Could You Help Me Unzip?

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“Oh Lis… bite, I am going to cum…ahhhh!” Ella’s body pushes against Lisa mouth. Lisa taking her queue slips her fingers deep inside her pussy and begins stroking her. Within moments Lisa feels her pussy clenching her fingers as Ella’s orgasm overtakes her.

Sitting back on her heals, Lisa licks her lips as she taste Ella’s sweet cum. Without warning Ella is kneeling in front of her, cupping her head.

“That was so incredible Lisa.”

“I am glad you enjoyed your first time with a woman.” Lisa began, but was cut off as Ella kisses her. Ella licks at Lisa’s lips and slips her tongue into her mouth. Breaking away Lisa stammers “Ella you don’t have to…”

She places a finger over her lips, “Shh, I can taste my cum on your lips, believe me I want more.” Her eyes are wanton with desire as she slides her hand up Lisa thigh and to the edge of her pussy.

“Please, have a seat.” She gestures with her hand to the bench. Lisa moves to the bench and Ella is immediately between her legs. “I haven’t done this, so let me know if it is good, okay?”

She begins to stroke up her thigh and stops at her lips. Very carefully she begins to stroke the slit. Lisa leans back in pleasure as she feels Ella’s fingers slide into her wet folds. “Oh my Ella, yes please.” Her fingers have found her tight pussy and begin to pump, first one finger then Ella slides in two, then three. Pussy filled, her thumb begins to flick at her plump clit. Moans of pleasure slide out of Lisa as she arches her back. Using her dew dropped fingers Ella slides down farther to Lisa’s ass where she begins to gently flick. Lisa looks down, “Ella, you naughty girl, if I didn’t know better I would say you want to play with my ass.”

Ella dips her pinky in, “Would you like me too?” She begins probing deeper as Lisa’s breathing becomes erratic. “Oh yes, you don’t even have to answer, my dirty little slut.” A grin spreads over Ella’s face. Lisa’s body is shivering and pulsing in front of Ella.

Using her other hand to stimulate Lisa’s clit she begins pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy and ass. Watching Lisa arch her back and rub her breasts Ella begins to feel her pussy get wet again. Looking over Lisa’s body, her rounded breasts the nipples tight with excitement, down to her hips. Ella then glances down at Lisa’s wet pussy, Ella watches as she fingers her. Almost instantly Lisa cums as she feels her body pulse, and both tight holes clench down on her fingers. Ella feels the pulsing and reaches between her legs with her other hand and begins to play with her clit. Within a flash she is having an orgasam as her hand is locked in Lisa’s.

Leaning forward she pulls Lisa to her mouth and they kiss. Bodies pressed together the girls begin to become aware of their surroundings. A giggle escapes Lisa. “Oh, dear.”

Ella stands up and admires her flushed body in the mirror. Lisa stands pulling her against her. “Ella you are wonderful, but I don’t want this to ruin our friendship.”

Turning to face Lisa, she kisses her. A slow passionate kiss, their lips hot against each other. Ella’s hands are behind her head, holding her in the embrace. After a pause, she pulls away. “Lisa, I would say this brings our friendship to a new level. You have some teaching to do. I want to go back to your place and clean up, what do you say?”

A glint of desire crosses Lisa’s face, “I could defiantly use a shower, and so could you.” With that she spanks Ella’s ass. “Oh, yeah, we better pay for this first.” Lisa and Ella glance down at the crumpled mess of fabric.

Ella reaches over and flicks Lisa’s nipple. “I want more Lis.”

“We better hurry then.” Lisa stammers as she feels her pussy moisten again. “I will meet you at the register.” And she quickly scoots out of the room.

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