up. I bounced up and down, sliding on her huge pole, screaming in ecstasy until I could go no more and my legs gave out on me and I fell onto her chest. She immediately took over pounding my ass where I had left off. As I lay flat on her chest, my legs bent at her side, she firmly grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and proceeded to thrust fast and hard into my ass. She fucked me for a few minutes before she finally said, “Are you ready to cum yet slut? Because I want you to shoot it all over your face again. You got that slut? You little cum whore.”

I answered yes and she pulled out of me. I got into my old usual cumming position on my back with my legs spread behind me head and my about-to-explode cock directly in front of my face. She grabbed the dildo, “Mr. Big,” I had been using before and worked it into my ass and started fucking me again. As she sat in front of me she forced that strap-on dildo into my mouth.

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