Cook Eat Lunch

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I knew Betty fancied Nisha. Betty and I have been married now for about eight years. I knew of her interest for other women and her past dalliances with them in college. I did not bother me and it made for several bedtime fantasies between us. I even suspected her and a neighbor lady, but the neighbor had since moved. Eight years is a dangerous time in a marriage. People often get wandering eyes and the fact that I am sterile and could not bring a child to our home made it doubly dangerous.

Nisha had worked for me at the design studio for about four months now. Nisha is a lovely, busty, confident and sexy woman of about 25. Betty and I had occasion to see Nisha outside of work and it was together at the Ganesh festival. We were treated to her roommate, Moira. Moira is younger and has stunning eyes, looking something like the actress Sushmita Sen. I noticed at that time a certain undercurrent between the women. You see, I like to watch and I’m very observant. Betty seemed to be flirting with Nisha and Nisha returned her attentions. Moira was getting jealous, which spoke of a deeper relationship between her and Nisha. Only once Betty also flirted with Moira, did the younger woman soften and even warm to my pretty wife.

From the festival, a kernel of an idea came to me, but I dismissed it as the fantasy of a horny husband. Three weeks later chance intervened to give my idea a boost. We went out to the Havoc disco for some dancing on Friday. Luck was with us when we spied the two lovelies sitting at a rear booth. Actually it wasn’t luck; I overheard Nisha in one of her daily lunch chats with Moira.

We all danced together and I could tell that there were sparks between the three women. I enjoyed the unsaid glances and the warm glistening flesh displayed as the night wore on. At the right time, just as Betty was coming back with Moira from the floor, I proposed a lunchtime get together. Betty and Nisha proposed a “cook- eat lunch”. The time was set and we parted company soon after, the girls having set up the menu. That night I watered the seedling growing in her mind, while we made love. My gentle words of description worked on Betty’s psyche.

“Nisha’s breasts are so full and luscious…Moira has such a perfect ass…Wouldn’t the two of them make such perfect lovers?” Her orgasm was deep and lasting that night.

That late morning came all too slow, yet all too soon. I made arrangements while Betty cooked. The girls showed up on time and after greeting kisses all around we settled in at the front room. They both brought delicious smelling dishes to share, as is the tradition to a cook-eat lunch. Nisha was dressed in a lovely floral patterned skirt and matching scarf from the store. Her violet silk blouse was parted to her breast. Moira dressed traditional in a crimson saree and matching bindi. Betty was stunning in a loose low cut top and western Capri lycra slacks. All had their hair up, looking like models to me. Right on cue, the phone rang.

“Henry, why did you want me to call you again?” Maneesh’s confused voice came down the line.

“Henry here. Oh yes… no… right, be there right off!” I hung up on my cousin with out another word.

“Right! Well ladies, I fear that I can’t join you for lunch. The office needs me there and there is nothing I can do about it! I’ll be back in about four hours or so”, my assured burst looking to close all objections. Betty was bewildered for a moment. Nisha’s eyes flashed, her mouth opened in question, but her own plan for the day made her hold her tongue. Only Moira was apologetic, bless her sweet heart. I beat a quick retreat and made a great noise as if going out the door. I instead closed it in front of me, conveniently out of sight of the girls reclining in the front room. I crept into the side room, with a sheltered view of the front room. I waited for nature to take its course.

It didn’t take long, as the tension was already there. Nisha was the first to get things going. I could see her looking at Betty and with a touch of her tongue to her lip, the unsaid became fact. Betty stood and walked across the room to fill Nisha’s teacup. Betty leaned over, her breasts hanging pertly in her tight top, the deep cleavage giving Nisha a lovely look. Moira noticed the display and her eyes played back in forth between the bewitching Betty and Nisha’s half lidded eyes.

“You like my… blend of tea, Nisha?” I heard my wife murmur in the low voice she used when she wanted to seduce. Nisha looked up and blushed, but the lust in her eyes was evident from my hiding place. She nodded her head and I could see she looked like a small animal in the trance of a cobra.

“Good, it’s a special one, that I bring out for special guests”, she continued, Betty’s eyes flashing with command. She set the tea service down and moved closer to Nisha, who had set her cup down. Moira was enraptured as well with the exchange between her girlfriend and the older woman. Betty leaned over and caressed Nisha’s face. Nisha turned her lovely face up to Betty and her lips parted with expectant anticipation.

Betty’s thumb trailed over Nisha’s plush lower lip, parting it. It looked like a lush slice of fruit for the biting and Betty did not waste the chance. She leaned down and slowly kissed the younger woman with slow, sensual deliberateness. Nisha was quick to recover and returned the kiss with increasing passion and tenderness. Betty then slid down between the two on the couch, nestling snugly between their feminine hips.

Turning to kiss Moira, Betty cupped the twenty-five year olds face in her hands and drank from her lips like a nurturing fount, drawing her into a deep kiss. Moira was taken a bit aback at first, but I could see how dominating my wife could be. She just controlled both of the younger women with sensuous kisses.

“Oh Betty, we’ve talked about this so much lately. I can’t believe that this is actually happening…”, Nisha breathed as she loosened her skirt and blouse. She stood to slide Betty’s tight Capri pants down. It looked so delicious to see Betty’s luscious brown legs uncovering. She was not wearing panties and her full nether lips were pushed out, ready for sex. Her tight anus winked seductively. Nisha leaned forward and kissed Betty’s right cheek tenderly.

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