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Betty turned back toward Nisha, smiling, “I knew it was only a matter of time, my dears. It was my wish as well and now you are mine”. She cupped Moira’s breast in her hand, her finger and thumb stroking the lovely dark nub. Straightening, she slipped her tight blouse up and off, her breasts jiggling free. She then knelt down pinning Moira to the plush couch. The two women’s lips mashed in lust and Betty’s hand found Moira’s downy mound.

Nisha could not resist Betty’s upturned ass and thighs and proceeded to bathe them with long languorous licks. From the backs of Betty’s knees up the backs of her thighs and down the cleft of her buttocks, swirling around her anus and disappearing into her vulva. Moira’s knee rubbed gently back and forth over Betty’s mound, pushing it up to Nisha’s probing tongue. Soft moans and short gasps filled the salon.

Betty was opening Moira’s labia with deft precision, finding each sensitive fold and wet crevice. Her ringed finger disappearing into Moira’s wet hole. Moira slid down to enclose Betty’s pert breast in her hot mouth. I could see Moira’s eyes locked with Betty as each worked at the other. Nisha penetrated Betty’s pussy with two fingers, twisting and strumming. Her thumb stroked the stiff hardness of Betty’s clitoris.

After a time, they pulled apart and joined it a hot kiss, swapping, hugging and smiling to each other. The moment was so tender and true. Each was intent on showing the desire that must have built over the weeks past. Without a word, Nisha and Betty laid Moira back on the couch. Betty straddled Moira’s face with a slow grace, pulling her lips taut and presenting them to Moira’s eager tongue. Moira parted her legs obediently to Nisha’s pressing hands. Moira’s knees came back to caress Betty’s sides. Nisha feasted on Moira’s open pussy. Her tongue flailing over the swollen dark lips and perfect pink clitty. Moira’s tight rosebud also slathered by Nisha stabbing tongue and cloying lips.

I could see Moira shudder and moan as the first orgasm of the trio broke. Nisha was merciless in holding her fluttering tongue close onto Moira’s gushing pussy. Moira’s cries of ecstasy vibrating Betty’s pussy as she shuddered through a rocking release. Betty gasped and arched her back in a small, yet intense orgasm of her own.

They broke their clasp and sat Nisha back on the couch. Betty cleaned Moira’s juices from Nisha’s open lips, fluttering in a hot open-mouthed French kiss. Moira lapped at Nisha’s breasts, drawing the dark thick nipples wetly into her mouth; biting and raking them with her teeth. Nisha’s breasts then received a dual treatment as both women caressed, licked, sucked, pinched, molded and loved the busty girl. Nisha was alight in ecstasy, caressing her two lover’s hair and naked backs.

“Get on your knees, Nisha. It is your turn,” Betty commanded.

Nisha obeyed like an eager schoolgirl wishing to please her gym teacher. Betty slipped under Nisha and Moira knelt behind. Betty pulled Nisha down upon her open legs and Nisha locked herself to the open invitation. Betty lifted up and Moira helpfully stashed a pillow under her head. Betty gazed at Nisha’s wet slit, pulsing and dark. Nisha mewed for relief as Betty blew softly on her sensitive genitalia.

Moira caressed Nisha’s arching back and firm buttocks, parting them for Betty’s inspection. Then on Betty’s nod, the two launched into their prey like feasting tigresses. Moira biting and lapping over Nisha’s exposed buttocks, anus and thighs. A wetted finger slipping into the gasping anus of Nisha. Betty sucking Nisha’s inner lips with gusto. Two fingers twisting and probing inside Nisha’s silken pussy.

Nisha moaned a wanton wail of passion; lips locked to her Mistresses’ vagina. Betty arched up and matched the wriggling rhythm of the younger Nisha. As Betty’s teeth gently nibbled Nisha’s engorged clitty, the dam broke. Both women writhed in extasy as wave upon wave of delight enfolded them. The scent of the three goddesses finally reached my hiding place and I could tell that sex was in the air.

Moira beamed a loving smile as she helped her roommate off of my wife. More kisses ensued between the three and soft caresses and smoothing of hair. The sounds of wet kisses and sighs permeated the room.

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