Creaming for Carmela

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I slid the zipper down slowly as we watched each other in the mirror. The dress was laid on a nearby chaise. She stepped out of her heels and walked toward the bed wearing only her thong.

“Let’s go to your room,” I told her. I need the toy box.” I outfitted myself with the harnessed dildo that would put seven inches of cock in her and curved four inches into myself. The white thong that Carmela wore was already wet when I pulled it aside to insert my dick into her pussy. Without any preliminaries, I sliced into her dark wetness. She bucked upward, driving dick deeper into me. It was indescribable. For long seconds, we were locked together, suspended in the air. I eased her back down and dick-stroked her pussy until she purred. When I sensed her impending orgasm, I picked up the pace and fucked her harder. I gloried in my own orgasms as I watched hers, my diamonds glittering at her arched neck. I stayed in her body. On her body. Kissing her. Thanking her. Loving her. Cumming again with her.

There were nights that I waited for my husband’s breathing to become even and deep. I would then ease myself from his arms and go to Carmela, if only for a few minutes. Sometimes I just kissed her sensual mouth. Other times I might feast on her exquisite breasts. Pump my finger into her fragrant wet spot. Lick her pussy while she moaned and held tightly to my head. Lower myself to her face. When I dared to take more time, I would remove my nightgown, put my clit on her mound and ride her, quieting our screams with my mouth. When I did these things with her in the still of the night, I would feel very naughty when we shared looks over our breakfast table.

Carmela and I maintained our friendly employer-employee relationship around my husband, his family and our friends. No one could ever suspect that she was my lover. As Timmy got older we had to be more careful. Carmela could no longer fuck me in his room while she watched him play. I didn’t want him telling Daddy that Carmela was ‘hurting’ Mommy. I never told him she was a lesbian. It was my delicious secret. Even though my husband flirted lightly with her, it was me she desired to fuck.

I was standing at the island in the kitchen preparing a lunch for Carmela and me. “Hi, Car,” Timmy screamed excitedly as she walked up behind me.

“Hello, Timmy!” To me she whispered, “Don’t say a word. Just feel.” She raised my sundress revealing my bikini panties. Then she dropped to her knees, removed them and began licking my ass.

“Eat your cereal, Timmy,” I crooned shakily to the boy.

Rising from the floor, she said, “Bend over the counter. Spread your legs for me, Mrs. Kall. No. Say nothing.” I had turned to protest. Carmela inserted a small but powerful vibrator into my rectum and turned on its switch. It hummed and moved in my ass. She got back on her knees to continue my ass-licking. When her mouth found and sucked on my pussy as the vibrator moved, I exploded. “Oh! Shit, fuck,” I hollered.

“Is mommy ok?” Timmy said alarmed.

“Mommy…is…just fine, sweetheart. Mommy is very, very happy.”

Carmela came back up and removed the love object from me. “Lunch smells delicious. Just allow me to go and wash up.” I was still shuddering, coming down from another fantastic and unexpected cum. Wow, the things that girl did to pleasure me.

When I learned that Carmela had never been to the east coast, I took her with me when I visited my parents. My husband and son stayed home. I took her on a sightseeing tour of New York city. As we walked the streets looking into shop windows, Carmela spied a little sex shop that she wanted to explore. The geeky salesboy eyed us knowingly as Carmela exclaimed over the items. We bought some edible panties to use that night at our hotel. The geek said that his sister had a studio in the back of the shop if we wanted to take a ‘special’ photo. With her digital camera, the sister took shots of us kissing with our nipples pressed together; with my hand in Carmela’s panties and with Carmela’s head between my thighs. The shots were beautiful and very erotic.

She left us when Timmy went to kindergarten. She had saved enough money for her junior college in California. She had her full tuition as well as an extremely generous stipend that I personally provided for her. She could do her studies and never have to work. It was just money after all. During her three years with us, Carmela never once had to go out and seek a lover. Her powerful lusts were satisfied on my willing flesh. She said other women, even one of my friends, tempted her with their one-night promises, but I fulfilled her daily.

We were in Carmela’s room, amidst all her packed luggage. “I will miss your love, Mrs. Kall. We have given the other excellent pleasure in this beautiful place. I will worry that you do not have the pussy available to you. I know of your great desire. You are in need now, am I not right?” she said as she put her hand in my panties and rubbed me. “I could give you the number of my cousin, Isabella. She is 18 now. She is quite luscious and loves only the girls. She would give you the good pussy. You will let me know?”

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