Crashing The Pool

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He was beginning to shake and I knew that I was just a moment from watching my wife make a baby with this man. Her orgasm reaching it’s peak I knew and her upturned hips ready for it, he bellowed and began ejaculating inside her. Now at its deepest penetration, his cock was directly against my wife’s cervix when the first explosion of his sperm was ejected.

An ovulating woman having an orgasm; her cervix dipped down and opened, the jet of black man scum blasting through the mucous protecting her womb and delivered directly into her uterus the first of many shots of his DNA at the waiting egg.

The couple both in the throes of orgasm howled. Him deep and guttural, her feminine and accepting squeals of delight as he continued to inject her with his live seed.

Beating my meat madly, I too ejaculated, my sperm spattering uselessly against the side of the tent instead of being received inside my wife in place of this massive black man breeding my willing wife.

Her legs in the air, still grappling with the humping black man they slowly came down from their exertion. His strokes slowing, he finally just laid upon my wife, holding his fat cock deep inside her as it twitched pushing the last drops of him inside her. Now spent, her arms and legs fell to the sides and eyes closed she fell into a light post sex slumber. Slowly as his breath returned to normal and his sill massive cock began to lose its total hardness he began to withdraw and get up from between her legs. Just before completely removing himself from my wife’s inseminated cunt, her kissed her gently and said the only words either had said between them. “That was great. You’re a great lay. I have to go now. Good luck with my baby.”

He dismounted her, grabbed his shorts and walked around the edge of the tent and right up to me standing there with my dripping cock in my hand.

Looking at me he asked, ” Is she your wife?”

I just nodded. He looked down at my shriveling cock and smiled then said, “Looks like you both enjoyed yourselves.”

Then he noticed that I was staring at his cock. It wasn’t all the way hard anymore, but it was still huge. I could see my wife’s lubricant on it and there was still some residual cum of his as well. I don’t know, maybe I licked my lips unconsciously, but his smile went away and he just said, “Go ahead. Suck it.”

And for the second time that night, someone dropped to their knees in front of him and sucked on his cock. I had never sucked a cock before, although I have eaten my cum many times — from my wife after sex and occasionally after I had jacked off so I knew what a mans cum tasted like.

I slobbered on the cock and could taste my wife and him on his slab of hot meat. I sucked and jacked him, cleaning the remains of their sex from him. As I did, he taunted me. He asked if she was on birth control and laughed when I shook my head no. He pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped my face with it telling me to be good to his baby when it was born.

My cock was achingly hard again as I was abused on the beach, just feet from where my wife lay, impregnated by this massive black man. He whipped my face a few more times, my mouth open trying to recapture the mighty organ and he said he wished he had more time and that maybe he’d fuck my wife again just to make sure she was knocked up or maybe he’d just let me finish sucking him off, but he had to go. So he pushed me away and walked off, leaving me on my knees, hard cock in hand with the combined scum of their mating on my face.

Getting to my feet, I walked around to the front of the tent and took in the sight before me. Donna was splayed on the lounge chair, her legs wide open, her arms hanging limply at over the sides of the chair. Her eyes were closed and her breath was deep — the pose of a satisfied, bred woman.

From between her hairy cunt lips a white stream of cum shined in the moonlight, contrasting against her almost black pubic hair.

Slowly jacking myself I started towards her. Getting between her legs with every intention of mounting her as well and giving my meager amount of sperm a chance at impregnating her cunt, her hands came up to my shoulders stopping me short of my goal.

Through both alcohol and post sex hazed eyes she looked at me and simply said, “Lick me.”

Looking down between her legs at the swampy post sex mess and then back to her smirking face, I complied. Moving in close to her hot sex, I was assaulted by the smell of her raw sex. Tentatively sticking out my tongue, I gave her slit one lick with the flat of my tongue. The salty manhood of his sperm washed into my mouth and her freshly fucked pussy opened easily to the slight pressure.

She pulled me by my hair into her flowing sex and I ate her with relish while pounding on my own cock. As I ate her unfaithful snatch, her wiry black pubic hair scratching my face, she said, “Do you like the taste?” I mumbled yes. She continued, “I heard you outside after. Did you really suck his cock?” I just nodded my assent, blushing at the admission. She cooed, “I wish I could have seen that.”

Pausing for just a second from my task, I looked up from between her sticky thighs to ask about pregnancy.

Stroking my hair and encouraging me back to my task, she smiled and confirmed, “We just played with fire and I think we are going to get burned. It’s been a few weeks since my last period and I think I am at peak ovulation right now. I think your going to be a Daddy again.”

I dove into my wife’s hole and sucked for all I was worth, jacking my dick to the last of three orgasms I had that night as my wife giggled, “Did my cocksucker husband like watching his wife get bred by the big black man?”

I shot all over the chair.

The rest of the vacation, she wouldn’t let me fuck her. She told me she wanted to be sure who the father was if she was pregnant/

Donna did get pregnant and decided to have the black man’s baby girl. That was 10 years ago and the girl is coffee colored and looks like my wife. I love the girl too and treat her as my own although it is obvious she is not.

It was awkward for a while after the birth explaining to all what had happened. We elected to tell mostly the truth that Donna had a brief affair and that this was the result. It was an accident and after our soul searching we decided not worth breaking up our marriage.

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