Cranky Mother In Law

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My wife hung up the phone crying. After calming down she told me that she had just spoke with her mother and her parents were splitting up after almost 30 years of marriage. I was slightly upset primarily because I knew my wife was upset but on the other hand, I couldn’t blame my father in law for his decision. For as long as I knew my in laws, they were always arguing. My mother in law, Clare, was constantly berating my father in law Charles for whatever reason she felt like at the time. Charles was a good guy, he busted his ass for years working his way up the business ladder all the while his wife stayed at home doing her own domestic stuff.

Clare never really bothered to do much for her husband as far as I could tell. She was very selfish except when it came to her only daughter, my wife, Renee. She was always there for Renee in whatever capacity my wife needed. This is why it wasn’t a shock when my wife asked if Clare could come stay with us for a while until she worked things out. Reluctantly, I agreed only because I knew that would make my wife happy.

The next day was Saturday. My wife and I drove to my in laws to pick up Clare and load some of her things into our car. We exchanged slight hellos and went about our business. Later in the day we had finally unloaded Clare’s things and put her up in a spare room we had. I wasn’t too happy having Clare invade our home but I figured I could live with it just as long as it was temporary. For the better part of the day I spent my time outside leaving my wife and her mom inside to talk things over.

A few hours later my wife called me in for dinner. We had a nice dinner and I managed to make some idle chit chat with Clare. As I ate my dinner I couldn’t help but think that Charlie had made the right decision. At the other end of the table sat my mother in law. An overweight, 55 year old woman who was as bitchy as they came! I couldn’t help but wonder what caused the split up. Not wanting to ask I just kept the thought to myself and figured I would talk with my wife later to see what she found out.

Luckily it had been a long day and Clare decided to turn in early. As my wife and I relaxed in the living room I decided to open the conversation about her parent’s split up. Almost in tears, Renee explained to me that her father had become tired of Clare’s lack of sexual interest and had an affair! Trying to be sympathetic for my wife I tried to hold back my laughter but I couldn’t, I just busted out laughing.

Renee gleamed at me and said, “What is with the laughter”?

“I’m sorry hon but you have to understand, your mother is a cranky older woman and your father, just like any other man, needs sex!”

“I know, I know” replied my wife, “but deep down Mom is a good lady, I don’t know what happened.”

“Well things change hon you just have to accept it.”

My wife sat quietly for a second, and with a look of desperation she asked, “maybe it would help if you tried to be nicer to her, you know talk with her, try to get to know her?”

“Oh Renee you can’t be serious? She would know it was fake, I can’t lie very well.” I replied.

“Please, just try it for a few days, for me?”

Reluctantly I agreed again knowing that it would mean a lot to my wife.

Man this was going to kill me for sure! The next morning came and I managed to get out of the house before Clare had gotten up. Sunday was always golf with the guys! When I returned home later in the day my wife and her mother were outside next to our pool, catching some sun and talking. My sexy wife was wearing my favorite low cut bikini showing off her gorgeous body. On the other side, Clare was dressed in an old lady one piece that covered practically every inch of her body! No wonder Charles had an affair, his wife couldn’t even dress down while trying to get some sun! As I walked past them my wife asked me to sit and join them. I told her once I got changed I would come back out and visit. I went into my bedroom and changed into my swim trunks and as I was walking back through the house my wife met me at the door.

“Remember honey you promised to be nice!” “I am going to go shower and get cleaned up I will leave you two alone so you have to talk with her!”

Oh great I thought! Well a promise is a promise, so I headed outside and grabbed a chair near Clare. Once again we made some idle chit chat. And sure enough within minutes Clare was being her bitchy self.

“You know this is a nice place here Adam but it could use a good painting” she said.

Trying to be friendly I replied, “Your right Clare maybe I can get to it sometime soon”.

“And while you are at it you should fix the pool house”.

I tried for my wife’s sake to hold my tongue but years of listening to her shit finally caught up to me. I blurted out, “You know Clare I don’t blame Charles for leaving you, if you would loosen up some and try to enjoy life instead of complaining all the time maybe people would be more kind to you!” With that, I quickly ended my short attempt at trying to be nice and went into the house. Meeting my wife in the hallway I quickly explained to her what had happened and continued on into our bedroom. My wife, fresh out of the shower, came into our bedroom after me.

“I’m sorry hon that my Mother can be so brash”. Feeling sympathetic she continued, “Why don’t you just hang out in our room for a while and relax. I am going to get dressed and then I need to run out for a few things at the grocery store.

I flipped on the TV trying to unwind. As I watched the TV I noticed my sexy wife parading around the room as she approached the dresser.

“It is a good thing your Mother is outside or I would take that sexy body of yours right here and now!” “I know hon, don’t you worry I will take care of you tonight”, she said.

With that my wife got dressed, gave me a kiss goodbye and went on her way. Saying that she wouldn’t be too long.

As I relaxed in our bed watching some TV the picture of my wife bent over putting on her panties was imbedded into my head. Knowing that I had some alone time, I pushed down my shorts and grabbed my growing prick into my hand. I closed my eyes and began to think about what lied ahead for the evening with my wife. Renee was a wonderful lover, very sexy, hot, and lustful. I couldn’t wait to fill her hot pussy with my cock! I continued stroking my cock thinking of Renee. God it felt so good running my hand up and down my thick shaft. Pausing for a moment I decided to add a little bit to my afternoon jacking session. I got up off the bed to retrieve one of my dirty magazines I had in a dresser drawer. Laying back on the bed I held the magazine in one hand and my hard throbbing cock in the other. Alternating between thoughts of fucking my wife and fucking anyone of the wonderful women in the magazine.

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