Crashing The Pool

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This happened a few years ago while vacationing in Puerto Rico. My wife and I were down for a week getting away from the cold snowy winter up north. It was great to be down in the tropical sun partying and enjoying the beaches and local fun.

Just the standard back story here — at the time, I was 36 and my wife Donna was 34. We had one kid at home with his grandparents. Donna is a very hot mom too. Thick dark hair, curvy in the right places and a thick, dark hairy bush. Not out of control hairy, trimmed, but thick and womanly. Not huge tits, just right. Like I said — she is a mom so there is a little extra on the butt — just a little jiggle and a small extra on the tummy. Skin still as soft and smooth as a 20 year old.

We were staying in a little hotel in San Juan. Nice little place, but it didn’t have a pool or anything fancy. We were on a budget so we figured we’d spend time on the beach.

Well — the good beaches can be pretty far away and you really couldn’t do any night swimming at the beach anyway.

One night we had been out drinking and my wife Donna wanted to go swimming — once again — we didn’t have a pool at out hotel. She suggested that we go crash one of the pools at one of the resort hotels. We had done that many times over the course of our marriage so I readily agreed.

We went back to our hotel to grab our suits. Stuffing them into her purse and grabbing some more wine out we went.

The hotel didn’t care about us walking in — they aren’t going to stop a middle aged couple with sun burn — obviously tourists and supposing we belonged there just like we acted. As with all hotels — the signs lead the way to the pool and out the back we went.

It really was very nice and very, very big. There were actually a few pools. One very big one and a smaller one around the corner with a hot tub nearby. This one was obviously for the adults. It was pretty much out of view and at the moment it looked completely vacant. Well it was around 10PM so most people were not around. I did expect that someone would be in the hot tub, but it too was empty. I figured we’d probably get in there soon enough.

Anyway it was perfect for what we wanted — a little isolated too. I looked around for a place to change and didn’t see one. Donna said, “There isn’t anyone here, we should just change and get in the pool.” I told her that I’d look around a little more so I started walking off to check it out.

I looked around just a little and thought, she’s right — there isn’t anyone around to see us and headed back to where I had left her.

I was actually a little surprised by my wife’s suggestion — changing right out in the open — even though there wasn’t anyone around. She is a great lay don’t get me wrong, but I thought the days of crazy shit were behind us. I found myself getting a boner at the thought of seeing her peel out in the open in front of me. I don’t know why, but after all these years and even having a kid together, she would pretty much never change in front of me. I was looking forward to seeing her pull her pants down revealing her dark hairy, pouting pussy.

As I came back around the hot tub, I saw Donna back under the palm trees by some of the beach chairs. She was on the edge of the pool area and behind her was the beach. On the beach were some tent like cabanas with more beach lounge chairs in them. They were kind of secluded and I guess great for getting out of the sun during the day. I had a quick thought that it might be fun to get Donna in there for a quick fuck.

I started to walk over toward her as she started to wriggle out of her pants. Now she was standing there in her short t-shirt (no bra) and just her panties. Now I definitely had a boner. Even from here I could see the puffy outlines of her hairy cunt pressing against her pink cotton panties. She bent over a little to fold her pants onto a chair next to her and then stood up on wobbly legs to pull her panties off.

Just then, I noticed some movement in the trees behind her in the dark. Someone was there — watching Donna strip down. I just froze on place. I don’t know why. I could make out the silhouette of a man in the shadows although I couldn’t see what he looked like — except that he was a big man.

Donna put her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slowly peeled them off her hips, gradually revealing the thick hair of her sex. She stepped out of them one leg at a time and again bent over now to pick up her bathing suit bottom.

As she did this she was unknowingly bending over shaking her ass and cunt at whoever it was behind her. Like I said — she was a little wobbly and she was having trouble stepping into her bating suit bottom. She would pick up a foot to put it into the hole for her leg and miss and wobble a little more.

I knew the man behind her was getting a great view of my wife’s hairy crotch and instead of running over to her, I moved closer, but hid behind some shrubs. Over the years, Donna and I had experimented a little, nothing crazy, just a little adventurous. As we got older, we got boring like most couples but occasionally supplemented our sex life with fantasies and porn.

My favorites were wife watching and while I never expected my conservative wife to let me watch her fuck another man, at the moment I had the opportunity to watch another man staring at my semi naked and very drunk wife.

Well as I moved closer and got a better view of things — I now could clearly see the man behind her. He had stepped closer. He was a very large guy indeed and also very black. Wearing shorts and a tank top, he stepped up behind my still struggling wife while rubbing what looked like a sack of potatoes in his pants.

Completely unaware that she was exposing herself to this black man and still bent over at the waist she had no idea that he was behind her. Now just one step behind her, he pulled down his shorts revealing a massive black log with a pair of absolutely huge balls hanging below. He grabbed my wife by the hips and pushed his massive meat between her legs.

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