Cranky Mother In Law

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Without notice to her I pulled my thick cock from her cunt and pushed her around so she was on her hands and knees. “You want it hard slut that is what you will get.” I moaned.

I grabbed her wide hips and placed my cock head at the tip of her fat hole. Pulling her large hips towards me I thrusted forward. My throbbing cock disappeared into her pussy. I began sweating more. My hands traveled to her fat cheeks, kneading them like dough I played with them, squeezing them. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked my index finger, placed it back on Clare’s wide ass and inserted it deep into her fat ass.

“Oh fuck yes Adam, you nasty bastard.”

I continued fucking her juicy fat cunt as I fingered her fat asshole. Banging and bucking into her harder and harder. While fucking her I played with her ass, all the while still fingering it.

“Come on your fucking whore take my cock, squeeze it with your hot cunt, you fucking cheating bitch.”

“Yes, oh fuck yes Adam I love your cock, it is so fucking thick, fuck me you big dicked bastard.”

“Oh yeah bitch take it you dirty slut.”

“Today is your lucky day whore”, I moaned. I pulled my cock out from Clare’s oversized pussy and pushed my cock head so it rested on her shit hole.

“Your gonna get a real cock up your ass”.

“Oh god, be gentle!” Clare’s ass felt incredible I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Fucking her quickly my balls slapped the bottom of her fat cheeks and pussy.

“Moan for me, slut. Moan when I fuck your ass. I know you love it, fucking cunt…show me you love it.”

“Oh…uh…yeah…fuck my tight whore ass. Fuck it as hard as you can…yeah!

“Yeah, umm yeah bitch, fuck, you fucking whore, my fucking fat slut bitch, your fucking ass is so fucking hot whore. I’m gonna fucking cum bitch, where do you want my cum?”

“Cum on my pussy! Make me feel slutty and cum all over hairy pussy baby!”

Her words just pushed me over the edge. I immediately pulled out of her unbelievably fat ass, turned her over onto her back, and jerked off onto her heavy cunt.

“Jerk that cock for me. Cum on my pussy. Cum on my pussy, you fucking nasty bastard!”

I shot my load all over her pussy, and her big belly, my hot creamy cum flew all over, the force was so intense I collapsed on top of her.

We both laid there shivering with exhaustion!

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